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Chapter 192: Two People’s Troubles

The battle for the extermination of the higher-ranked ogre by the Dansas branch ended in victory, despite the casualties.

Unfortunately, not a few of the adventurers could not be saved by potions and healing magic.

Still, it was a great victory, considering that they could have given up on the rescue itself at the beginning.

Bob, who played a key role in the victory, was promoted to the C rank, which was unusual, even though he had just become a C-rank.

He was judged to have that much ability.

Other C-rank adventurers who had achieved results against ogre opponents were also promoted.

However, as per guild regulations, those in ranks D and below were not eligible for promotion against higher-ranked opponents, so they were rewarded with rewards from the village and special rewards from the guild.

Tauro and Aeris were also compensated for providing special assistance and potions.

Kanne, the receptionist with the appraisal, handed them their rewards.

“Thank you both for your hard work on this emergency quest.

Many people were saved by Tauro’s potions, so we’ve added an extra amount for that.

Also, you contributed to the recovery and transport of the ogre’s corpse, so your reward is included.”

Indeed, when I looked around, I saw that my portion was larger than the size of the leather bags containing the money that the other adventurers were receiving.

“Thank you.”

Tauro and Aeris thanked her, completed the formalities, and left the guild.

“I’m glad we won this time, but it was a close call…….”

‘I think it was a good thing that Bob was the vanguard this time and fought with high aggression, but if I had been the vanguard, I don’t think it would have worked out so well.

I realized that we have to find a vanguard for the “Black Gold Wings” as soon as possible.”

“I agree.

No matter how dexterous you are, or how good you are at maneuvering, it’s difficult for a to achieve that kind of offensive power.”

The two agreed.

They decided to recruit adventurers who could act as a vanguard.

A week had passed since the guild began recruiting vanguards for “Black Gold Wings” on the guild’s recruiting board.

In the village of Dansas, “Black Gold Wings” had a good track record.

I thought that someone would come, but…..

I was naive.

The success of “Black Gold Wings” in recent months has been Shin and Rumeya and their girls.

Before that, the two vanguards were active and Aeris was the one who provided the firepower, so it was thought that they were attractive.

Now that Shin and Rumeya are gone, Tauro, the boy who is the leader who carries the baggage with magic storage and uses potions, and the girl who is mentioned as the expert of the rear guard but still gives the impression of an incomplete girl, Aeris, look unreliable, so they were concerned about whether we were worthy of having their backs.

In fact, he has several more achievements than other E-rank adventurers, but they are almost unknown to the other adventurers.

Chloe also followed the two vanguard searchers and called on other adventurers to vouch for their achievements and abilities, but Chloe, the head of the Dansas branch of the Adventurers’ Guild, was not very convincing because she, too, had almost no achievements as an adventurer.

“I’d like to find a vanguard before we move up to the ……D rank zone, but this might be difficult.”

Tauro sighed unusually.

“That’s right.

And if you think about it, it’s rare for a grown man to follow the lead of a boy.

Aeris agreed.

The two realized once again how much Shin and Rumeya meant to them.

The two were still in the forest for their quest that day.

It was the usual gathering of medicinal herbs and goblin extermination.

Aeris was already accustomed to the two questing together, and under Tauro’s tutelage, she was able to use her staff as a melee weapon in a way that would have made even the vanguard of a with an actual vanguard’s profession look pale.

At first, Aeris was reluctant to get stained with blood, but Tauro’s “purification” spell cleaned even the most stubborn stains better than Aeris’ “cleanliness” magic, so she no longer had to worry about that and her movements were much better.

“Oh! Savior of our village, I never thought I’d see you here again!”

Suddenly, feeling a presence caught by my “presence detection”, I was approached by this person.

It was a woman’s voice that sounded familiar.

The owner of the voice appeared through the bushes.

” Ragune-san!”

The two could not help but be surprised when they were reunited with the beautiful woman with long black ponytail hair, golden eyes, and a small nose, who should not possibly be in this place.


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