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Judging from Eldest Grandson Xiaos righteous indignation about the previous magistrates corruption acts, it could be seen that he still sympathized with those who were suffering.

This meant that he was not completely hopeless.

He would use him then, it would also benefit the people.

Therefore, Xiao Hanzheng was not prepared to follow his fathers wishes and make an example of Eldest Grandson Xiao.

However, he still had to reveal it and let Eldest Grandson Xiao know his second uncles scheme and his bottom line.

Of course, if Eldest Grandson Xiao dared to do such a thing, he could still make an example out of him with other issues.

Now, he was only giving Eldest Grandson Xiao a chance to see if he would turn over a new leaf.

Shi Qingluo added, “Dont doubt it.

You reported the county magistrate, but no one knew that it was General Xiaos people who did it.

“They would only think that you were spying on the county magistrate behind his back and deliberately bringing him down.

“Then when the new county magistrate comes, will he not be wary of you

“You are showing off and displaying your dominance as a deputy magistrate.

If he doesnt make an example of you, who else

“Your second uncle has already taken this into account.

When the time comes, it will be your turn to go to jail.

It has nothing to do with him, so you wont be able to find trouble with him.

“When you have to beg him, he will be even more righteous and say that he will not allow his nephew to do evil.

People who dont know will think that he is very selfless.

“This can even help him gain a good reputation at the northern border.

“So not only will the new county magistrate make an example of you, by killing a chicken to scare the monkeys, you will also be a stepping stone for your second uncle to build a good reputation.”

She wasnt just making these up to scare Eldest Grandson Xiao.

According to her analysis of Xiao Hanzhengs scumbag father, this was definitely how he would deal with Eldest Grandson Xiao.

He could even gain a good reputation and kill two birds with one stone.

After hearing Xiao Hanzheng and Shi Qingluos words, Eldest Grandson Xiao shuddered again.

So his second uncle was waiting for him here

He wondered why he was so kind this time, to actually take the initiative to ask his people to help him investigate and source for evidence against that county magistrate.

After the ex-county magistrate lost his position, Old Lady Xiao asked his second uncle to help him get the position of a county magistrate.

His second uncle kept evading, and finally said that the capital had suddenly sent a new county magistrate, so there was nothing he could do.

So in fact, he wanted to harm him.

His hands were indeed dirty.

Although Eldest Grandson Xiao did not exploit the commoners, he used his position to seize a lot of land and bought them at a low price.

He even accepted a mansion from a rich businessman as a gift.

Moreover, Xiao Hanzheng and Shi Qingluo were right.

He was prepared to show his dominance to the new county magistrate.

If he really showed off his power, and the new county magistrate was on guard against hating him, collecting all the evidence with his identity and background, how could a small deputy county magistrate like him be a match to the new county magistrate.

The more he thought about it, the more fearful he felt.

He took out a handkerchief and wiped the sweat on his forehead.

His second uncle really had evil intentions!

Xiao Hanzheng glanced at him.

“Return those lands purchased at a low price and the mansion received as a gift.

Ill have no choice but to be impolite if this happens again .”

He had always had people keep an eye on Eldest Grandson Xiao, so he knew what he had done.

Eldest Grandson Xiao widened his eyes.

Obviously, he did not expect Xiao Hanzheng to know about this on his first day here.

He gulped.

“I, I understand.”

His life was more important.

He could only endure the pain and return these.

Only then did Xiao Hanzheng say, “Were going to stay at the inn.

If you need anything, you can come and find me anytime.”

Eldest Grandson Xiao nodded.


He smiled obsequiously and said, “Oh right, why dont I bring you guys there”

His second uncle was too scary.

If he was not careful, he would not even know how he died.

Therefore, he had to follow closely behind Xiao Hanzheng, his cousin.

At least, although his cousin and his wife were full of evil intentions, they were not that sinister and ruthless.

Moreover, his illness had not recovered yet.

He still had to rely on his cousin to continue to treat him.

Xiao Hanzheng thought for a moment and said, “Alright, lead the way then.”

Xi Rui immediately said, “Take us to the best inn in the county.”

Recently, he had received a few thousand taels of dividends from Liang Youxiao.

Before leaving the capital, his grandmother and mother had given him a lot of banknotes while they cried.

Therefore, he did not want to make things difficult for himself.

Liang Youxiao very much agreed with this point.

“Right, find the best Inn.”

Eldest Grandson Xiao rolled his eyes in his heart.

These people were really looking for trouble.

Couldnt they just stay in the capital

However, he nodded with a smile on his face.

“No problem.”

Then, he took the group to the best Inn in the county.

When they arrived at the inn, Xi Rui and the others felt like crying again when they saw the shabby Inn, which was much worse than the best inn in Nanxi County.

“This is the best inn in the county”

Xi Rui looked at Eldest Grandson Xiao suspiciously.

“Dont tell me you want to take revenge on me, so you deliberately brought us to the worst inn”

Eldest Grandson Xiao was speechless.

A dandy like him really liked to make false accusations.

He was shameless.

“How is that possible I have long forgotten the grudge between you and me.”

He said righteously, “This is really the best inn in the county.

If you dont believe me, ask your servant to go out and ask around.”

Seeing that Eldest Grandson Xiao did not seem to be lying, Xi Rui sighed.

“Why is it so shabby!”

Eldest Grandson Xiao was speechless.

“This place is poor to begin with.

There are very few businessmen here.

How good do you think it is”

Xi Rui put his hand on Liang Youxiaos shoulder as if he had nothing to live for.

“Old Liang, I want to go home.”


Liang Youxiao slapped his hand away unhappily.

“Do you think I dont want to”

However, their old master had hardened his heart this time.

They could not go back…

The two of them looked distressed.

Although Xi Rong also felt that this place was bad, she believed that the environment for forming a female army would be much more difficult in the future, so she endured it.

Shi Qingluo smiled and said, “Alright, this place is better than living on the road.

Lets make do with it.

“If you want to live well, then go and create the conditions yourself.

Lets settle down first.”

Hearing her say this, Xi Rui and Liang Youxiao could only accept it.

Then, Liang Youxiao directly booked the entire inn, and the servants and maids that he brought along also lived there.

Such a big business deal suddenly came, and the owner of the inns mouth was crooked with laughter.

He immediately brought the few of them to the upper rooms.

After Xiao Hanzheng and the others settled down, Eldest Grandson Xiao also returned to the county town.

He brought his people to look for the things that his cousin asked for with a bitter laugh.

He was also very unhappy in his heart.

He was prepared to go back and properly talk to his grandparents about his second uncle after going to the county office.

Everyone was tired after traveling for a while, so they went back to their rooms to rest.

Xiao Hanzheng and Shi Qingluo took turns to take a shower, and he helped her dry her hair.

Shi Qingluo was already used to her husbands service.

“Old Xiao, do you think Ge Chunru knows about her brother”

Xiao Hanzheng smiled and said, “Most likely not.

Otherwise, she would definitely go to the mine personally.”

Shi Qingluo asked again, “Your scumbag father should know, right”

Xiao Hanzheng nodded.

“My scumbag fathers people have been keeping an eye on Ge Chunyi.

He definitely knows.

“He also deliberately hid it from Ge Chunru.

Hes probably afraid that if she knows, she would make a fuss about picking him up or something.”

Shi Qingluo curled her lips.

“Old Xiao, its time for you to make your move.”

Xiao Hanzheng laughed out loud.

“My wife understands me better.

Ge Chunru will definitely know about this news in less than three days.”

He had arranged for someone in the generals residence to send a message.

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