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Although he felt a little nervous in his heart, Li Fenglan’s tone didn’t change much.

He was a little anxious when he called Meng Linzhou just now, but he didn’t expect this to remind him of Li Fuyue

The image of himself in the heart of the rebel disciple was indeed not very good.

“It seems that your master has a bad temper.” 

Isn’t it all because of you!

“No…” Meng Linzhou suddenly lowered his head and said in a low voice, “I was too much back then.”

When Meng Linzhou was accepted as a disciple, Li Fuyue was already the number one person in the cultivation world, and soon he was designated as the next head immortal of Tianmian Palace.

At that time, Meng Linzhou didn’t understand what this meant, but when he himself became the law-abiding immortal, he understood a little bit… but Li Fuyue had already disappeared.

There was only the snow-covered Meizhou left, but Meng Linzhou burned it clean with his own hands.

Thinking of this, Meng Linzhou’s heart suddenly throbbed.

He didn’t understand what this feeling was, but he felt the chaos in his heart suddenly break open.

The emotions that had been suppressed for thousands of years were gradually emerging from there…

Li Fenglan was stunned for a moment, he didn’t expect that today, he not only saw the rebel disciple cry for the first time, but even heard him admit his mistake for the first time.

Is this still Meng Linzhou

Meng Linzhou lowered his head slowly, gritted his teeth and said, “I’m going to kill Cheng Duan with my own hands, and get Master’s Dao Heart back…” His long black hair was hanging down from his temples, and at this moment his gaze was incomparably deep.

After saying this, Meng Linzhou fell silent.

He didn’t see that the man standing beside him coldly turn his gaze elsewhere.

False compassion.

He will not be fooled by this rebel disciple’s rhetoric.

Meng Linzhou was pretending to be an obedient disciple, as if he wasn’t the one who burned the plum trees!

Even though he scolded his rebel disciple 10,000 times in his heart, Li Fenglan turned his head and pretended to be calm, nodding and smiling: “You are really filial.” Your master was so moed he was resurrected by you.

Li Fenglan gave false compliments to his rebel disciple, but Meng Linzhou had the audacity to accept it.

Just when the anger in Li Fenglan’s heart soared, the rebel disciple finally went to Zhixiao Peak to deal with the matter, and left his sight.

Li Fenglan took two deep breaths, calmed down and planned to call a spirit crane to go back to Miguang Mountain to rest.

But at this moment, danger suddenly occurred.

It turned out that many Mingxin Sect disciples also escaped from Zhixiao Peak in the chaos.

A Mingxin Sect cultivator hiding on another uninhabited mountain was discovered by disciples of the Law Hall.

In a panic, he ran to Li Fenglan.

Seeing Li Fenglan from a distance, that person thought that Li Fenglan was also here to arrest him.

Without waiting for Li Fenglan’s reaction, he acted first.

This person drew his sword at Li Fenglan without even thinking about it.

But this cultivator was obviously a bit stupid, he forgot this territory was in Tianmian Palace, and he also forgot what day it was recently.

Just when Li Fenglan was about to block it with the spirit treasure given by the original’s master, a burst of music suddenly sounded not far away.

In the next second, the cultivator screamed and fell to the ground, while Li Fenglan’s gaze fell involuntarily to the direction where the voice came from.

“…how is it him” 

The man was holding a pipa in his arms and his long hair was loose.

The soft sunlight in the blue sky casted carelessly on the man’s face, making his already extremely clear and elegant facial features even more gentle.

In Li Fenglan’s memory, he originally had a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes, and he looked affectionate to everyone.

It’s just… now there was only coldness in these eyes.

Ning Qingmo.

Li Fenglan thought that the Sect Conference was really a good place to meet old friends again.

After all, he met an acquaintance here again.

It’s just that Li Fenglan remembered that in his last life, Ning Qingmo had nothing to do with the words “willing to help others”.

What happened in the past thousand years to make a selfish person like Ning Qingmo change his personality

Seeing that Ning Qingmo was not far away, Li Fenglan hurriedly stood where he was, and greeted him together with the disciples of the Law Hall who had rushed here just now.

The man who was walking towards them did not speak.

Ning Qingmo just glanced at them lightly, without the slightest emotion in his eyes.

Li Fenglan couldn’t help frowning, how did Ning Qingmo become like this after not seeing him for a thousand years

Back then, he was completely different from what he was now.

Li Fuyue met Ning Qingmo when he was tracking demon cultivators.

That day happened to be the Moon Worship Festival in the mortal world, and Jingyue Lake in the city was full of river lanterns.

From a distance, it seemed that the stars had fallen into the mortal world and was floating on the lake.

But Li Fuyue didn’t take the time to enjoy the beautiful scenery in front of him.

He chased a demon cultivator through four cities, but he didn’t expect to lose him here.

Li Fuyue’s eyes swept over the people by the lake, and finally landed on the center of the lake not far away.

He saw among the river lanterns, a mysterious wooden painted boat swaying slightly with the lake water, and there was a faint sound of a qin.

Several people on the boat were sitting there drinking wine and admiring the moon, looking very comfortable.

Most importantly, there were several cultivators.

After hesitating for a few seconds, Li Fuyue still decided to go forward and ask.

He discovered the people on the boat, and the people on the boat naturally saw him.

What Ning Qingmo saw that day was such a picture—

The lotus lanterns were swaying on the lake, the blue waves under the lanterns rippled in circles, and the bright clouds from a distance were so colorful that it was a bit tacky.

Until the boy showed up.

Li Fuyue, dressed in red and white, just stepped on the lotus lanterns all over the lake and came towards the boat.

His toes lightly touched the river lantern, which only made the river lantern shake slightly as if blown by the night wind.

Accompanied by a sword in snowy Meizhou all year round, Li Fuyue’s temperament became extraordinarily cold.

But the night was too gentle that day, so gentle that it almost melted the coldest snow in Meizhou.

Ning Qingmo had never seen such a beauty before, and his hands fell from the strings involuntarily.

The sound of the qin stopped, and all the drinkers put down their glasses.

“Fellow daoists,” Li Fuyue stood in front of the painted book, he saluted very politely, and then asked, “Have you seen any suspicious people appear” 

Before the others could speak, he saw the music cultivator put down his pipa, then stand up and smile at Li Fuyue, “Of course I did.”

“Where did he go” Li Fuyue became nervous all of a sudden.

“You come on the boat first, and then I’ll tell you.” Ning Qingmo smiled.

Seeing this, Li Fuyue didn’t think too much, he nodded and stood on the boat the next moment.

“Fellow Daoist…” He was about to repeat this sentence when he saw Ning Qingmo put down his pipa and pour a glass of wine over to him.

“Today is the Moon Worship Festival, fellow Daoist, can you show me some face”

Li Fuyue looked at the people around him in some confusion, but he didn’t expect that instead of helping him out of the siege, they even toasted him in the air.

What to do, what to do, should he drink the wine or not Li Fuyue became tangled up in his heart.

Ning Qingmo also saw Li Fuyue’s embarrassment, but to him, this kind of young man was even more interesting.

After getting close, Ning Qingmo carefully observed the young man’s appearance.

What surprised him was that not only could he not see any flaws, but he could even feel the delicacy of the other’s facial features.

The boy’s skin was as white as ivory, his nose was slender and straight, and his lips were light red.

There was a red mark on his forehead, and his black hair was like a waterfall.

He could only be described as “Mi Yan Ni Li*”, but he had an extremely cold temperament.

* beautiful appearance with delicate and smooth skin

Ning Qingmo had never met such a person.

Li Fuyue really wanted to refuse directly, but Ning Qingmo had already handed the wine glass to his front.

There was no other way, the boy gritted his teeth lightly, and took the wine glass from the other party’s hand.

After counting down “three two one” in his heart, Li Fuyue finally closed his eyes and poured all the wine in the glass into his stomach – he had seen Master drinking, so the taste of the wine should not be bad, right

However, the reality was completely different from Li Fuyue’s imagination.

As soon as he drank that glass of wine, a burning sensation spread from his throat to his stomach.

The boy’s face turned red instantly, and then he couldn’t help coughing.

It turns out that this is what wine tastes like!

Seeing his appearance, Ning Qingmo, who wanted to tease him just now, finally felt that he was going too far.

The man stepped forward to pat him on the back, and then said in a rare serious way: “Sorry, I didn’t know you can’t drink.”

“Ahem…it’s okay.” Li Fuyue thought that he was hundreds of years old anyway, it would be embarrassing for others to know that he hadn’t drunk alcohol.

“My name is Ning Qingmo,” the man finally put down his wine glass, and then asked, “I don’t know how to call you”

Even though he choked on the wine, Li Fuyue, a cultivator in the Nascent Soul stage, quickly adjusted himself.

“From Tianmian Palace, Li Fuyue.” 

“Li Fuyue…” Ning Qingmo repeated his name, and smiled the next moment, “I’ve heard of you.”

He was the only genius in the entire cultivation world.

Hearing that it was Li Fuyue who came, the other people on the boat were also startled, and couldn’t help but look at him differently.

After the cultivators of Tianmian Palace exceeded foundation establishment, they would go down the mountain to practice for a while.

But Li Fuyue’s master kept him by his side until he developed his nascent soul.

So before this, Li Fuyue had never faced such a scene, the smell of wine and rouge… All these things were strange to him.

The scene on the painted boat made Li Fuyue feel very uncomfortable.

The hand hidden in the wide cuff clenched the hem of his clothes uneasily, he was missing the snowy Meizhou and his master a little bit.

After being silent for a while, Li Fuyue finally remembered his business on the boat.

“Fellow Daoist Ning Qingmo, where did the suspicious person you mentioned just now go” Li Fuyue asked.

“Huh Suspicious person” Ning Qingmo finally remembered this matter, he smiled and winked at Li Fuyue and said, “That person just now…he was on the boat.”

“What!” Li Fuyue became tense for a moment, he even put his hands on his spirit sword, and the long sword hummed very cooperatively.

Ning Qingmo smiled and said, “The suspicious person just now, isn’t it you little Daoist”

From the first day they met, Li Fuyue knew that Ning Qingmo was not a serious person.

So what happened to Ning Qingmo today

Seeing the strange look of the person in front of him, even Li Fenglan, who was determined to break away from his previous life, couldn’t help being curious.

The man came over and through the remaining spiritual power on the strings, Li Fenglan quickly discovered one thing – Ning Qingmo’s skills were completely different from that in the past!

The Xuanqing Sect where Ning Qingmo was located was the second largest sect in the cultivation world.

Unlike Tianmian Palace, which was full of sword cultivators, the disciples of Xuanqing Sect had all kinds of cultivators.

The core of Xuanqing sect’s martial arts is their heart method.

They don’t advocate penance, and they don’t take on maintaining the peace of the Three Realms as their mission like the people in Tianmian Palace.

Xuanqing Sect liked to have fun, and enjoy oneself to their heart’s content.

Li Fenglan remembered that in his previous life, before his death, Ning Qingmo was already the most promising disciple among the younger generation of Xuanqing Sect.

Changing to a different heart method means that the man has left Xuanqing Sect.

So why on earth would he… re-cultivate a heart method that is completely opposite to the Xuanqing Sect’s technique, and then give up his position as the future sect master

Ning Qingmo did a lot of “good things” for the position of sect master back then, such as using himself, his friend…

Thinking of this, Li Fenglan felt a little irritable.

Because after reminiscing, he discovered that the plot about Ning Qingmo in “Tianmian Daosheng” seemed to have stopped 1,200 years ago.

He thought that after that, Ning Qingmo became the sect master step by step and got everything he wanted.

However, Li Fenglan did not expect that all this would develop in a direction that he had never thought of.

What happened to Ning Qingmo was so weird that Li Fenglan finally couldn’t help trying to use his consciousness to investigate the other party.

After a few seconds, he suddenly opened his eyes wide.

——Ning Qingmo not only gave up Xuanqing Sect’s cultivation method, but… he also switched to the ruthless dao.

Why on earth was he doing this

Music Cultivator Ning Qingmo, his romantic and distinguished lifestyle was famous in the whole cultivation world.

Such a person turning to the Ruthless Dao was more shocking than his own resurrection, wasn’t it !

Li Fenglan’s spiritual roots were completely abolished, and his spiritual consciousness also weakened a lot.

Since it was the first time to do this kind of thing after being reborn, Li Fenglan, who was used to being an “immortal venerable”, accidentally ignored this point…

He didn’t notice that the moment he withdrew his consciousness, Ning Qingmo’s gaze suddenly turned around.

A little cultivator who did not become foundation establishment stage for a long time and has lost all spiritual roots, dared to use his divine sense to probe this immortal venerable openly Li Fenglan’s rude behavior immediately caught Ning Qingmo’s attention.

The man couldn’t help raising his head, and slowly walk towards Li Fenglan’s direction.


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