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With the fall of the clone, Cheng Duan, who was far away in Mingxin Sect, finally stood up slowly.

His face was pale, and the hand on his chest trembled violently, as if he had lost half his life just now.

The reality was almost the same.

After the death of the avatar in Tianmian Palace, Cheng Duan’s cultivation has dropped two small realms in an instant, and it would be difficult to recover it in a short time.

Cheng Duan got up and walked to the stone bell, smashing it severely.

“Useless stuff!” He coughed up two mouthfuls of blood, and then hurriedly swallowed the elixir to adjust the true energy in his body that gradually calmed down.

After a quarter of an hour, Cheng Duan opened his eyes again.

The man didn’t know what happened in Tianmian Palace, he only knew that if the corpse was found, the fact that he secretly dug Li Fuyue’s Dao heart back then would be exposed…

Cheng Duan clenched his hands into fists.

Not caring much, he immediately took the risk of waking up a few puppets and maidservants who were taken to Tianmian Palace by his avatar, and ordered them to find the corpse as soon as possible and destroy the corpse directly.

After doing all this, Cheng Duan staggered to the apse of the Shadow Palace.

In this extremely empty void, there was only a snow-colored fox fur hanging.

The man tore off the fox fur from the hanger, and then hugged it into his arms tremblingly.

After a long while, he slowly calmed down.

This fox fur was given to him by Li Fuyue in the secret realm back then.

For more than a thousand years, this man had kept it well hidden behind the shadow palace.

At this moment, Cheng Duan stroked his hand to his heart again.

The pain had completely disappeared, and everything just now and the memory of that period of time, thousands of years ago, suddenly seemed as far away as a dream.

In the middle of the night, a few talisman papers in the ebony boat suddenly turned into human shapes, and the bells hanging around their waists twitched slightly.

Those immortal maidservants paused for a few seconds, then followed the sound and headed towards a corner of Tianmian Palace.

Not long after, these figures appeared halfway up Miguang Mountain.

However, before they continued to move forward, a flash of sword light flashed, and those immortal maidservants fell to the ground and turned back into talisman papers in an instant.

In the next moment, those talisman papers burned to ashes, blown away by the night wind and disappeared.

A black shadow appeared in the small building on Miguang Mountain, and disappeared here together with the corpse on the ground not long after.

Nothing happened in Tianmian Palace that night.

In the early morning of the next day, Li Fenglan was awakened by his own biological clock.

Even though he slept in a very awkward position all night and his head still hurt, Li Fenglan immediately got up and looked at the open space in the center of the room after waking up.

With just one glance, a row of red and bold exclamation marks instantly flashed across Li Fenglan’s mind.

He discovered—the corpse lying on the ground had disappeared!

“What’s going on…” Li Fenglan murmured to himself.

From rebirth to now, Li Fenglan has never been so nervous.

He was sure that the man in red last night was completely dead, and it was absolutely impossible for him to leave by himself.

And if Cheng Duan’s subordinates, or people from the Sect had already found this place… It was absolutely impossible for him to sleep peacefully through the night.

So how did that corpse disappear

Or in other words, who took away the corpse without anyone noticing

Li Fenglan squatted down slowly, and stroked the floor with his fingertips.

The formation from last night had completely disappeared, and there was no other strange spiritual power left in the space.

If it weren’t for the scar on his wrist that hadn’t healed, Li Fenglan would really suspect that everything last night was just a dream.

At this moment, Li Fenglan saw an extremely dazzling light suddenly flashing outside the window.

He frowned, and finally stood up slowly.

If Li Fenglan didn’t see it incorrectly just now, the bright light seemed to appear in the direction of Nanling Mountain… All the cultivators who came to Tianmian Palace to participate in the Sect Conference this time lived on different peaks att Nanling Mountain.

Intuition told him that this light was definitely related to what happened last night.

The man turned back to the bed, put on his veiled hat again and walked out quickly.

When he went out, he saw sword energy rising towards the sky in the direction of Nanling Mountain of Tianmian Palace, it should be someone fighting there.

Seeing the white light, many disciples of Tianmian Palace thought that something serious happened, so flying swords rushed over immediately.

Normally, Li Fenglan would certainly not join in the fun if he could.

But today he didn’t hesitate at all, and directly summoned the spirit crane from Tianmian Palace to head towards Nanling Mountain.

A spirit crane’s speed was far inferior to a flying sword.

When Li Fenglan came to Nanling Mountain, the place was already a mess.

There are a total of thirty peaks in Nanling Mountain, and they can be seen from a distance away.

The place where the chaos occurred today happened to be Zhixiao Peak where Cheng Duan lived.

It was a distance away from other peaks of Nanling Mountain, but Li Fenglan knew that the farce this morning had definitely spread throughout the entire Nanling Mountain.

The great masters of other sects did not intervene in Zhixiao Peak’s affairs for the time being, it was to save face for Tianmian Palace.

At this time, there was no one fighting in the main hall square of Zhixiao Peak.

The cultivators who had just arrived gathered together in small groups to discuss what happened not long ago.

Even he who has stayed in Tianmian Palace all his life, had never seen such a scene.

“May I ask this fellow Daoist, was there a fight just now at Zhixiao peak” Just as he jumped off the spirit crane’s back, Li Fenglan grabbed a random person and asked.

That disciple himself didn’t want to answer the question, but when he turned around and saw who was asking him, he changed his mind.

——He was also at the white jade lotus platform that day and saw with his own eyes how Li Fenglan vented his anger for Tianmian Palace.

“The disciples of Mingxin Sect found out just now that their Immortal Lord Cheng is dead!”

Hearing the tone of the disciple, he was quite happy, and it was really not a big deal to watch the excitement.

Although he was prepared, after hearing this sentence, Li Fenglan repeated it: “Cheng Duan is dead

“That’s right,” That disciple obviously heard the gossip in the area for a while and was itching to share, “He was just discovered.

He died in the residence we arranged for him, so people from Mingxin Sect came to make trouble and asked for an explanation.”

He died in the residence arranged for him by the sect…

“How did he die” Thinking of the knife wound on Cheng Duan’s body, Li Fenglan hurriedly asked.

“This… I don’t think I heard of it.” The man scratched his head and said.

The knife wound on Cheng Duan’s chest was very obvious, if one didn’t deal with it, one would be able to see it at a glance.

And the people of Mingxin Sect will definitely use this to make a big deal.

Hearing these words, Li Fenglan was able to confirm that the person who took Cheng Duan away from his room last night even treated the knife wound on the corpse, he really wanted to help him.

But even so, Li Fenglan still didn’t like the feeling that he was in the light while the other was in the dark.

Who is that person who helped him

And… what does he have to do with his own resurrection

Before Li Fenglan could think more, a dark red sword light appeared on the main peak again.

“It’s the deputy Sect Master of Mingxin Sect.” After seeing who was coming, the disciple hurriedly introduced him to Li Fenglan.

This sect conference was led by Cheng Duan and the deputy Sect Master of Mingxin Sect, and the two lived on different peaks.

And those who made trouble just now were just a few core disciples of Mingxin Sect.

They have been following Cheng Duan all the time, and these people also found the man’s body.

“So the sword light just now wasn’t him.” Li Fenglan couldn’t help but say.

After hearing his words, the cultivator of Tianmian Palace who stood aside snorted coldly and said: “Yes, they are just a few disciples, yet they really don’t pay attention to our Tianmian Palace.” 

When the sound came out, a dark red heavy sword fell from the air and directly penetrated the ground.

There was instant silence.

The deputy Sect Master of Mingxin Sect stood beside the heavy sword, the red robe on his body danced with sword energy.

He glanced at the people around, gritted his teeth and said: “Our Immortal Lord Cheng lost his life in Tianmian Palace inexplicably, now not only is it difficult to get an explanation, but even his body can’t be taken away” 

As soon as the deputy Sect Master’s voice fell, all the Mingxin Sect disciples in the square echoed loudly.

Li Fenglan heard from a disciple from Tianmian Palace who kindly explained it, but Immortal Lord Cheng died strangely, so after the investigation, he will definitely be sent back to Mingxin Sect.

But the deputy Sect Master obviously disagreed with what he said.

The red heavy sword flew up, slashing fiercely at the disciples of Tianmian Palace in front, and there was a burst of screams in the square.

From the looks of it, the deputy Sect Master of Mingxin Sect was planning to rush in and snatch the corpse.

At this moment, a silver-white long sword suddenly flew out from nowhere, easily blocking the red heavy sword in the air.

The deputy Sect Master of Mingxin Sect’s face turned ugly.

At this moment, an anemone flower transformed from the spiritual energy bloomed in the void, and a man in black stepped on the anemone and appeared in front of everyone.

The man’s long hair fluttered in the air, and the Xiezhi embroidered on the robe stared angrily at everyone in the square as if alive.

His gaze was extremely cold, and the moment the man appeared, everyone in the square fell silent.

Behind him were dozens of Law Hall disciples who were also dressed in black.

Li Fenglan saw that the cultivator standing beside him switched to worship mode instantly, as if it wasn’t him who was standing here cursing people earlier.

As for Li Fenglan… Seeing the appearance of this rebel disciple, he couldn’t help but think of a word: pretentious prick.

Meng Linzhou raised his hand slightly, and the silver-white long sword flew back into his hand immediately.

The man didn’t even look at the deputy Sect Master of Mingxin Sect, and went straight to the main hall where Cheng Duan lived.

Seeing that he was ignored by Meng Linzhou, the deputy Sect Master of Mingxin Palace immediately gritted his teeth and raised his sword to block Meng Linzhou.

“Immortal Meng, isn’t your faction going to explain what happened today”

Meng Linzhou finally stopped.

In the midst of everyone’s attention, he lived up to Li Fenglan’s expectation and glanced at Mingxin Sect, then suddenly frowned and asked,

“What’s the matter with today” 

Hahahahahaha, Meng Linzhou, only you would say that!

Li Fenglan finally found out that after Meng Linzhou became the Law-Abiding Immortal, the tortured people expanded from his master to the whole cultivation world.

It was really refreshing to see the people of Mingxin Sect being choked back by Meng Linzhou.

He believed that his disciple absolutely did not deliberately satirize people’s minds.

Meng Linzhou said this, nine out of ten because he went somewhere to slack off on his work, and he still doesn’t know what happened on Zhixiao peak.

As expected of him.

“Immortal Meng, are you mocking me on purpose” Sure enough, the deputy Sect Master of Mingxin Sect became more and more angry.

“No.” Seeing that the deputy sect master of Mingxin Sect didn’t answer his question, Meng Linzhou didn’t say much, and directly sent someone in for an autopsy.

As for himself… Seeing that the people from Mingxin Sect had the intention of breaking in, Meng Linzhou blocked the door like an evil god.

For a while, everyone was deadlocked.

The area of ​​Tianmian Palace was as big as three counties in the world.

There were more than a thousand fairy mountains with names and surnames alone, and there were countless cultivators in the sect.

From foundation establishment stage, the cultivators will complete missions of the sect, and most of them will go to the mortal world to practice.

A small number of cultivators will also choose to stay in Tianmian Palace, and assist in handling sect affairs in the law hall or several other disciple halls.

Although the disciples who chose to go to the Law Hall accounted for only a small part of the cultivators in the Tianmian Palace, at this time Li Fenglan still saw that the entire Zhixiao Peak Square had been surrounded by men in black.

These law hall disciples were uniformly dressed, expressionless, and looked very imposing.

The one who died last night was not Cheng Duan’s real body after all, Li Fenglan believed that the disciples of the Law Hall would definitely find something strange after they entered.

The deputy Sect Master of Mingxin Sect was Cheng Duan’s confidant, so he definitely knew the identity of the person inside.

Sure enough, not long after the disciples of the Law Hall entered, the members of the Mingxin Sect at the door looked at each other, and suddenly drew their swords and stabbed at Meng Linzhou together.

“Ah!” The cultivator standing beside Li Fenglan couldn’t help exclaiming in a low voice, “Why are so many people attacking Immortal Meng!”

Seeing the appearance of those people, Li Fenglan smiled and said, “They can’t beat Meng Linzhou.” 

No matter what, Meng Linzhou was taught by himself back then.

“What Fellow Daoist, how can you directly call Immortal Meng by his name, he—” Before the cultivator beside Li Fenglan finished speaking, he saw Meng Linzhou who was not far away directly use sword energy to force everyone around him back.

The man glanced at the disciples of Mingxin Sect, and said with a businesslike face: “It’s the time of the Sect Conference, for the sake of justice, I will invite all the Sects who came to Tianmian Palace to deal with this matter together later.” 

This is what Minxin Sec was most afraid of.

“Stop talking nonsense! This is our Mingxin Sect’s business, we can handle it ourselves!” Hearing Meng Linzhou’s words, the leading cultivators of Mingxin Sect gritted their teeth and prepared to force their way into the main hall again.

But at this moment, the disciples of the Law Hall who had just entered the room walked out quickly.

All the black-clothed cultivators guarding the square raised their long swords and looked nervously at Mingxin Sect.

There were hundreds of cultivators standing on the Zhixiao Peak Square, and all of them stayed in place quietly, watching the black-clothed disciples salute Meng Linzhou.

“Immortal Lord, that… that one in the room… is not the corpse of Sect Master Cheng.” The leading disciple of the Law Hall hesitated for a while, and finally gritted his teeth and said this sentence.

Hearing this, many people in the square gasped.

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Mingxin Sect’s deputy Sect Master stared wide-eyed, but before he finished speaking, Meng Linzhou said coldly to the Law Hall disciple: “Go on, don’t mind him.”

“Yes, My lord,” he took a deep breath and continued, “it was just a clone puppet, the cause of death was the retrograde of his true energy, and he died from a bleeding heart.

We found… two different auras on his body.”

When the disciple spoke, his voice kept trembling, and he knew what his words meant.

All the people present were cultivators, and everyone should understand everything at this point.

And those who didn’t understand couldn’t help but ask the people around them.

“What does it mean to have two strands of spiritual energy in one body”

Li Fenglan quietly stared at the front, and replied in a flat tone: “It means that there can only be one strand of spiritual energy in the human body.

If there are two strands, then one must belong to someone else.

If you want another person’s spiritual energy to circulate in your body for a long time, there is only one way to do it…”

“What method” The cultivator beside Li Fenglan asked nervously.

“Steal someone else’s Dao Heart.”

“What!” The cultivator next to Li Fenglan was shocked at first, and then subconsciously asked, “Cheng Duan is an immortal in the Ascension stage, who can have such a great Dao Heart! 

At the same time, Meng Linzhou, dressed in black, finally turned around and asked the same question.

“Whose Dao Heart did Cheng Duan steal”

The disciple of the Law Hall did not dare to speak, he lowered his head and glanced at the person standing behind him.

Another woman in black came forward and raised a glazed lamp with both hands.

Li Fenglan recognized it, this glazed lamp was one of the immortal artifacts of Tianmian Palace, it would not appear so easily.

Even from far away, Li Fenglan could see that her hands were trembling uncontrollably.

This lamp collected the spiritual power collected from the corpse of Cheng Duan’s clone, as well as the blood in his heart.

With these two things, as long as you hold a glazed lamp, by using your spiritual soul to go in to investigate, you can find out the owner of the spiritual power.

Meng Linzhou glanced at these disciples suspiciously, as if wondering why they didn’t say the name directly.

Just when he was about to reach out to take the glazed lamp, Mingxin Sect people couldn’t help but draw out their swords again.

The disciples of the Law Hall next to Meng Linzhou were also ready for them.

Seeing this situation, the female disciple of the law hall who was holding the glass lamp in her hand finally spoke out loudly about the master of the Dao heart at this moment.

“Yes…it was Li from back then, Li…Li Fuyue.” After saying these words, her breathing became rapid.

Then the person who was stunned here finally became Meng Linzhou.

At the same time, the people in the entire square seemed to have been immobilized, and they stood still and forgot to move or speak.

Li Fuyue.

Li Fenglan couldn’t help sighing softly, he hadn’t heard this name called out for many years.

“My master” After being silent for an unknown period of time, Meng Linzhou actually said the word “Master” in front of hundreds of people.

He shook his head slightly, and took a few steps back involuntarily.

Meng Linzhou muttered to himself: “Master…Cheng Duan did indeed find Master’s body back then… He actually did such a thing.” 

The man’s heart had never been so chaotic as it was now.

He had always known that Li Fuyue did something wrong back then, and was besieged and killed by the cultivation world, he deserved it.

But…but, how dare Cheng Duan vandalize his Master’s body

He was even more unworthy to use Li Fuyue’s spiritual power to dominate others.

Meng Linzhou slowly clenched the hilt of his sword.

Hearing the three words “Li Fuyue”, the vice Sect Master of Mingxin Sect became visibly panicked.

He took a deep breath and said loudly: “Don’t spout nonsense! How dare you Tianmian Palace still have the face to mention Li Fuyue Wasn’t he the one who turned the three worlds upside down A thousand years have passed, did everyone forgot about it “

The ordinary disciples of Mingxin Sect obviously didn’t know the truth, and when they heard the deputy Sect Master say so, they naturally also scolded Tianmian Palace.

There were even many people who had already clashed with the disciples of the Law Hall.

At this moment, Meng Linzhou seemed to have returned to the impulsive young man back then, who was fearless, and had his master to back him for everything.

Regardless of the identity of the person in front of him, he also forgot his own identity, and directly raised his sword and stabbed at the heart of the deputy Sect Master of Mingxin Sect.

“Meng Linzhou, if you are unkind, don’t blame me for being unrighteous—” The man opposite said this through gritted teeth, the next moment his eyes turned red and his body shone with light.

In just a few seconds, the peak of this mountain actually amassed tribulation thunder.

The cultivators in the square didn’t understand what happened, and even Meng Linzhou couldn’t help frowning.

Li Fenglan was the only one who suddenly became nervous after seeing the sky.

… This is no ordinary tribulation thunder.

The man slowly closed his eyes, and after a little mental struggle, his voice suddenly came from the extremely quiet square.

He yelled loudly: “Meng Linzhou, run! He’s going to explode his yuan dan!”

Li Fenglan could see that the deputy Sect Master of Mingxin Sect in front of him should just be a puppet like Cheng Duan before him.

His body was still in Mingxin Sect, and was controlled by Cheng Duan, that’s why the man worked so hard.

Since he was just a clone puppet, he was naturally not afraid of death.

Mingxin Sect was also a righteous sect at any rate, and they would not admit to this.

What this man wanted to do right now was to blow up his Yuandan, use this power to destroy Cheng Duan’s body, and make the whole thing unprovable.

“What” Meng Linzhou couldn’t help frowning and looked at where Li Fenglan was.

He just saw the man in the white short veiled hat at a glance, and then remembered how he made up a random name in front of Li Fenglan and made friends with him.

…Why did Li Fenglan come to join in the fun He recognized me

Embarrassing, really embarrassing.

Meng Linzhou had been pretending very well in front of the disciples of the sect all these years.

In the eyes of others, he was a serious and upright Immortal of the Law Hall.

He never thought that after meeting Li Fenglan, Meng Linzhou would overturn the car so quickly.

“Watch the back!” Li Fenglan yelled loudly—he saw that after he reminded the person, Meng Linzhou stopped suddenly.

And the deputy Sect Master of Mingxin Sect seized this opportunity and almost eliminated Meng Linzhou with a sword.

Li Fenglan’s reminder just now was both angry and serious, and Meng Linzhou actually heard a bit of his master’s aura from it… He gritted his teeth and threw that feeling out of his mind.

Not only did Meng Linzhou hear Li Fenglan’s words, but other people in the square also heard them clearly.

Although most people don’t know Li Fenglan, after hearing his words and seeing the moving clouds in the sky, people still chose to believe it.

A Yuan Dan self-explosion was not a joke.

In just a few seconds, the cultivators who had been standing on the square left with their swords.

And the deputy Sect Master of Mingxin Sect seemed not only to want to use the power of self-exploding Yuan dan to destroy the corpse in the room, but also wanted to pull Meng Linzhou to die together.

——Anyway, as soon as Cheng Duan’s incident happened, the relationship between Tianmian Palace and Mingxin Sect was destined to break down.

It would be beneficial for Mingxin Sect to have another immortal in Tianmian Palace die.

Hearing Li Fenglan’s words, he swung his sword at Meng Linzhou even more recklessly.

At this time, tribulation thunder’s sound was already very loud, and almost all the people on Zhixiao Peak dispersed.

Li Fenglan had already called the spirit crane, but when he turned around and saw the rebel disciple still standing outside the hall, he still couldn’t help calling Meng Linzhou again.

In fact, Meng Linzhou was not in love with fighting, he just wanted to get the corpse out of the palace before the man in front of him blew himself up.

Li Fenglan’s voice finally awakened Meng Linzhou He used his sword energy to push back the man facing him, and then quickly flew towards the edge of Zhixiao Peak Mountain, dragged Li Fenglan onto his long sword and left.

Not long after the two of them left Zhixiao Peak, tribulation thunder fell like raindrops.

As the deputy Sect Master of Mingxin Sect blew up his Yuan Dan, the entire building of the main hall also collapsed.

At the same time, Li Fenglan and Meng Linzhou landed on the mountain opposite Zhixiao Peak.

Seeing the pile of ruins not far away, Li Fenglan and Meng Linzhou fell silent.

Li Fenglan himself didn’t feel much about this, he was more relieved.

Seeing Meng Linzhou remain silent for a while, Li Fenglan finally couldn’t help but look at the person beside him.

He thought that Meng Linzhou didn’t speak because his cover fell off completely, and he was a little embarrassed.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Li Fenglan turned around, he saw Meng Linzhou, the Immortal of the Law Hall dressed in black, gently wiping away a tear with the back of his hand.

This rebel disciple actually cried

Meng Linzhou, Linzhou.

This name was given by Li Fenglan for him, and it referred to his residence in the snowy region of Meizhou in his previous life.

Li Fenglan and the person in front of him had lived in the snowy Meizhou for hundreds of years.

And in these hundred years, Meng Linzhou did not give him less trouble, and Li Fenglan did not punish this rebel disciple less.

No matter how Li Fenglan punished him, Meng Linzhou would always be stubborn.

Today was this master’s, Li Fenglan’s, first time seeing Meng Linzhou shed tears.

Noticing Li Fenglan’s gaze, Meng Linzhou sighed softly, turned around and said to his only friend in the sect in front of him, “I just… suddenly feel it a little unworthy for my master.”

“Thank you,” Meng Linzhou stepped forward to hug Li Fenglan gently, then smiled and said in a low voice, “When you called me just now, it reminded me of him.”

Reminded him of Li Fuyue

Hearing the rebel disciple’s words, Li Fenglan suddenly felt a sense of crisis.

Meng Linzhou had never seen his own face…

And when his heart and soul are fully integrated, his current face may not be just four or five points similar to his previous life.

Meng Linzhou had been with him for as long as he can remember, can he not recognize this face

Li Fenglan: Dangerous!


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