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The rest of the people were all staring at Cheng Huang and had no time to pay attention to other things.

Li Fenglan gritted his teeth lightly, waiting for Ling Buyan to say the name.

However, at this moment, Ning Qingmo suddenly made a sound, interrupting what he was about to say.

“Immortal Ling! After dealing with the beast, I have something to ask you.”

His tone was a little anxious, and his hands subconsciously clenched the neck of the qin.

That’s good, it seems that Ning Qingmo doesn’t want people to know that he still has a remnant soul of Li Fuyue.

Li Fenglan couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

After Ning Qingmo’s reminder, Ling Buyan finally remembered Cheng Huang who was still hanging in the sky.

The man in black walked forward slowly, and finally stopped at the edge of the cliff.

Everyone didn’t know what he was going to do, and Ling Buyan didn’t mean to explain.

At this time, Cheng Huang was still trying to break through the golden net woven by the spell, and as his time trapped became longer, it became more irritable.

Seeing Ling Buyan walking towards him, Cheng Huang immediately shifted his target and growled at him frantically.

But the man acted as if he hadn’t seen Cheng Huang, he stopped and slowly recited a string of obscure incantations.

…this was the Dingyan spell.

Among the people standing on the cliff, only Li Fenglan recognized it.

He didn’t expect that there was another person in this world who knew this spell besides himself.

Back then, he also discovered the spell from the inheritance of Cheng Huang’s Sea of ​​Consciousness after forming a spirit beast contract with Cheng Huang.

Where did Ling Buyan learn it from

Under the astonished eyes of everyone, the giant net made of runes shrunk little by little.

Cheng Huang also slowly changed along with the net.

The long horns on its back disappeared, and its body became smaller and rounder… It didn’t take long before it turned into a fox cub.

“Aw woo” Cheng Huang himself noticed that the group of humans in front of him seemed to have grown a lot bigger.

No, he had become smaller!

Realizing this cruel fact, Cheng Huang immediately let out an angry long moan, and at the same time struggled harder and harder in the net.

But because of its shrinking size, everything it did lost its deterrent power.

Even the disciple of the law hall who was stunned just now couldn’t help but say: “Cheng Huang is so cute now that it is small.”


It had lost all it’s face.

When Cheng Huang was furious, the culprit in his eyes, Ling Buyan, finally stopped. 

And Cheng Huang, who was hanging high in the air just now, slowly fell into the arms of the man. 

“Aww, woo!” Cheng Huang immediately bared his teeth at Ling Buyan, and the man picked it up with some distaste. 

“Ancient beasts can’t be sealed casually.

Now that Shaoyuan Mountain has collapsed, I will take care of Cheng Huang for the time being.

Do any of the immortals have any objections” Ling Buyan ignored the dignity of the ancient beast and carried it casually. 

It’s true that Ling Buyan could control Cheng Huang, but Cheng Huang was an ancient beast after all, so was it really okay to just hand it over to him casually like this 

Is he crazy 

Sure enough, all the great powers in the cultivation world looked at each other and proposed to renegotiate this matter. 

But at this moment, Jiang Yichang, the head of Tianmian Palace, suddenly said: “Naturally.” 

“Immortal Jiang…” A cultivator couldn’t help say, “Li Fuyue’s soul had dissipated for so many years, who knows how long his spell will last If the beast suddenly goes berserk, Immortal Ling may not be able to control it!” 

His words were somewhat euphemistic, but the meaning was already very obvious.

The cultivation world still couldn’t trust Ling Buyan.

If the ferocious beast was not restrained by the Dingyan spell and goes mad, no matter how much they know, it would be useless. 

“Then do you have any good ideas,” Jiang Yichang asked, “or do you want to look over Cheng Huang”


“Since you have nothing to say, then we will do it as Immortal Ling suggested.” Jiang Yichang had already decided, “If something happens, Tianmian Palace will naturally take care of it.”

Seeing that he had said so, others will naturally not object.

The matter of Cheng Huang came to an end, but the big trouble between Cheng Duan and Mingxin Sect still laid ahead.

Several great masters of cultivation went to the main peak to discuss the matter of Mingxin Sect together.

It was foreseeable that this session of the Sect Conference will probably be suspended here.

But Ling Buyan, who was not interested in these things, directly called spirit crane, and went to Miguang Mountain together with Li Fenglan.

So many things happened in less than a day, and Li Fenglan, who had been a salted fish for five years, still couldn’t adapt for a while.

On the way back, he couldn’t help but think—Tianmian Palace is based on strength, there is no strict hierarchy inside.

Under the head of the sect and several great teaching immortals, there were a large number of masters for each peak.

His Master Ling Buyan was one of them.

Even though he was honored as “Immortal Lord”, this was not uncommon in Tianmian Palace of Crouching Tigers and Hidden Dragons.

Why did Jiang Yichang feel rest assured that Cheng Huang was handed over to Ling Buyan Even disregarding the opposition of other sects…

Li Fenglan had always known that Jiang Yichang was an extremely rational person who placed his sect first in everything.

Him being able to make such a decision, it was definitely not impulsive.

But why

When Li Fenglan was sitting on the spirit crane’s back and thinking wildly, Ling Buyan suddenly approached.

“Fenglan, I’ll give this to you first.”

As soon as Ling Buyan’s words fell, before Li Fenglan could react, Cheng Huang fell into his arms from the air.

And Cheng Huang, who had a fierce face just now, was stunned for a moment, and then immediately rubbed against Li Fenglan frantically.


I’m back!

It really changed his face like flipping through a book, he instantly forgot his identity as an ancient beast.

Cheng Huang’s rolling body in Li Fenglan’s arms was really itchy.

Li Fenglan smiled and scratched its chin, temporarily putting those elusive questions aside.

When he returned to Miguang Mountain, the golden net on Cheng Huang’s body had completely disappeared, and after regaining his freedom, he finally found a good toy——Li Fenglan’s veiled hat.

The white paws reached over restlessly, and fiddled with the white gauze on Li Fenglan’s veiled hat, seeming to be addicted to playing with it.

“Don’t make trouble!” Li Fenglan hurriedly stopped the little guy, he didn’t expect Cheng Huang to think that his master was playing with him, so instead he became more energetic.

At this moment, Ling Buyan suddenly turned around and pinched the back of Cheng Huang’s neck.


Who caught me!

A man in black approached, stretched out his index finger, tapped it on the head and said in a low voice, “Why are you bullying my disciple” For a moment, Cheng Huang immediately became quiet and did not dare to move.

It took a while before it cautiously shrank into Li Fenglan’s arms, and let out an aggrieved “woo” along the way.

The man in black in front of him really left a lot of psychological shadows on Cheng Huang, and the ancient fierce beast who was born to be unruly also instinctively felt a sense of fear.

Seeing it like this, Ling Buyan couldn’t help laughing: “I didn’t expect Li Fuyue’s spirit beast to have such a temperament.”

Apparently Ling Buyan had seen through Cheng Huang’s nature—good at admitting cowardice.

But if it weren’t for this attribute, he might not have bonded with Cheng Huang, this Spirit Beast back then.

A thousand years ago.

Although he had been expelled from the sect, Li Fuyue, who grew up in Tianmian Palace, had not forgotten the mission of maintaining the lower realms.

Hearing that an ancient ferocious beast had descended into the world, he rushed over immediately.

After three days of fierce fighting, Cheng Huang was dying.

Li Fuyue gritted his teeth and pressed the wound on his arm, raised his sword and walked towards it.

The gigantic ferocious beast was lying in the wasteland, from a distance, it looked like a snow mountain on the continent.

Seeing Li Fuyue walking towards it, Cheng Huang stood up slowly.

The wound on his body opened again, and Cheng Huang couldn’t help howling.

The blue strange fire tightly wrapped the body of the beast.

It gave a long moan, and the ground shook again in an instant.

Li Fuyue took a deep breath and poured spiritual power into the long sword.

The sword intent of an immortalization stage overflowed, and several huge tornadoes instantly appeared on the wasteland.

This sword intent was so overbearing that the ancient ferocious beast couldn’t help but take a few steps back, and even had the illusion that it was about to be torn apart.

The man standing opposite him clenched the longsword in his hand.

But just when Li Fuyue was about to raise his sword to kill this ancient ferocious beast, Cheng Huang, which was as huge as a mountain, suddenly disappeared in front of him.

“…What’s going on”

The sudden disappearance of the beast made Li Fuyue’s nerves tense up again.

However, the spirit of cultivators in the immortalization stage were extremely powerful, and every plant and tree in the entire wasteland was covered by Li Fuyue’s spiritual consciousness.

So he immediately discovered that Cheng Huang did not disappear, but became smaller.

In the corner of the wilderness, there was a chubby little snow-colored fox, and there were several bone deep wounds oozing blood between it’s fur.

It laid on the ground in a daze, with its eyes closed and its limbs straightened.

It appeared to be dead at first glance, but a second glance told him – it was playing dead.

It turns out that ancient fierce beasts can still pretend to be dead Li Fuyue was shocked.

He couldn’t help stretching out his hand to poke Cheng Huang’s stomach, and the other party trembled suddenly.

Li Fuyue: “…” The acting skills of pretending to be dead were not very good.

When Li Fuyue grabbed Cheng Huang who had shrunk and lifted it up when it was dying, this ancient beast suddenly raised its head and gave a “woo” at him, then rubbed its head against Li Fuyue’s wrist.

Li Fuyue: …

“Woooooo…” Cheng Huang rubbed his head and winked at the man to be cute.

Li Fuyue suddenly didn’t know what to do with the hand holding the sword.

As a sword cultivator, Li Fuyue had an unknown shortcoming, or weakness.

He didn’t leave the sect for the first time until he was more than three hundred years old in the Nascent Soul Stage, and he was not merciless in the face of the enemy like other sword cultivators.

Li Fuyue actually did not want to kill.

Only when he fell into qi deviation…would he have strange thoughts.

He didn’t fall into that state today.

Li Fuyue’s heart softened immediately after Cheng Huang became smaller.

Cheng Huang, who was naturally intelligent, discovered Li Fuyue’s emotional changes, and tried his best to be cute.

“Forget it.” After a long time, after struggling mentally, Li Fuyue finally said these two words.

He held Cheng Huang up in both hands, stared seriously at those cold blue eyes and said: “You are a natural born beast.

Although you have just been born and haven’t done anything, I still can’t let you go unless you make a bond with me.” 

He didn’t know if Cheng Huang understood his words, those ice blue eyes looked at him innocently, and then blinked twice.

Seeing its performance, Li Fuyue immediately accepted it.

He put down Cheng Huang, raised his sword and drew the runes of the spirit beast contract in the void.

At that time, Li Fuyue didn’t expect that the fear of him in the cultivation world would be deepened because of this incident, they didn’t even give him a chance to explain.

His life of more than a thousand years had really gone smoothly, and until now he still had some unrealistic fantasies about the cultivation world.

Ling Buyan was just lamenting Cheng Huang’s cowardly personality, but hearing him mention the word “Li Fuyue”, Li Fenglan suddenly couldn’t help asking: “Then towards Cheng Huang’s master, Li Fuyue, what kind of person does Master think he is”

After speaking, Li Fenglan suddenly felt that something was wrong.

He had been avoiding people and things related to his previous life, he didn’t expect that he would just say “Li Fuyue” to a person he knew not long ago. 

“Li Fuyue” Ling Buyan said while gently stroking Cheng Huang’s head, “I don’t understand him.”

Before Li Fenglan could let go of his breath, Ling Buyan said again: “But I guess he should be like this ferocious beast, only superficially powerful.”

Li Fenglan: …


Ling Buyan let go of Cheng Huang, and he said casually as he walked towards the dust-covered main hall of Miguang Mountain, “If I were him, since the cultivation world said that I want to cause harm to the world, then I will simply undo the Dingyan spell and show them what it is like to truly harm the world.” 

The man was smiling when he spoke, but the more calm he was, the scarier it got.

Li Fenglan couldn’t help but silently take a step back, he thought that the group of people in Miguang mountain were indeed extraordinary.

That night.

As expected, the Sect Conference was suspended today, and people from various sects finished their discussions at the main peak of Tianmian Palace and left one after another, but Ning Qingmo suddenly visited Miguang Mountain.

The man deliberately kept a low profile, but Li Fenglan, who was meditating, still noticed his arrival and slowly opened his eyes.

What is Ning Qingmo doing in Miguang Mountain at this time

Li Fenglan intuited that this incident should be related to his remnant soul.

After thinking about it for a while, he finally separated his consciousness and explored into the main hall…

After entering the main hall of Miguang Mountain, Ning Qingmo was silent for a while, and then asked a question: “I dare to ask Immortal Ling, but is it possible for the master of this remnant soul to come back to life”

Ling Buyan smiled and made a pot of tea for Ning Qingmo, and slowly took the pipa into his hand.

After more than half a day, the strings have been replaced with new ones, and the cracks have been repaired.

The man’s slender fingers slowly stroked the strings, and the sound of the strings trembled slightly.

“Immortal Ning, forgive me.” Ling Buyan handed the pipa back to Ning Qingmo.

“Please tell me.” The music cultivator couldn’t help but purse his lips, waiting nervously for Ling Buyan’s answer.

“There is no need to keep this remnant soul.”

With the lesson from last time, Li Fenglan was a lot more careful this time.

Although he didn’t know what Ning Qingmo’s reaction was when he heard this, Li Fenglan himself became nervous anyway.

He even pinched Cheng Huang’s paw because of his overreaction.

“Ooo.” Cheng Huang looked up at Li Fenglan with an aggrieved face, but his master completely ignored its existence.

At this time, Li Fenglan was thinking wildly uncontrollably.

… Ling Buyan would not know that he has been resurrected, right

Otherwise, why did he say that there was no need to keep it

“How can you say that” Li Fenglan heard Ning Qingmo in the main hall suddenly asking in a trembling voice.


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