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The butler led them into the Ji Manors back garden.

They werent considered to have arrived early and there were already many guests gathered in the garden to chat.

Gu Yihan glanced over and immediately saw the most obvious person amongst them.

The Minister of Justice was surrounded by everyone and was chatting happily.

His triangular eyes were smiling so much that his pupils almost couldnt be seen anymore.

The emperor frowned slightly.

His informant did not tell him that the Minister of Justice would come.

Minister Sheng had seen the emperor before.

They would meet every morning at court.

He was probably very familiar with him.

Moreover, it would be even more conspicuous since he had brought Nuoer along.

After all, his daughter was uniquely adorable.

It was difficult for her not to be recognized by others.

Gu Yihan lowered his eyes.

In order not to alert the enemy, he whispered to Gu Nuoer, “Baby Nuo, Father saw a familiar face.

“Now, the two of us will act separately.

If you encounter any accidents, smash a cup as a signal.

Ill come to look for you when I hear it.

Is that alright”

Gu Nuoer had long wanted to get onto the ground.

If not for the fact that she wanted to be obedient and not cause trouble for her father, she would have run around everywhere.

When she heard Gu Yihan say this, she immediately nodded vigorously.

“Father, dont worry!”

She, Little Nuoer, had never failed to catch baddies!

Gu Yihan put Gu Nuoer down and the child walked towards the place on the right where many children were.

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As for the tyrant emperor, he sneered in the direction of the Minister of Justice and then turned to join the male guests.

The butler brought Gu Nuoer to a group of little girls.

They were all crowding around and playing with the two slightly older girls.

Gu Nuoer recognized one of them in a yellow dress.

She was the daughter of the Minister of Justice, Sheng Tingchun.

Previously, she and her second brother had worked together to scam some money off her.

It was said that the Minister of Justice had given her a harsh beating.

However, Sheng Tingchun was talking happily now and did not seem to be dispirited at all from having been punished.

It seemed that a few thousand silver taels were nothing to the Sheng family.

The girl in blue who was next to Sheng Tingchun was an unfamiliar face.

However, when the Ji Manors butler spoke, he bowed in her direction.

“Young Miss, this is Lord Zhangs daughter.

“Master specially instructed today that you should bring Young Lady Zhang along with you to play together.

Dont neglect her.”

The girl in blue had an oval face and an overbearing gaze.

She sized up Gu Nuoer from head to toe and said arrogantly, “Why are you still wearing a hood and covering up your face when youve come to my house to play”

Sheng Tingchun, who was next to her, also looked over in confusion.

“Youre Zhang Xiaoman Ive seen you before but I dont remember you being this short.”

As Sheng Tingchun spoke, she walked over and wanted to lift Gu Nuoers hood.

The child didnt panic.

She moved her small feet back and dodged.

Then, she lowered her soft voice and pretended to sound mature.

“Ive developed rashes and even infected my father.

If you guys dont mind, of course I can show you!”

As soon as Gu Nuoer finished speaking, Sheng Tingchun quickly retracted her hand.

“How disgusting! Why are you still here when youre sick Are you trying to infect us”

Gu Nuoer blinked her big eyes and said in a soft voice, “Whats wrong with being sick Dont you ever get sick Are you stronger than cow cow

“Moreover, my father said that its not that we want to come.

The Ji family invited us.

If you dont like it, let the Ji family chase us away~”

Sheng Tingchun had never been refuted like this before.

Her father was a minister and she had a spoiled personality.

Which of her close sisters didnt support her

Hearing Gu Nuoer said this, she was immediately angry.


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