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A slender hand pressed down on the cars railing.

Then, a man with a noble figure walked out.

He was wearing a hood and his face was covered by a thin veil.

However, from his figure, one could tell that he was definitely a man who lived a pampered life.

He was also carrying a small child in his arms.

The child was also wearing a big hood that covered most of her face.

Everyone looked over and could only see her watery eyes through the thin veil.

1However, they couldnt see them clearly.

Although the two of them were dressed in low-profile clothes and did not have a large group of servants accompanying them, the man did not look like he was a high-ranking official.

However, the aura around the man was daunting.

Even if one looked at him through the thin veil, they would feel their hearts turn cold.

Gu Yihan looked up at the sign on Ji Yongwangs manor.

Under the hood, his thin lips curled into a sinister smile.

He muttered, “To be able to build such a luxurious house in merely half a month.

As expected, he is really rich.”

After saying that, he lowered his head and whispered into his daughters ear, “Baby Nuo, do you still remember why you came out with Father”

The childs eyes were filled with excitement.

She replied “Mn” in a childish voice and said softly, “To help Father catch this big baddie who has embezzled a lot of money.”

Gu Yihan nodded in satisfaction.

He reached out his finger under his daughters thin veil and gently pinched her soft cheek.

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“Youre smart.

You must also remember to hide your identity from outsiders.

Dont mention that youre a princess lest you alert the enemy.”

“I understand, Father!”

The father and daughter looked up at the Ji familys sign and revealed the same determined smile.

At this moment, the Ji Manors butler stepped forward.

“May I ask if this esteemed guest has an invitation”

Gu Yihan took out an invitation from his sleeve and handed it over with two fingers.

His voice was clear.

“Censor Zhang, bringing along my beloved daughter to the banquet.”

The Ji Manors butler was stunned.

He opened the invitation and saw that it was indeed the one they had sent to Censor Zhang.

The butler quickly bowed.

“Lord Zhang, Young Lady Zhang, please come in.”

Someone at the side muttered in confusion.

“Ive seen Censor Zhang before.

I dont think… hes that young”

“He uses a hood to cover his face.

How can you see him”

“But his daughter isnt that young either.

His youngest daughter should be about five years old.”

“Dont worry too much over nothing.

Censor Zhang is a high-ranking official specially invited by Lord Ji.

How could he be fake”

Gu Yihan carried Gu Nuoer and followed the butler around the Ji Manor.

“Butler, although its winter now, your residence is covered in greenery and there are pine trees everywhere.

The artificial mountains are well-arranged as well.

It seems that Lord Ji must be an elegant and noble person.”

Gu Yihan said coldly.

The butler who was walking in front didnt notice it and introduced enthusiastically, “Of course.

Lord Zhang, look to the left.

Our master spent a lot of money to transport this red top artificial mountain from the south.

“The red coral tree on the right that is half the height of a person was scooped up by countless seamen after paying a huge price to do so.

Theres also the alabaster that was used to build the fish pond.

These are all treasures that are hard to find even if one had money.

“Our master likes these elegant items.

When he admires them, his mood would also improve a lot.”

At this point, the butler turned his head slightly and said vaguely, “Our master is also very generous to his friends.

He has never held back when it comes to giving gifts.

“Lord Zhang looks like someone with noble taste.

You will definitely be able to become close friends with our master.”

Gu Yihan smiled meaningfully.

Under the hood, his handsome eyes were extremely cold.

In his arms, Gu Nuoer crossed her arms, her cheeks puffed up like a small fish spitting bubbles as she let out a soft snort in disdain.


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