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The soldiers frowned and looked at the evil servants who had been smashed to death in the pit.

They then looked at the blades scattered around them.

When they turned around and heard Gu Nuoer cries, they immediately believed Gu Nuoers words.

The leader of the soldiers waved his hand and said coldly, “Clean up the pit.

If there are any alive, bring them all back to the government office for interrogation! Do they even care for the law considering how they are out injuring people with blades in broad daylight”

Gu Nuoer lay in Ye Simings arms and sobbed softly.

However, she was focused on the pit, looking at it from the corner of her big eyes.

Not many of them were killed, with most of them just seriously injured.

When one of the servants was taken away, he was still shouting, “How dare you touch us Do you know who our master is Its the rich merchant, Ji Yongwang!

“Go and ask around in the capital for his reputation! He is someone who even the Minister of Justice has to give some face to.

How dare you arrest us when were teaching someone a lesson on behalf of our master and young master! ”

The soldiers pushed him away in disdain.

“Cut the crap and wait till youre in prison before you talk.

Shut him up!”

These servants were taken away while the remaining ones who died were carried to the mortuary.

When the middle-aged man was pulled up, his neck seemed like it had been broken by something.

His head drooped down on his neck.

Before Gu Nuoer could take a closer look, Ye Siming carried her and changed to face another direction.

She blinked and thought of the servants words.

Ji Yongwang

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com ,Please!

Wasnt that the super baddie that her father mentioned!

Gu Nuoers eyes darted around and she suddenly had an idea.

After the soldiers left, Duan Hanping looked at Gu Nuoer and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Young girl, dont be afraid.

This is the emperors territory.

No matter who it is, they cant bully you easily!”

Gu Nuoer sighed.

“Uncle Duan, youre really a good person~”

“But I recognize Old Liu.

I dont think that the two of you are from his family, right”

Gu Nuoer nodded.

She took out two purple pearls that she usually played around with.

Each of them was the size of a little finger.

The child handed them to Duan Hanping.

“One of them is for you and the other one is for Uncle Liu! We were bullied earlier.

“And in a moment of panic, we entered his house.

However, we didnt expect a big hole to appear, causing his house to be destroyed as well! This pearl should be worth some money.

Let him change to a good house!”

“This!” Although Duan Hanping didnt know much about pearls, he could tell from the color that this wasnt cheap!

This young girl had casually taken out two pearls just like that, her tone sounding as if she was joking!

What she didnt know was that one of these pearls was worth five years of an ordinary familys expenses!

He finally understood that Bodhisattva was not lying to him.

He had met a rich person that would help him!

Duan Hanping hurriedly waved his hand.

“I can help you pass the one for Old Liu to him, but you really dont have to give it to me.

I didnt help at all.

Young girl, you can take it back!”

Gu Nuoer refused.

“Uncle Duan, dont decline.

Its because you brought the soldiers here in time that my brother and I were able to get help.

Just take it!”

The child blinked.

“We might have a chance to meet again in the future~”

After saying that, Gu Nuoer wrapped her arms around Ye Simings neck and pointed with her small hand.

“Elder Brother Siming, hurry up and run!”

Ye Siming subconsciously moved.

Duan Hanping chased after him for a few steps, but Ye Siming had already run out of the alley.

What speed.

When they reached the street, Ye Siming stopped and bared his teeth in dissatisfaction.

“Why should I listen to you”


Gu Nuoer didnt think much of it.

Her small brain swayed and she seemed to be in a good mood.

“Even if you dont want to, youve already done it!”

She reached out her small hand and touched Ye Simings forehead.

“Elder Brother Siming is such a good boy!”


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