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Ye Simings gaze swept to the front.

The people who gave out the porridge were two to three people who looked fierce and a little sallow, like hooligans.

Although there were soldiers sent by the government office to guard the area, the hooligans actions were rough.

Even though they were doing a good deed like giving out free porridge, they werent wearing good expressions.

Ye Siming raised his eyebrows coldly and made a judgment.


Gu Nuoer followed his gaze and smiled, revealing her white teeth.

“Elder Brother Siming, are you talking about setting up tents to give out porridge I was the one to suggest this to Father!

“In order to educate those unreasonable beggars, they were made to be responsible for distributing porridge.

If they dont finish distributing or eat it secretly, they will be punished.”

The child leaned on the railing and looked over.

“Oh, it looks like the effect isnt bad!”

However, Ye Siming found it very difficult to agree.

He sneered, “These people look tricky.

If they really want to eat it secretly, you wont know either.

“People who arent honest to begin with will definitely think of playing tricks.

In my opinion, everyone will learn their lesson after being beaten up.”

Gu Nuoer sat up straight.

“Ive long guessed that theres such a possibility.

Therefore, didnt I get Elder Brother Siming to accompany me here today”

Ye Siming looked at her, waiting for her to continue.

At this moment, the waiter returned with a clean white towel.

Gu Nuoer quickly grabbed a silver ingot and handed it over.

“Waiter, help me find a pair of beggars and borrow two sets of clothes from them.

The clothes have to be suitable for me and this older brother.”

This was the first time the waiter had heard of such a request.

The little girl in front of him was fair and beautiful, wearing embroidered clothing.

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She looked like a child from a rich family.

Why would she want to wear beggars clothes

Gu Nuoer didnt explain and waved her small hand.

“Hurry up and go.

Well leave after were done with the pastries.”

The waiter didnt make any further guesses.

This might just be amusement for the rich.

He received the silver and turned to get the job done.

Ye Siming frowned.

“Are we going to pretend to be beggars and ask for porridge”

Gu Nuoer ran to his side, tiptoed, and opened her beautiful eyes.

“Wow, Elder Brother Siming, youre so smart!”

That was right.

If she wanted to check if these people were honest…

Then the best way to do so was for her to blend in with the poor people who were asking for the porridge.

What could be more direct than this

Gu Nuoers idea surprised Ye Siming a little.

His dark eyes were fixed on the child in front of him.

She had been pampered since she was born.

When it snowed, the emperor and noble consort would be worried that she would freeze.

The child had always been delicate as well.

However, her actions this time surprised Ye Siming.

The seemingly delicate princess was actually willing to pretend to be a beggar and wear other peoples clothes to beg for porridge in order to understand the citizens feelings.

Ye Siming suddenly felt that he could not understand Gu Nuoer.

She was only three years old, but she seemed to have her own view on things.

Just as he was in a daze, he suddenly felt a warmth on his face.

Ye Siming came back to his senses.

Gu Nuoer was holding onto a white handkerchief in her hand and trying her best to tiptoe to wipe the blood off his face.

Gu Nuoer was very close.

In her clear and beautiful eyes, there was only Ye Simings reflection.

“You have to wipe it clean.” Her voice was soft and obedient.

“Only then can I confirm that Elder Brother Siming isnt injured.”

After Ye Simings cheeks returned to normal, the child clapped her hands in satisfaction.

She then turned around and sat back down to eat the pastries.

Only Ye Siming was still in a daze.

The warmth on his face was still there.

Why did he suddenly feel a sense of consolation of being taken care of



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