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Amongst the four palace maids that the eunuch in charge had brought over, only AYun had obtained Noble Consort Qiaos favor.

When the other three introduced themselves, Noble Consort Qiao didnt look very interested.

In the end, she looked at the child playing with her hair in her arms.

“Baby Nuo, which palace maid older sister would you like to have them stay behind to serve your empress mother”

Gu Nuoer raised her long eyelashes and swept her gaze across the hall.

“Oh, that skinny elder sister just now will do!”

The manager eunuch smiled apologetically and bowed.

“May I ask who the princess is referring to”

Gu Nuoer pointed at one of the palace maids.

“She was standing behind her just now.”

The palace maid was shocked and her face turned pale.

“Could there be a ghost”

The eunuch in charge had only brought the four of them over.

How could there have been someone behind them

At this moment, AYun said, “Could the princess be referring to Mu Shuzhen”

As soon as she finished speaking, the expressions of the others changed.


Noble Consort Qiao was smart and naturally didnt miss out on this.

She raised her head slightly.

“Eunuch Gao, who is this Mu Shuzhen”

The eunuch in charge seemed a little sheepish.

The little princess could have picked anyone, but why did she take a liking to that strange person!

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He deliberated over his words and explained to Noble Consort Qiao, “Your Highness isnt aware of this, but half a month ago, the palace brought in a few slaves and daughters of criminals.

This Mu Shuzhen is the only daughter of the Left Cityhold, Lord Mu!

“Although she was born into an aristocratic family, her conduct is strange and she often talks to herself in a place where there was no one around.

This servant didnt bring her here to meet Your Highness.

“Its because shes clumsy that this servant wants to send her to the cold palace to be a servant.”

Noble Consort Qiao had heard about the Mu family.

It was said that Lord Mu was involved in a battle of attrition.

He, who usually liked to pursue longevity, was jointly sued by several officials for using evil techniques.

As a result, he was locked up in prison for life and had even implicated his family.

Connecting this experience to Mu Shuzhens mumbling, Noble Consort Qiao concluded that she was probably a lunatic.

She had wanted to immediately give the order to chase Mu Shuzhen to the cold palace.

However, her precious daughter, Gu Nuoer, had specifically asked for this palace maid.

Noble Consort Qiao had to ask for the reason.

“Baby Nuo, can you tell Mother why you like her”

“Because this older sister has a light on her body and it looks really nice!” The child held the hot tea in her hand and took a sip like an adult.


Noble Consort Qiao pondered for a moment and looked at the eunuch in charge.

“Go and get this Mu Shuzhen to come in to see me.”

No matter how unwilling the eunuch in charge was, he could only do as he was told.

He felt uneasy.

If this Mu Shuzhen were to really spout nonsense in front of Her Highness and make her angry, he would definitely be punished.

With this thought in mind, the eunuch in charge became even more displeased when he saw Mu Shuzhen trembling in the cold wind.

“Hey, the Noble Consort wants to see you.

Come with me.”

Mu Shuzhens entire body trembled.

She thought of the little princess in Noble Consort Qiaos arms, who had an oppressive spiritual aura that made people not dare to look at her directly.

She was already timid, but now, she was even more afraid.

That was a light that only immortals had.

Mu Shuzhen was in a daze and accidentally bumped into the eunuch in charge.

The eunuch in charge suddenly stopped and kept mumbling non-stop.

He didnt expect that Mu Shuzhen wasnt listening to him at all!

The eunuch became even more exasperated.

“Im warning you, when you meet Her Highness later, dont just say anything mindlessly.

If you cause us to be punished, see if I will let you off!”

Mu Shuzhen trembled and nodded silently.

The eunuch in charge led her in and said with a smile, “Your Highness, Ive brought her here.”


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