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The next day, when the sun was still rising, Gu Nuoer was carried up by Noble Consort Qiao the moment she woke up.

The child was sleepy and let out a long yawn.

Even when she was drinking milk, she was laying in Noble Consort Qiaos arms with her eyes closed.

Wanyin and Wanxuan helped the little princess put on a light yellow dress and braided two buns on her head.

Two small red bells were tied to them.

Gu Nuoer looked small and exquisite.

With a red cloak on her, she looked like a beautiful small flower blooming in winter.

Noble Consort Qiao carried Gu Nuoer out.

There was already a small sedan waiting at the palaces entrance.

“Mother, its so cold!” Gu Nuoer was curled up in Noble Consort Qiaos arms.

They had just stepped out when she was hit by the cold winter wind.

In an instant, the crisp sound of silver bells rang.

Noble Consort Qiao protected Gu Nuoers head with her hand until they got into the sedan chair.

Only then did she smile and said, “Baby Nuo, how about Mother bring you to visit the empress today”


Gu Nuoer quickly nodded.

She had long wanted to sneak there, but she was worried that her empress mothers body hadnt fully recovered and that she would only cause trouble if she were to go.

Gu Nuoer asked softly, “Has Empress Mother recovered”

Noble Consort Qiao pinched the childs pink nose.

“Fortunately, Baby Nuo discovered that someone had poisoned her last time.

After receiving treatment, Her Majestys illness has mostly recovered.

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“Today, Mother is bringing you there to choose palace maids for your Empress Mother!”

Cailuan and Qinghe had already been executed, and the few second-grade palace maids serving the empress were clumsy.

Therefore, Noble Consort Qiaos first task was to choose two more capable palace maids for the empress.

As the child seemed to always bring good fortune, Noble Consort Qiao trusted Gu Nuoer very much.

Anyone that Gu Nuoer was close to or liked could stay behind today.

Anyone that Gu Nuoer was close to or liked could stay behind today.

Gu Nuoer nodded in confusion and gave it some thought.

“Mother… Then, will Baby Nuo be considered to be helping”

Noble Consort Qiao smiled and said, “Thats right.


The child pinched her little fingers.

“Since Im helping, how can Mother not give Baby Nuo money for my hard work”

Second Brother taught her that if she agreed to help, she had to remember to get benefits for herself!

Noble Consort Qiao was a little surprised.

She didnt expect a three-year-old child to say such things.

She was amused and asked, “What reward does Baby Nuo want”

Gu Nuoer smiled, showing her cute white teeth and her eyes curled up into crescent moons.

“Mother, give Nuonuo two more candies today.

Elder Brother Siming likes them and I want to save them for him.”

Noble Consort Qiao smiled.

“Are you sure its not because you want to eat them”

Gu Nuoer shook her small head like a rattle-drum.

“Its really for Elder Brother Siming.

Its because the last time I went to Uncle Bais house, Elder Brother Siming made a roast bird for me to eat!”

Roast bird

Noble Consort Qiao was a little stunned.

Then, she smiled.

It was just a matter of two candies, so she immediately agreed.

When they arrived outside the empresss palace, the eunuch in charge of the Palace Affairs Bureau was already waiting at the bottom of the stairs with four palace maids.

At this moment, there was a cold wind blowing.

The eunuch had both ends of his sleeves put together, his legs trembling from the cold.

The other four palace maids werent in any better shape.

However, when Gu Nuoer alighted from the small sedan, she realized that there was another person standing behind the four palace maids.

She lowered her eyes and looked around from time to time.

As she met Gu Nuoers gaze, she seemed to be shocked and quickly retracted her gaze.

The child tilted her head and looked at this inconspicuous and timid palace maid.

Why was there a faint green glow on her body


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