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However, this was the first time Ye Siming had experienced it.

A hint of panic and helplessness immediately appeared on his fair face.

Ye Siming grabbed Gu Nuoers collar.

“Stop fooling around and come down!”

Gu Nuoer grabbed onto his clothes.

“Elder Brother Siming, Im hungry~”

Ye Siming wanted to pull her away, but the child suddenly let go and her small body leaned back uncontrollably.

He had no choice but to quickly hold on to Gu Nuoers small butt, allowing her to safely return to his arms.

Ye Simings long brows furrowed into a displeased arc, and his black eyes burned with frustration.

He looked down at Gu Nuoer, who was in his arms…

The latters innocent eyes flickered with pity and helplessness.

Her stomach growled loudly again.

Gu Nuoer lowered her head and covered her stomach with her small hands.

She sighed, “In order to come and play with Elder Brother Siming, Baby Nuo hasnt eaten since this morning!”

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She pouted, looking very sad.

Her long eyelashes closed and the vigor in her eyes disappeared.

What replaced it was sadness as if she had been abused.

The anger that Ye Siming felt instantly extinguished.

He let out a sigh and compromised.

“Wait here.

Ill get you something to eat.”

Gu Nuoers eyes lit up and she immediately looked up.

“Are you bringing Baby Nuo to drink milk”

Ye Siming gritted his teeth and said angrily, “No!”

He placed Gu Nuoer back on the ground, then opened the door and walked out.

Gu Nuoer grabbed onto the door frame and watched as Ye Simings tall and thin figure walked into the rain.

This scene looked like Elder Brother Siming had gone out to forage for food for her…

As Gu Nuoer thought this, she saw Ye Siming picking up a stone from the ground.

Then, he looked at the sparrow jumping on a tree not far away.

Ye Siming focused for a moment, then threw the stone with two fingers!

With a plop, a fat little sparrow fell from the branch.

Gu Nuoer quickly covered her eyes with her small hands.

“Elder Brother Siming bullied little birdie!”


Ye Siming went forward to pick up the sparrow, then took out the dagger at his waist, then skillfully plucked and skinned the sparrow under the corridor.

He glanced sideways at the trembling Gu Nuoer behind the door frame.

“Arent you hungry Drinking milk isnt as satisfying as eating meat.”

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Gu Nuoer had only eaten meat prepared by the imperial kitchen since young.

She had never seen the process of killing small animals with her own eyes.

Ye Simings actions just now had really frightened the little princess.

Her small hand opened a tiny slit and she could only see that Ye Simings slender and fair fingers were stained with blood.

Gu Nuoer shed honest tears this time and fell on her butt.

“Im scared…”

When Ye Siming heard her whimpering like a kitten, he couldnt help but turn around to take a look.

The child sat on the ground helplessly, her small hands constantly wiping away the tears that were falling out.

Her fair and tender face quickly turned red from all the rubbing.

Her big eyes looked at him from time to time.

Each time she saw the color of the blood, her small body would cower a little.

Ye Siming fell into deep thought.

Were all human children all so timid and cry so much


She wasnt afraid at all when facing the black bear that could attack people at any moment.

However, when she saw blood, she became so weak.

Like a flower that could not withstand any strong wind.

Gu Nuoer was crying when she suddenly felt a weight on her head.

Something blocked her vision.

Ye Siming had taken off his outer robe and thrown it over her head to cover her.

The boys voice was filled with impatience, but the words he said were considerate, giving off a strange gentleness.

“Dont be afraid anymore.

I wont do such things in front of you in the future.”


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