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Gu Nuoer grinned and said, “Im here to play with you!”

As she spoke, she climbed onto Ye Simings back before he could react.

Ye Siming was surprised.

“What are you doing!”

Gu Nuoer pointed ahead with her small hand.

“Elder Brother Siming, carry me to your room to hide from the rain! Auntie Bai said that it will take a while before she finishes cooking.”

Ye Simings eyes were cold.

“You really dont have any reservations at all.”

He didnt say anything but as expected, grabbed Gu Nuoers calves and ran into the rain with her.

What Gu Nuoer didnt expect was that Ye Siming was too fast!

The wind whistled next to her ears.

The light rain hit her face in an instant.

She used her small hand to block Ye Simings head, helping him to reduce the disturbance from the rain.

Ye Siming felt that this little thing on his back was as light as a feather.

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Her milky fragrance wafted over.

Ye Siming couldnt help but grind his teeth.

She was really a child still wet behind the ears and looked very delicious.

When they reached the corridor, Ye Siming put Gu Nuoer down.

The childs hair was stained with raindrops and her fair cheeks were pink.

She looked at him with her glass-like eyes.

Ye Siming raised his eyebrows in confusion.

“Why are you still looking at me”

Gu Nuoer said softly, “My mother said that before the owner agrees, we cant enter someone elses room casually.

Its impolite!”

Ye Siming frowned and impatience appeared in his eyes.

He pushed open the door and said to Gu Nuoer, “Go in.”

His tone sounded like a big bad wolf luring a little girl into a man-eating den.

However, Gu Nuoer skipped into the room happily.

The child looked around and saw that the room was well-furnished.

There were brushes, paper, inkstone, and a shelf full of books.

It was obvious that Bai Yi and his wife had put in a lot of effort to nurture Ye Siming.

She saw the cold breakfast that was still on the table and exclaimed, “Elder Brother Siming, Uncle Bai and Auntie Bai are really good to you!”

Ye Siming sat on the chair.

His posture looked a little youthful and flirtatious, but his eyes were cold and arrogant.

He grunted casually.

“Theyre good people.”

This was the truth.

Gu Nuoer became interested and climbed onto a chair.

She picked up a brush and dipped it in some ink before writing three words on the paper.

Ye Siming.

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The boy walked over and stopped to look for a while.

He then raised his eyebrows.

“My name”

Gu Nuoer was surprised.

“Elder Brother Siming, you can read!”

Ye Siming glanced at her coldly.

“Who wouldnt recognize their own name”

Gu Nuoer immediately wrote her name next to his.

Ye Siming looked at it for a long time before saying, “Your handwriting doesnt look good.”

This was the first time Gu Nuoer had been treated with disdain so directly!

She puffed up her small face and said angrily, “Elder Brother Siming might not be able to write very well either.

Baby Nuo is still young.

When Im four years old, Ill write beautiful words for you to see!”

Ye Siming smiled and snorted.


At this moment, Gu Nuoers stomach rumbled.

She was hungry…

The child looked eagerly… at a certain spot below Ye Simings neck.


Ye Siming frowned.

“Whats wrong”

“Elder Brother Siming.” Gu Nuoer asked very seriously, “I want to drink milk.

Do you have any”

Ye Siming almost flipped the table over.

He said angrily, “Why would I have any! Dont be so—!”

Ye Simings ears suddenly turned red.

The child who was scolded immediately pouted.

She was weak, pitiful, and aggrieved.

Tears began to fill her clear eyes.

“Boohoo, Elder Brother Siming, youre so fierce! Im hungry!”

After saying that, Gu Nuoer pounced into Ye Simings arms and wrapped her arms around his neck, wanting to act spoiled.

This was a means she often used when Noble Consort didnt allow her to eat too much.


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