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Gu Yihans black boot was just midway into the room when it backed out

He turned around and laughed.

“Alright, alright, alright.

Father wont go in first.

Nuoer, put on your clothes properly before Father goes in!”

When Eunuch Chunshou saw this, he smiled to himself.

Among the six palaces, only the little princess would dare to directly turn the emperor away!

Noble Consort Qiao smiled and helped Gu Nuoer put on her clothes.

Only then did the child call out toward the door in a childish voice, “Father, come in! Nuonuo is done!”

When Gu Yihan entered, he saw that his precious daughters cheeks were red and her eyes were bright and round.

She looked like a little white bun that had just come out of the pot.

He walked over and picked Gu Nuoer up.

Smelling the milk fragrance on her body, Gu Yihan chuckled.

“Nuoer, its going to be the new year soon.

“This year, do you want the North Zhous peacock feathers or the South Yues ivory jade Tell Father in advance so that Father can get them to bring more over when they come to pay tribute.”

Gu Nuoers eyelashes fluttered like two small fans.

She asked curiously, “Father, Baby Nuo doesnt want any of these.

Can Baby Nuo ask for other things”

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Gu Yihan raised his eyebrows.

“Lets hear it.”

He wanted to know what his three-year-old daughter would ask for.

Unexpectedly, Gu Nuoer said seriously in his arms, “Baby Nuo wants Father to spend more time with me.

Father is always very busy!”

After saying that, the child snuggled her soft head in Gu Yihans arms.

She even whined in her childish voice, “Father, Nuonuo misses you.

Mother misses you too~”

Gu Yihan was stunned and looked up at Noble Consort Qiao.

Noble Consort Qiaos beautiful expression also seemed stunned.

She didnt expect Gu Nuoer to say this.

Then, she blushed and turned to look to the side.

“Your Majesty, dont listen to Nuoers nonsense.

Your consort… only misses you a little.”

Gu Yihan has indeed been very busy recently.

Other than handling government affairs, he often went to the Music Bureau to listen to music.

This was originally a way for him to relieve the pressure.

However, a new batch of performers had come to the Music Bureau recently.

One of them was beautiful, had a great figure, and could play a pleasant tune.

Therefore, Gu Yihan went a few more times.

However, he didnt neglect accompanying his daughter.

However, he didnt expect the child to notice it.

Gu Yihan looked at his precious daughters clear and tender eyes and his heart immediately softened.

He grabbed the childs soft and chubby hand.

“Baby Nuo, its Fathers fault for ignoring your and your mothers feelings.

“Father will go and settle the memorials tonight.

Ill accompany you to admire the plum blossoms tomorrow, alright”

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Gu Nuoer nodded repeatedly, her fair face filled with joy.

“Father, pinky swear.

If you dont keep your word, youll become a woof woof!”

Noble Consort Qiao felt bad and quickly said, “Nuoer, how can you call your father a dog”

Gu Yihan didnt mind at all.

He waved his hand and laughed, saying, “This is a promise Ive made with Baby Nuo.

“Nuoer, if Father cant do it, Father will be small woof woof.

You can rest assured now.”

Gu Nuoer obediently gave her a sweet smile.

In the end, the child slowly fell asleep in the company of Noble Consort Qiao and Gu Yihan.

The child on the bed had a round face and cute pink cheeks.

Her long eyelashes gathered together like a pair of butterfly wings.

Her small hand was on top of the brocade blanket.

Noble Consort Qiao gently held it and placed it back under the blanket.

“Yayu,” Gu Yihan called out in a soft voice.

He held Noble Consort Qiaos hand and said, “Ive been neglecting you recently.

After Im done with the government affairs, Ill come and accompany you guys.”


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