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Consort Yi covered her lips and smiled.

“Little Nuoer, what honey have you smeared on your mouth Its always so sweet.

“Didnt we just meet at your birthday banquet a few days ago”

Gu Nuoer imitated an old Grand Preceptor in the imperial court and shook her head, saying “A day apart feels like three years.”

Everyone laughed, and Consort Yi was beaming.

She reached out her hand.

“Come, Baby Nuo, let Consort Mother Yi hug you.”

Gu Nuoer ran over and entered Consort Yis arms like a ball of small pearls.

Consort Yi hugged the chubby child and smelled the sweet fragrance on her body.

She liked her very much and tightened her embrace.

Gu Nuoer placed her small hands on Concubine Yis long sleeves and sniffed with her small nose.

“Mother Yi, you smell so good!

“What is this smell Only a fairy would smell this good!”

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Consort Yi chuckled.

“Little Nuoer, you really know your stuff.

This is theBeautys Smile that costs 1,000 taels per 50 grams.

Its a type of spice.

“If you like it, Mother will get someone to send you a box of it tomorrow, alright”

Before Noble Consort Qiao could say anything, the child nodded without any reservations.

She held Consort Yis face with her fair and chubby hands, her big black eyes sparkling.

Gu Nuoer sighed in her childish voice, “Mother Yi, youre beautiful like a fairy and even treat Nuoer so well.

Baby Nuo likes you~”

As she said this, she rubbed her small face against Consort Yis beautiful face.

She then took the initiative to kiss her on the cheek.

Noble Consort Qiao looked at her daughters childishness and couldnt help but chuckle as she drank her tea.

Consort Yi couldnt hold back against Gu Nuoers adorableness.

Consort Yi hugged Gu Nuoer tightly and looked at Noble Consort Qiao with extreme envy.

“Elder Sister Noble Consort, amongst us all…

“You have the best luck! To have such a cute daughter, its really worth it even if one has to pay her with their life!”

Gu Nuoer didnt understand what Consort Yi said.

She only understood the meaning of paying someone with their life.

She was so frightened that she kept waving her small hands, the flesh on her cheeks bulging.

“Mother Yi, no, no.

I dont want your life.

Nuoer only wants you to be happy~”

Consort Yi said a fewoh my, then left a few rouge marks on Gu Nuoers cheeks.

“My Baby Nuo is really such a good child.” As Consort Yi spoke, she glanced at Gu Zitang, who was pretending as if he didnt exist.

“Zitang, learn from your sister! Shes obedient and sensible, and she doesnt make me angry either!”


Gu Zitang pursed his lips.

“No matter how Mother looks at me, you arent satisfied.

You only think about how to earn all your sons allowance from him!”

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Wanyin couldnt help but burst out laughing.

Noble Consort Qiao gave her a look and Wanyin quickly held it in.

Consort Yi immediately cried out in grievance, “Elder Sister Noble Consort, listen to what this child is saying! Is that called earning your money Wasnt I the one who gave you your money!

“Im just afraid that youll spend recklessly at such a young age.

As the saying goes, if you dont have money in your pocket, the mountains will collapse if you were to lean against them! You dont even understand your mothers painstaking efforts.”

Gu Nuoer scratched the tip of her nose and asked curiously, “Is there such a saying”

Gu Zitang added, “Look, even my three-year-old sister, Nuoer, can tell.

Mother has started to spout nonsense to hide your actions!”


The mother and sons argument, coupled with the child Gu Nuoers childish questions, made the scene extremely amusing.


The palace maids lowered their heads and pursed their lips, not daring to reveal their smiles.

Noble Consort Qiao waved her hand to smooth things over.

“Alright, His Highness is already 14 years old, but youre still keeping such a close eye on him.

Its no wonder the child doesnt like it was no wonder.”

Consort Yi pretended to be sad.

“He was very obedient when he was young.

Whod expect that the older he gets, the more he drives me mad”

Gu Nuoers childish voice rang out.

“Mother Yi, youve wronged Second Brother.

We went out to play today and he bought you something!”


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