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The shop assistant bowed and sent the siblings off.

In the time it took for half an incense to burn, Gu Zitang and Gu Nuoer arrived on the street where they bought the coltsfoot flowers earlier.

The child probed her head and searched for the two “s*ckers” who had fallen into a trap just to be able to make quick bucks!

Gu Zitang smiled and shook his head, “Baby Nuo, they must have already left.”

After knowing that they had been deceived and had also spent so much money… They were probably back at home crying non-stop by now.

This was what Gu Zitang thought.

Gu Nuoer was unwilling to give up and looked around with her round eyes.

She held onto the second princes hand, and he followed by her side.

Just as Gu Zitang thought that Gu Nuoer would definitely be disappointed…

The childs voice suddenly rang out in joy, “They are over there!”

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Gu Zitang was stunned and turned his gaze over.

It was true.

The two men from earlier were still standing at the corner of the street, waiting anxiously.

Gu Nuoer pulled Gu Zitang along and went running over with her small legs.

She waved her small hands, “Little Uncles!”

When the two stall owners from earlier saw that the rich young master had returned, their expressions immediately turned to joy.

They quickly ran over, “Young Master, Little Young Miss, youre finally here!”

Gu Nuoer felt uneasy and puffed her cheeks in embarrassment.

“Erm… My brother and I just went to another place to drink tea.

Were late.”

The stall owner smiled honestly and waved his hand to say that it was fine.

“Youre all distinguished people and time is valuable for you.

We guessed that you must have something to do!

“Therefore, we waited for a while.

It doesnt matter.

Were just worried that if you guys didnt manage to buy these flowers and end up running to buy them from the shops.

The price there would be expensive!”

The other person saw that Gu Nuoer was extremely exquisite-looking and cute.

He said, “Young Master, we wont earn much from you.

We bought this bag of coltsfoot flowers for 30 taels per 500 grams.

“If youre willing, you can buy them for 35 taels for 500 grams.

Well just earn some money for running the errand for you.”

Gu Nuoer tugged Gu Zitangs sleeve with her small hand, raising her head and blinking her big eyes.

“Second Brother…”

Thinking of what he had promised his sister, Gu Zitang shook his head and sighed.

In the end, he could not resist her sisters cute attacks.

He said to the two of them, “I said that I would charge a high price, so I wont treat you badly.

Well go with 50 taels per 500 grams.

You dont have to stand on ceremony with me.”

With that, Gu Zitang waved his hand.

The attendant behind him immediately went forward to count the coltsfoot flowers and paid.

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The entire bag was sold for over 500 taels.

These two stall owners broke into pleasantly surprised expressions.

They had encountered a living God of Wealth today!

They kept bowing and expressing their thanks while taking the silver.

In the end, looking at the two stall owners happy back view, Gu Nuoer let out a kiddish sigh, seeming to be very satisfied.

Gu Zitang raised his brows.

“Baby Nuo, are you happy now”

Gu Nuoer nodded her small head then put out her hand and took Gu Zitangs hand, hopping away toward their horse carriage.

“Second Brother, Ive understood a principle!”

“What principle”

“Earning the money of bad people and letting the poor commoners enjoy life is the way of business!”


Gu Zitang was stunned for a moment before laughing out loud.

He bent down and hugged Gu Nuoer.

“Nuoer, Nuoer, youre indeed a lucky star.

Second Brother is liking you more and more.

“Youre right.

Since the daughter of the Minister of Justice, Sheng Tingchun, had done bad, we should use their money to help the poor.

“Thinking of this, Second Brother dont feel too bad about losing this money now.

There is still a lot left.

“After we go back, Second Brother will bury them.

If Nuoer wants to use them next time, just go to the tree and get them.

Is that alright”


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