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Sheng Tingchun knew that her father usually could not bear to punish her.

However, she had offended the second prince and was even accused of having disregarded the commoners.

Who would be able to stand this!

She hurriedly lifted her skirt and bowed before running home with her maidservant.

Fang Jinyu was smarter than her.

She stood on the spot and looked at Gu Nuoer anxiously.

Fang Jinyu knew very well that the second prince would definitely not show mercy.

This was unless the little princess was softhearted and spoke up for her!

“Your Highness,” Fang Jinyu took a step forward and said sincerely, “Do you still remember me

“I even attended your last three-year-old birthday the other time!”

She wanted to get close to him, but unfortunately, they used the wrong person!

Gu Nuoer quickly thought of that day.

This Fang Jinyu and Sheng Tingchun were extremely vicious.

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In order to verify if cats had nine lives, they threw such a young kitten into the lake!

At that time, it was snowy and cold.

They were really vicious!

Gu Nuoer did not like them and ignored Fang Jinyu.

The child hugged her brothers neck with her chubby hands, turning her head away from her.

She even let out a loud snort.


Who cared about the bad people!

Gu Zitang sneered.

“I advise you not to waste your energy.

Its your honor to be able to attend my sisters birthday banquet.

“Moreover, so many people had gone.

Would my sister be able to remember everyone”

Fang Jinyu bit her lower lip.

The second prince and the little princess were both so stubborn.

She really had no other way out!

In the end, Fang Jinyu could only accept her fate and bid her farewell.

She lifted her skirt and rushed home.

The shop assistant stood at the side, listening to their entire conversation.

He seemed to have turned into stone on the spot.

Those two were the young misses from the families of the two Ministers.

However, they ended up offending the second prince and the little princess, who came out to shop in their free time.

The second prince was very well known.

Let alone the little princess!

She was a treasure that the emperor had painstakingly sought after!

He placed her in his hands, tenderly taking care of her.

Anyone who offended her would have to die!

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Moreover, with the princesss arrival, His Majesty stopped killing the innocent!

The commoners had always had a good impression of this little princess!

The shop assistant came back to his senses and hurriedly bowed to invite Gu Zitang and Gu Nuoer in.

“Your Highness, Princess, please have a cup of hot tea.”

Gu Zitang carried his sister into the shop but waved his hand.

“No need.

Youre open for business and my sister and I are just here to take a casual look around.

“However, I have one request.

Later, when the Minister of Justices residence sends the money over, I can only leave 500 taels for you.

I have a use for the rest of the money.”

Gu Nuoer nodded.

“Second Brother is right!”

They still had to use the money on meaningful things!

The shop assistant didnt dare to say otherwise and quickly said, “Yes, yes, yes! We wont take a single cent!”

Not long later, the second princes attendant brought a heavy bag of silver taels.

According to the attendant, the Minister of Justice initially didnt believe that his daughter had offended the second prince.

Thereafter, the attendant took out the second princes token and that made the minister stunned!

When the attendant left with the heavy silver, he met Sheng Tingchun, who had come home.

She cried and kicked up a fuss, not wanting to pay the money.

The Minister of Justice gave her a slap on the spot and pulled her home.

Gu Zitang waved his finger and two attendants came over to help count the silver.

He did as he said earlier, leaving 500 taels for the shop assistant.

“You guys have it tough too.

Take this 500 taels.”

After saying that, Gu Nuoer couldnt wait anymore and swung her small legs.

“Second Brother, lets hurry up and go! We have other things to do!”


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