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Before Noble Consort Qiao gave her agreement, Gu Nuoer had jumped off from her mothers arms.

She quickly ran toward Gu Zitang, “Second Brother, lets go, lets go.

Lets go out and play~”

Gu Zitang took her small hand but his gaze was still looking toward Noble Consort Qiao.

Gu Nuoer realized something and turned to look toward her mother.

She blinked her big grape-like eyes, the glow in them made her eyes look like glistening gemstones.

“Mother, Baby Nuo wants to play with Second Brother.”

Noble Consort Qiao saw that the childs tender and cute face was filled with pleading and looked pitiful.

Her heart softened immediately.

She nodded and said, “If you want to go, go on then.

Zitang, dont come back only after it gets dark.

Otherwise, your mother and I will worry.”

Gu Zitang smiled and said, “Dont worry, Mother Qiao.

Ill be back soon.”

After saying that, the siblings walked out while holding hands.

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However, Wanyin was a little worried.

She went up and reported in a soft voice, “Your Highness, that lowly Qinghe had just said this morning that it was our princess who caught her in the act.

“Werent you and His Majesty worried that the mastermind would take the opportunity to plan something bad to do to the princess The princess has gone out with the second prince.

Why not…

“Let this servant arrange for a few hidden guards to follow them from a long distance”

Noble Consort Qiao didnt say anything and picked up her teacup to take a sip of tea.

She looked very calm.

“No need.” Her red lips parted slightly.

“Consort Yi is rich and imposing.

Putting aside the guards the second prince has by his side in the open, he has several tens of hidden guards with them.

“I dont have anything to worry about for Baby Nuo to go with him.

As long as Baby Nuo has fun playing, I wont restrain her.”

Wanyin understood it now.

What Her Highness meant was that if one was rich and influential, theyd have plenty of guards.

Anyone who didnt know any better and come over would just be courting death.

Therefore, Wanyin felt assured too.

Over at Gu Zitangs side, he was holding Gu Nuoers small hand and the siblings secretly arrived near the cold palace behind everyones back.

Few people come to this place.

The cold palace locked up the consorts and the children born to the concubines who had sinned.


The people in the palace felt that this place was inauspicious and brought bad luck.

Therefore, unless necessary, no one would come here.

However, there was a small abandoned courtyard next to the cold palace.

This was the place where Gu Nuoer and Gu Zitang hid their treasures!

Gu Nuoer hugged the fabric tiger she liked the most and stood at the side.

She watched as the second prince picked up the shovel he had hidden previously and started digging the ground under a wilted big tree.

Not long later, Gu Zitang dug out a long box that had an exquisite small horned dragon.

The boxs exterior was sealed with black paint and it had a cold glow.

It was clearly forged from high-quality metal and was extremely valuable.

It stood out from the deserted cold palace!

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Gu Zitang opened the box and there were neatly laid out silver taels inside!

There were over ten of them.

At this moment, Gu Zitang took out three silver taels from his sleeves and placed them into the box in order.

After completing this, he then buried the box back into the soil.

This wasnt the first time Gu Nuoer had witnessed this.

However, she couldnt withhold her curiosity and asked…

“Second Brother, why do you have to bury money every time If we plant the silver, are we going to get a tree full of silver taels next year”

The image of a money tree appeared in the childs mind.

Gu Zitang stood up and patted his hands, feeling very satisfied with his work.

“Baby Nuo, you must remember this, Brother has no choice but to do this.

If you have a mother who wants to earn even her sons money…


“Youll do the same as Brother did, hiding all the money you earned! This place is our treasure hiding spot.

Baby Nuo mustnt tell anyone about it!”


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