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Empress Du pressed her glabella and felt relieved.

She thought of how Gu Nuoers face was filled with composure and had pulled her to climb through the window.

“Empress Mother, a bad girl is going to start a fire later.

Lets quickly escape through the window!”

Although the child was only three years old, she was very rational.

She did not panic when faced with trouble and could remain calm.

In the carriage, Gu Nuoer clung to Ye Siming and acted spoiled.

“Elder Brother Siming, can let me take a look at it What if youve gotten badly hurt”

Ye Siming covered his collar and turned his head to avoid her gaze.

“Im not injured.

I can feel it myself.

Theres no need for you to see it.”

The childs soft and fair hand had already grabbed his collar.

“How do you know that there arent any bruises without looking at it Dont be embarrassed.

Theres no one else here except for Baby Nuo!”

Although she was small, she was quite strong.

Ye Siming struggled a few times, but she still managed to pull open his collar, revealing half of his fair neck and collarbone.

Wow, Elder Brother Siming looked so strong.

Gu Nuoer placed her hands on her hips and pouted unhappily.

“Elder Brother Siming, what are you being so shy about Do you think Ill peek at your figure Im still a child!”

Ye Siming lowered his cold eyelashes and looked at the pink and soft child in front of him.

Her pink cheeks puffed up like an angry fish.

Her round eyes shone brightly.

Ye Siming took a deep breath.

Then, he removed half of his sleeve, revealing his fair shoulders.

“You saw it Im really fine.”

Gu Nuoer smiled sweetly and reached out her little hand, wanting to touch him.

Unexpectedly, Ye Siming quickly pulled his clothes back.

The child didnt succeed and she snorted angrily, muttering to herself, “So bad.”

Later on, Empress Du arrived at the carriage with the palace maids and guards.

Abbot Zhijue led the novice monks to send them off.

Gu Nuoer twisted her small body and slid down from the carriage.

She stood beside Empress Du and waved at the old monk.

“Monk grandpa, I have to go home now.

Ill come back to eat the vegetables you guys planted next time.

Remember to leave some for me!”

Everyone couldnt help but laugh.

Empress Du clasped her hands together and said apologetically, “Because of my servant, I destroyed a few books in the Scripture Tower.

I really feel sorry about that.

“When we return to the palace, I will discuss with the emperor regarding the compensation to give to Taishi Monastery.”

The old monk Zhijue chanted a Buddhist proclamation and lowered his head slightly.

“Theres no need to worry about it.

Everything in the world comes and goes.

“Weve only lost a few books, but the two distinguished guests are unharmed.

This is already a blessing from the heavens.

Isnt this what Buddha taught us”

Empress Du felt touched and nodded slightly.

The group set off.

Gu Nuoer leaned against the window and waved at the old monk.

After returning to the palace, Gu Yihan, who had received the news, had already pushed aside all his government affairs and focused on waiting for Gu Nuoers return at the Qiushui Palace.

“Father!” A soft voice called out from the door.

Gu Yihan was pacing back and forth anxiously when he heard this and immediately walked out.

He then caught his daughter, who had rushed in, in his arms.

“Baby Nuo, let Father take a look.

Did you get hurt anywhere”

Gu Nuoer shook her head.

“Elder Brother Siming protected me very well.

I even helped Empress Mother once!”

Gu Yihan gritted his teeth at the mention of AYuns name.

“Where is that lowly servant now”

“Empress Mother has sent her to the Punishment Bureau!”

Noble Consort Qiao walked over from behind.

After confirming that her daughter was fine, she secretly relaxed her brows.

“Your Majesty, look after Nuoer.

This consort will go deal with AYun.”


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