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Wanyin said anxiously, “Young Master Ye heard that the princess and the empress are still inside and ran in without saying anything.”

Gu Nuoer was stunned for a moment before she hurriedly ran into the outer courtyard where most of the fire had been extinguished.

“Princess! You cant go in.

The roof beams which had just been burned break easily.

Its dangerous!”

Gu Nuoer ignored Wanyins shouts behind her and ran quickly to the scripture tower.

The raging flames had already dyed a small half of the left side of the scripture tower.

Gu Nuoer pushed open the door.

“Elder Brother Siming!”

Almost at this moment, an extremely terrifying scene was reflected in Gu Nuoers clear and sparkling eyes.

The guardian deities surrounded the Bodhisattva while Ye Siming was standing in front of the Bodhisattva statue, his back facing Gu Nuoer.

There were actually some ugly and terrifying black fogs floating behind and around him!

It was unknown where these black fog came from, but they floated around Ye Siming and opened their blood-red eyes at him.

“Ye Siming, come back with us.” A group of neither male nor female voices like low beast roars sounded out.

Gu Nuoer shouted, “Elder Brother Siming!”

Ye Siming didnt show any reaction.

It was as if he had entered a meditative state.

Seeing that the black fogs were about to engulf him, Gu Nuoer suddenly gained the courage to take a step forward and pounce forward.

She grabbed his arm.

At this moment, the Bodhisattva statue lowered its eyebrows with cold benevolence.

Clear divine light shone from somewhere and shattered the black shadows around Ye Siming.

Agonizing screams followed.

Ye Siming seemed to have just come back to his senses.

He looked sideways slightly, and a trace of dark red flashed across his originally dark and deep eyes.

“Gu… Nuoer”

The child grabbed two of his fingers with her chubby little hand.

“Come out with me quickly! This place is on fire! Its dangerous!”

Ye Siming was dragged away by her, staggering.

He was momentarily stunned.

Just now, his evil force had been agitated by the guardian deities and Bodhisattva statues.

He was unable to suppress the evil nature in the depths of his heart and accidentally summoned the evil beasts from the Revert Ruination Realm.

Later on… later on, Gu Nuoer came.

Ye Siming looked at the childs back, her hair shaking as she ran.

Her side profile and chubby face looked solemn.

She looked just like a three-year-old child.

Why did she have the ability to help him suppress his evil nature and drive away those evil beasts

Gu Nuoer had just pulled Ye Siming out of the scripture tower when she heard the sound of cracking wood above their heads.

Before she could swing her small hand to resist, Ye Siming pulled her into his arms.

Because he couldnt dodge in time, Ye Simings left shoulder was hit.

However, Gu Nuoer, who was in his arms, was safe and sound.

Ye Siming only furrowed his brows when he was hit by the broken piece of burning wood.

“Elder Brother Siming, are you alright” The childs soft voice was filled with worry.

“Im fine.”

Coincidentally, Wanyin ran over with the guards carrying water buckets.

When she hugged Gu Nuoer, she seemed like she was about to cry.

“Princess, how could you run in alone You scared this servant to death!”

When Gu Nuoer was brought to the empress, the empress covered her tear-stricken face with a handkerchief and held Gu Nuoers small hand to check if she was injured.

Gu Nuoer pointed at Ye Siming beside her.

“Empress Mother, a piece of wood that was this big fell just now.

Fortunately, Elder Brother Siming helped me block it.

Otherwise, Nuoer would have been injured!”

When Empress Du heard this, she raised her teary eyes and quickly looked at the youth beside her.

“Siming, are you alright”

Ye Siming shook his head slightly.

The empress felt that it was not appropriate to stay for long and hurriedly ordered the palace servants to return to the palace to summon the imperial physicians to be ready for their return.

They were to set off to return immediately.


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