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The scripture tower was wider and more spacious than Gu Nuoer had imagined.

In the middle were four angry-looking guardian deities that surrounded a Bodhisattva.

Gu Nuoer stood under the statue and looked up.

She felt that the guardian deities were angry-looking and the Bodhisattva looked benevolent.

They were all much taller than her.

Around the walls, there were densely-packed bookshelves the height of a person.

They were filled with various scriptures.

The fragrance of ancient books filled the air.

Gu Nuoer placed her hands behind her back and looked around, feeling dazzled.

There were so many precious books here.

It would be a pity if AYun burned all these precious books!

This bad woman.

Empress Du was still in the dark about this matter.

She saw that Gu Nuoer was not making a fuss, but was walking around the bookshelves and looked around curiously.

She said, “Nuoer, Ill be reading here.

There is water and pastries on the table here.

If youre hungry, just come and eat.”

Gu Nuoer ran to the window that was near many bookshelves and replied perfunctorily.

She stood on tiptoe and tried to push the window.

It could be opened.

The childs voice was soft as she spoke to Empress Du meaningfully, “Empress Mother, you have to hurry up and read.

Otherwise, well be leaving later~”

Empress Du looked up when she heard this, thinking that Gu Nuoer felt that half a day would pass by very quickly.

She smiled gently.


An hour later, other than AYun and Mu Shuzhen who were waiting outside the tower, everyone else was waiting outside the courtyard.

Wanyin didnt dare to show her anxiety and waited not far from the courtyard.

For some reason, her right eyelid kept twitching and she felt uneasy.

She had already changed the barrel of kerosene hidden in the corner to water according to the princesss instructions,

But why was she still feeling so anxious and unsettled

At this moment, she saw Mu Shuzhen walk out and nod at her solemnly.

As expected, AYun had made a move!

Wanyin took a few steps forward, ready to call for the guards to capture her.

According to the princesss plan, she and the empress should have already come out of the scripture tower.

As for AYuns barrel of kerosene, it had also been replaced by water by Wanyin.

A fire shouldnt start…

Unfortunately, not long after, a vague hint of flame appeared in the direction of the scripture tower!

A burning smell drifted over.

Mu Shuzhen and Wanyin looked at each other and saw the shock in each others eyes.

How did the kerosene get ignited after being replaced!

At this moment, AYun ran out in a panic as if she was trying to cover up for herself by shifting the blame onto others.

“This is bad! The scripture tower is on fire! Her Majesty and the princess are still inside!”

AYun originally wanted to put out the fire herself, but she didnt expect the fire to be bigger than she imagined.

She was afraid of death and did not dare to go in anymore.

Seeing that things were going to become problematic, she had no choice but to run out to seek help.

Wanyin was the first to react.

She cried and shouted, “Hurry up and save the princess!”

Mu Shuzhen grabbed AYun, who was about to escape, to prevent her from escaping.

The flames quickly attracted the monks and guards.

Ye Siming was originally sitting on the roof when he saw the smoke coming from the distant mountains.

He looked down and saw that the monks and guards were all running towards the scripture tower with buckets in their hands, shouting to put out the fire.

Ye Siming furrowed his brows slightly.

If he remembered correctly, the empress had brought the princess with her to serve the Buddha in the scripture tower today.

In the blink of an eye, the youth jumped down and headed towards the scripture tower.

At this moment, the courtyard outside the tower was filled with people throwing buckets of water.

No one expected that the fire had started to spread from the courtyard.

It was difficult for them to enter now.

The raging flames had already devoured the small room opposite the scripture tower in the courtyard.

Wanyin cried and urged, “Hurry up! The princess and Her Majesty are still inside.

Hurry up!”

As soon as she finished speaking, a figure rushed in, ignoring the terrifying flames.


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