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Late at night was when it was the coldest in the monastery that was located on the mountain.

After the fog surged up, it became even quieter in the mountains.

Occasionally, a gust of cold wind would blow past, causing the windows to bang.

Empress Du was a light sleeper, so AYun suggested that she and Mu Shuzhen take turns being on duty for the first half of the night and the second half of the night respectively.

Mu Shuzhen kept watch for the first half of the night.

She stayed in the outer room, her eyelids drooping sleepily.

It was now midnight, but AYun had yet to come to take over the watch duty from her.

Based on AYuns personality, she probably wanted her to keep watch for the entire night alone.

Thinking of this, Mu Shuzhen sighed slightly.

She simply lit a small lamp and read so that she wouldnt fall asleep.

At this moment, she heard some sounds coming from the window.

A shadow flashed past.

At the same time, the small light that had just been lit in the room went out.

The atmosphere fell into a strange silence.

Mu Shuzhen could only hear her own breathing.

Her shallow cultivation also seemed to be reminding her that something dangerous was approaching.

Mu Shuzhen heard the sounds of a few more stones landing on the ground.

It actually came from the inner room.

This was bad! Her Majesty!

Only then did she realize that the empress was a light sleeper.

Usually, if she were to hear the sound of the loud wind outside, she had probably woken up long ago.

But tonight, Her Majesty seemed to be sleeping very deeply.

Mu Shuzhen stood up in a panic and hurriedly ran to the inner room.

The moment she entered, she screamed and fell to the ground on her butt.


The empress was lying on the bed as if she was in a coma, and there were dozens of black shadows floating around her.

Mu Shuzhen took a closer look and saw that these shadows were all in the shape of “wolf heads”.

Their eyes emitted a fiery and fierce red color.

They opened their bloody mouths and panted as they faced the empress who was on the bed.

Mu Shuzhen quickly took out an exorcism talisman from her sleeve.

“Obey my command!”

However, the exorcism talisman suddenly lit up in flames.

Mu Shuzhen quickly retracted her hand and watched as the talisman turned to ashes.

The vicious wolf shadows that were surrounding the empress still did not disperse.

At this moment, a soft scoff came from above.

“I thought it was someone with some capability.

I didnt expect the person to dare to cause trouble in front of me with just this little bit of skill.


Mu Shuzhen looked up and saw the arrogant and handsome youth sitting on the beam.

His cold eyes were filled with mockery.

Mu Shuzhen staggered up.

“Its you!”

Ye Siming came down easily from the beam.

Mu Shuzhen retreated step by step, her heart beating like a drum.

It was only when the youth got closer that she saw the unrestrained danger and pressure in his eyes.

He had deliberately hidden his aura when he was beside Gu Nuoer!

This was his true colors!

Thinking of how well the princess treated her, Mu Shuzhen scolded angrily, “With me around, dont even think about bullying the princess!”

Ye Siming sneered and raised his eyebrows.

“Idiot, if I want to hurt her, itll be as easy as surrounding you and the empress like what Im doing at this moment.”

Mu Shuzhen was stunned.

What he said seemed to be right.

The little princess trusted him now.

If the youth really wanted to make a move, it would be as easy as flipping his hand.

But he didnt do that…

“You must have other plans,” Mu Shuzhen concluded.

It was written in the books that all demons were bad!

Ye Siming sneered in disdain as if he couldnt be bothered to explain.

“Ill only warn you once.

Youre not allowed to give these useless things to Gu Nuoer in the future.

“You dont even fully understand these things yourself.

Arent you ashamed to take such a talisman out”

After saying that, he turned to leave.

Mu Shuzhen asked anxiously, “Who on earth are you!”

Ye Siming didnt even turn around.

“No comment.”


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