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At night, the crescent moon scattered a bright white frosted light over the quiet Taishi Monastery, making it look even more Zen-like and extremely tranquil.

In the meditation room where dinner was served, warm candle lights were lit.

The empress had rested for a while and changed into a warm blue dress.

Her complexion looked much better now.

She only took a few bites and then stopped eating, focusing only on taking care of Gu Nuoer.

She picked a piece of tofu and placed it in Gu Nuoers bowl, using her chopsticks to help her mash it.

The minced tofu with the sauce covered the white rice grains and immediately emitted an alluring fragrance.

Gu Nuoer rubbed her hands and picked up the spoon to take a bite.

Her chubby cheeks puffed up slightly, and her fair and rosy face was filled with satisfaction!

This tasted even more fragrant than eating meat!

Immediately after, the monks served up stir-fried mushrooms and vegetables and yam porridge.

These were all made from ingredients that were all planted in the garden behind the monastery.

Not only were the colors of the ingredients fresh, but the taste was also excellent.

Gu Nuoer ate happily and the empress kept taking care of her with a gentle smile.

“Good Nuoer, eat slowly.”

The child ate the vegetables noisily and used her chopsticks to poke the mushrooms like candied hawthorns.

Her pink lips were sparkling, and she even got some sauce on her face.

“Empress Mother,” Gu Nuoer said in a muffled voice, “I feel so happy.

Ive decided that when I grow up in the future, Ill take out five days each month to be a monk!”


As soon as she finished speaking, the people around her chuckled.

Wanyin wiped the sauce off Gu Nuoers cheeks.

“Princess, are you doing this for the vegetarian food here”

“Thats right! The food here is so good! Monk grandpa is so blissful to be able to eat it every day!” Gu Nuoer said softly.

The empress smiled.

“Nuoer, do you really think so You have to know that if you become a monk, you wont be free to eat candies usually.

“Not only will Master take you in rein, but Buddha will also do the same.

The monks are all learning to restrain their emotions and desires.

They cant just do whatever they want.”

Gu Nuoer immediately widened her black eyes.

Even if they wanted to eat candy, did they have to ask Buddha for permission

Wanyin added, “Thats not all.

In the few days when the Princess were to be a monk, you wouldnt be able to look at beautiful young masters and young ladies.

Itd be wrong even if you want to listen to interesting stories!”

As soon as Wanyin finished speaking, Gu Nuoer let out a cry and held onto her shaking head with her two small hands.

“I wont be a monk, I wont be a monk! The life of a monk is so tough!”

After saying that, the child pushed her bowl in front of Wanyin.

“The princess is full”

“Another bowl!”

Since she couldnt be a monk and enjoy these delicacies in the future, she should eat more of them now.

After eating and drinking her fill, Gu Nuoer touched her bulging stomach and burped contentedly.

Empress Du was going to attend the monks evening class and listen to the scriptures.

As simplicity was important in Buddhism, the empress could only bring a maidservant along with her.

Mu Shuzhen was really a Dao cultivator, so she used it as an excuse to wait outside and not enter with the empress.

AYun accompanied the empress instead.

Empress Du asked Wanyin to bring Gu Nuoer back to her room to have an early rest.

“Nuoer, refrain from running around at night.

You mustnt leave the monastery,” Empress Du reminded gently.

The child nodded.

“Dont worry, Empress Mother!”

After watching AYun help Empress Du to leave, Gu Nuoer was about to return to her room when she heard a call from behind.

“Princess, this servant has something to say.”

Gu Nuoer turned around.

“Elder Sister Shuzhen~ Whats the matter”

Mu Shuzhen bit her lip and hesitated.

After a moment, she mustered up her courage.

“That Young Master Ye beside the princess is actually…”


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