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Gu Nuoer started wandering around the meditation room.

She looked at the Buddhist prayer picture hanging on the wall and tested the hard bed with her small butt.

She said softly, “I have a completely different view from what Elder Sister Wanyin! No one is more suitable to be Baby Nuos guard than Elder Brother Siming.

“Thats because Elder Brother Siming is a guy of few words and is quite skilled.

Most importantly, he will agree to accompany Baby Nuo no matter what I want to do.”

Even if he didnt agree, she knew that Ye Siming would definitely agree in the end if she were to act spoiled.

Gu Nuoer lay on the bed and rested her legs on the edge of the bed, swaying them.

“Elder Brother Siming just looks cold on the outside but his heart is very warm!”

When Wanyin heard this, she couldnt help but laugh.

“So Princess has thought it through so clearly.

Then this servant naturally cant say anything else.”

No matter how good something was, only what the princess liked would be the best.

On the empresss side, AYun and Mu Shuzhen stood in front of the empress with their heads lowered, serving her tea and helping her change.

Although the empress was not injured from the sudden fall earlier, her heart was palpitating.

She had clearly gotten a fright.

Mu Shuzhen helped the empress put on her clothes.

Empress Du turned her head and happened to see that Mu Shuzhen still had her handkerchief stuffed into her nose.

“Shuzhen, how are you feeling Are you still bleeding” The empress inevitably asked with concern.

Mu Shuzhen was stunned and shook her head.

“Your Majesty, its no longer bleeding.

This servant just hasnt had the time to take it off yet.

This servant has embarrassed myself in front of you…”

Empress Du smiled gently.

“Silly child, why would I laugh at you My heart aches for you.

I know your personality.

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“Youve always been a person who doesnt like to express your grievances and never says things out loud.

I have something that Ive long wanted to give to you.

Since Ive already said so much today, Ill give it to you first.”

The empress instructed AYun, “Go and take out the green bangle from the blue bag.”

AYun was shocked

She never expected that the empress had prepared this bangle for Mu Shuzhen!

A few days ago, the empress had asked her to take this bracelet out from the high rack to wipe the dust off.

Turned out that it was so that she could give it to Mu Shuzhen!

AYun reluctantly turned around to open the bag.

She heard the empress speaking to Mu Shuzhen gently behind her.

“That bangle is a little old, but His Majesty had gotten an eminent monk to consecrate it in front of the Buddha when I was seriously sick back then.

It has the effect of protecting health.

Ill be giving this bangle to you now.”

Mu Shuzhen was shocked and hurriedly knelt down.

“Its so precious.

This servant doesnt dare to accept it.”

“Why dont you dare My body is gradually getting better.

The best protection for me is for the people who serve me well.

Shuzhen, I value your character.

You should accept it.”

After saying that, the empress deliberately put on a stern expression.

“If you dont accept it, Ill get angry.”

Mu Shuzhen was caught in a dilemma.

After a while, she kowtowed deeply.

“This servant will definitely be more careful and serve Your Majesty well.

I wont let you down!”

The empress smiled and nodded.

“Good child.”

At this moment, AYun had already reluctantly taken the bangle and moved to the empresss side.

In the short few steps from the table to the chair, she actually had many thoughts of smashing the bangle in her hand.

However, AYun still hadnt made up her mind to do so.

AYun watched helplessly as the empress handed the green jade bracelet to Mu Shuzhen, but didnt ask if she was hurt from the fall earlier.

She was the one who caused the empress with her and the empress was already being magnanimous by not being calculative.

However, the empresss actions made AYun hate Mu Shuzhen even more.

Sooner or later, she would let Her Majesty know that this eyesore Mu Shu was really a jinx!


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