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“Father, meow meow and I are playing a game of becoming beautiful.

This isnt called dirty.

Elder Sister Wanyin said that this is proof that girls love to be beautiful.”

Faced with his daughters childish words, Gu Yihan could not help but laugh.

He said, “Then Father will make a deal with you.

Ill buy you a rouge shop.

You can do whatever you want with the things there.

Dont go up the mountain with the empress this time.

“Its about to snow again.

Its so cold in the mountains.

You cant go and suffer from the cold when youre so young.”

When Gu Nuoer heard this, she raised her head and crossed her small hands to hug herself.

She pouted and snorted.

“Father is so bad.

Youre saying this the moment you see Baby Nuo!”

Gu Yihan became anxious.

“The empress is too weak.

No matter how many hidden guards she brings along, accidents might still happen.

Baby Nuo is so adorable.

There are many human traffickers outside who want to steal children!”

If it werent for the fact that it was the busiest for him before the new year, he really wanted to do nothing but accompany his daughter to have fun for a few days.

However, reality did not allow it.

Gu Nuoer said softly, “Then Ill also negotiate with Father.

If Father lets me and the Empress Mother go offer incense, Baby Nuo will writeI love Father the most the next time Mother teaches me to write! Father, why dont you consider this”

Gu Yihan was stunned.

This child had learned how to bargain and even made the conditions sound so tempting!

He liked to fight for his daughters favor with Noble Consort Qiao!

This was really a very tempting deal.

However, he was really worried about letting his daughter go out alone.

For some reason, he thought of someone.

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Ye Siming.

This young boy with a strange personality was agile and had a strong sense of crisis.

Moreover, after being taught by Bai Yi for so many days, he should know that protecting the princess was his duty.

Gu Yihan thought about it and felt that other than Ye Siming, there was no other suitable candidate.

He pondered for a moment.

“Father will agree to it, but you have to bring Ye Siming along.”

Gu Nuoers round eyes were like water ripples.

She didnt know why her father asked Elder Brother Siming to go with her.

However, there was nothing to be unhappy about!

The child agreed on the spot and even stretched out her fair and short pinky.

“Alright, Father, lets pinky swear.

Youre not allowed to go back on your word.”

Gu Yihan thought of Noble Consort Qiaos interesting expression when she saw Baby Qiao writingLove Father the most.

At that time, he would pretend to be surprised and hug his daughter.

At the thought of this scene, Gu Yihan could not help but laugh.

He readily made a pinky promise with his daughter.

That night, he couldnt wait and ordered for his command to be sent out of the palace.

Bai Yi and his wife were about to rest when the imperial edict came.

The family trembled in the cold night as they received the decree.

When Ye Siming heard this, his expression did not change at all.

He said that he understood and went back to his room to sleep.

Bai Yi and his wife were left holding the imperial edict in a daze.

Bai Yi said, “Madam, why does His Majesty suddenly think so highly of Siming Will there be a problem Could it be that hes trying to inflate his morale and then deal a blow”

Madam Bai glared at him.

“His Majesty inflating the morale of an eight-year-old boy and then dealing a blow to him Dont use your brain that is just filled with brawn to think about His Majestys actions.

You wont be able to understand.

In my opinion, its a good thing that His Majesty is willing to acknowledge Siming.”

After saying that, she smiled and rubbed her hands.

“Aiya~ Next time, let Siming bring the little princess to our house to play again.

Ive raised a new pot of Persian silk tree and want the princess to touch it.

Perhaps that will make it bloom.”

Madam Bai thought this as she returned to her room.

Bai Yi thought for a moment and felt that what his wife said made sense.

Very soon, the day came for the empress to bring Gu Nuoer and the palace servants to the monastery to offer incense.


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