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Five minutes later.

In a private room in the biggest teahouse in the capital.

Gu Nuoer sat on a stool and swayed her small feet.

She held onto a sugar figurine of a celestial fairy with both hands and ate with relish.

There were also various snacks that went well with tea.

Next to her, Ye Siming sipped his tea calmly and didnt say a word.

On the other hand, Jiang Xiaoran, who had just changed into new clothes and entered the private room, scolded himself for his stupidity again in his heart.

It was fine if he was tricked the last time, but why did he get tricked by her again and again!

They had gone to buy a sugar figurine earlier.

Thereafter, the little girl said, “Playboy older brother, youre already drenched.

Youll get sick if you dont change your clothes.

“I know a teahouse nearby.

You can go there to change your clothes and have a cup of hot tea to get rid of the cold!”

And so he came.

Unexpectedly, the girl came along the teahouse with him, bringing along the young boy!

He couldnt chase her away when he saw her eager eyes.

Jiang Xiaoran could only accept things.

The girl entered the private room and ordered a few pastries as if she was very used to doing this.

Jiang Xiaoran wanted to stop her, but he felt that itd make him appear very petty!

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However, when he thought about how he had suffered a few setbacks against the same three-year-old girl, he felt aggrieved!

Jiang Xiaoran pulled out a stool and finished the hot tea in the cup in one gulp.

He sized up Gu Nuoer and Ye Siming from the corner of his eyes.

The two of them were wearing brocade fur coats made of expensive material.

They did not look like children from poor families.

Moreover, the little girls mischievousness revealed the temperament of a delicate girl from a rich family.

Were these two thinking of ganging up to bully him!

Jiang Xiaoran put down the teacup.

“Ive already bought the candy figurine and let you have a rest in the teahouse.

Shouldnt you apologize now!”

Gu Nuoers pink lips glistened as she ate.

She looked up with her black eyes and said, “Oh, thats right!”

What did she mean by that! Could it be that she had completely forgotten why she could come here!

Jiang Xiaorans forehead tensed up in anger.

However, when Ye Siming looked over with a deep gaze, he broke into a smile.

“Then what are you waiting for Apologize to me!”

Gu Nuoer bit the candy.

“Im sorry, playboy older brother.

I shouldnt have pushed you into the water.”

Jiang Xiaoran felt rather pleased when he heard her soft voice.

He leaned back in his chair, crossed and shook his legs.

“Not bad.

Keep going.”

“I should have stopped the two older sisters and let them confront you in person.

I shouldnt have kicked you into the water in such a cruel way!”

Jiang Xiaoran was drinking tea and almost spat it out.

“Hey! Is this an apology!”

Gu Nuoer blinked her grape-like eyes.

“It is.

Its indeed my fault for kicking you into the water.

Ill pay attention to the methods I use in the future.”

Jiang Xiaoran stood up with the support of the table.

“Thats it!”

Gu Nuoer tilted her head, looking puzzled.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up.

“Theres more, theres more! When I took out your money to give to those people just now, I didnt ask you if I could do it.

“But the situation was urgent and we didnt have time for that.

I believe that playboy older brother wont hold it against me, right”

Jiang Xiaoran looked at the child who was with an innocent expression.

He then looked at the cold gaze of the young boy beside her.

He understood things now.

Up until today, the 14 years of his life had been smooth sailing.

This time around, he had kicked an iron plate!

Jiang Xiaoran chose to admit that he was unlucky!

After drinking the tea and eating the snacks, Gu Nuoers stomach was bulging.

She was satisfied and wanted to go home with Ye Siming.

Jiang Xiaoran shouted from behind them, “Its fate that weve met.

What are your names!”

Gu Nuoer turned around.

Her cheeks were as red as two pomegranates and her eyes were sparkling.

“I wont tell you.

Well meet again if were fated to! Bye bye!”


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