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With a splash, Gu Nuoer had already pushed the playboy into the cold lake.

“Xiaoran!” The young miss called Jinyu was shocked.

She turned to look at the young child that suddenly rushed out and frowned.

“Whats wrong with you Why did you push him into the water!”

Gu Nuoer said in a soft voice, “Older Sister, hes lying to you! I saw him hugging an older sister called Yinghe behind the tree just now!

“He even said that he was just putting on a show with you and that he doesnt have any true feelings for you at all.

He spoke very nice words to both of you.

Dont be deceived by him!”

Zhang Jinyu was stunned.

It was true that the reason why she and the young marquis, Jiang Xiaoran, knew each other was because their parents were of equal social status and they had intentionally wanted to form a connection between both families.

Outsiders would not know such details at all.

She believed what Gu Nuoer said was true.

At this moment, the young master who had fallen into the water earlier had already grabbed onto the shore and got up, drenched!

This was a young master who was only 14 years old.

Looking at him in the face, Gu Nuoer realized that he had sharp eyebrows and bright eyes.

He was very handsome!

His eyes were filled with a heroic spirit, but they had a lot of amorous charm in them too.

At this moment, this pair of eyes was glaring at Gu Nuoer with anger!

“Which family are you from Youve gotten into huge trouble by pushing me into the water! Do you know who I am”

Gu Nuoer placed her hands on her hips and said angrily, “No matter who you are, its wrong to lie to two older sisters!”

Jiang Xiaoran rolled up his sleeves.

“Brat, stop talking nonsense here!”


Just as he was about to find trouble with Gu Nuoer, a crisp slap suddenly sounded on his face.

Then, a handprint appeared on his fair cheek.

Young Miss Zhangs almond-shaped eyes widened in anger.

“Jiang Xiaoran, you dont have to ask me out anymore! You two-faced b*stard!”

She was so angry that she turned around and left.

Young Marquis Jiang chased after her for a little.

“Jinyu! Jinyu! Let me explain! Dont listen to this girls nonsense!”

However, Young Miss Zhang didnt even turn around and directly boarded the carriage.

Jiang Xiaoran turned around and looked at Gu Nuoer coldly and angrily.

“Look at you! Youve ruined my two good relationships!”

Gu Nuoer was much shorter than him, but the child placed her hands on her hips and said in an imposing manner, “You think that reason is on your side when youre the one lying!”

Jiang Xiaoran looked at her pink face and her extremely lively black eyes.

He couldnt help but reach out his hand, wanting to pinch Gu Nuoers face!

Suddenly, a figure blocked his way.

Jiang Xiaoran took a closer look and saw that it was actually a cold-faced boy.

He grabbed Jiang Xiaorans wrist that was about to pinch the little girls face.

Jiang Xiaoran looked at the young man and realized that he was actually about the same height as him!

He scowled and said angrily, “Let go!”

Ye Siming said coldly, “If you dont touch her, Ill let go.”

Jiang Xiaoran had just returned to the capital not long ago and had never seen such a domineering person!

He had always been the one at the top while others were being bullied.

After suffering at the hands of two children today, how could he possibly swallow this anger!

Jiang Xiaoran was about to roll up his sleeves and have a spar.

Unexpectedly, a commotion broke out not far away.

“I saw a girl holding that boys hand and running this way!”

“Chase after him! Ill definitely make him pay Fourths medical fees today!”

Gu Nuoer turned around and saw the group of people from the acrobatics troupe approaching.

She blinked her watery eyes and suddenly hugged Jiang Xiaorans leg.

She started to fake cry.

“Brother, dont be reluctant to part with that bit of money!”


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