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The Minister of Justice was stunned.

He did not expect this man to be able to remain so calm at this moment.

What was even more unexpected was that his question gave him an even more familiar feeling.

The Minister of Justice looked at the man and then at the girl in his arms.

Why did the way this man carried the child look so much like…

The Minister of Justice had an ominous feeling.

However, his daughter was unhappy with her fathers hesitation.

She rushed to his side, pointed at Gu Nuoer, and scolded, “What are you guys waiting for Arrest this big liar and little liar!”

Ji Yongwang echoed, “You came to our house to cause trouble and even pretended to be an official! Thats double the crime!”

No matter what, they mustnt be allowed to search the manor!

At this moment, Gu Yihans slender fingers pressed down on his hood and lifted it.

When the veiled hood landed slowly on the ground, the Minister of Justice finally recovered from his confusion.

His eyes widened and his mouth fell open.

His knees buckled and he dropped to his knees.

“Y-Your Majesty!”

The Emperor!

Everyone was shocked and looked at the man in front of them.

He was carrying his daughter in his arms but that didnt reduce his fierce charm.

His eyes were filled with killing intent and his thin lips curled into a sneer.

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The Minister of Justice was the highest-ranking official in this group.

The remaining guests were basically all merchants with varying scales of business.

Seeing that the Minister of Justice had knelt, everyone hurriedly followed suit.

Ji Yongwang fell on his butt, his face completely pale.

Gu Yihan carried Gu Nuoer and walked up to the Minister of Justice.

He looked down from above and sneered, “Sheng Chun, on a whim, I hid my identity to attend the banquet at the Ji Manor.

“I didnt expect you to have really given me a surprise!”

The Minister of Justices body was already trembling, and large drops of cold sweat fell from the tip of his nose.

“Your Majesty! Your subject wouldnt dare!”

Gu Yihan raised his black boots and stepped on his shoulder.

He lowered his head and smiled.

“You dont dare Your daughter pointed at me and Baby Nuo just now, scolding us for being a little liar and a big liar.

Isnt that right, Minister Sheng”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly kicked the Minister of Justice until the latter flipped over.

The Minister of Justice didnt even dare to cry out in pain.

Even though he was dizzy from the fall, he continued to crawl up and kowtow in Gu Yihans direction, begging for mercy.

Gu Nuoer said softly, “Father! Dont forget about the serious matter! This Baddie Ji allowed his son to hurt others.

Also, in their manors cellar…

“They locked up some homeless little older sisters and used them as shooting targets when theyre bored.”

Gu Yihan looked sideways at Ji Yongwang, who was lying limply on the ground.

He curled his lips into a smile.

“Well take care of all of them.

None of them will escape today.”

As soon as the emperor finished speaking, Ji Yongwang could not stand such stimulation and fainted.

Gu Yihan ignored him and carried Gu Nuoer to sit on the stone stool.

He clapped his hands lightly and suddenly, many hidden guards jumped down from the surrounding roofs!


Ji Yongwang was rich and afraid of being robbed, so the security in the manor was very tight.

Despite this, the emperors hidden guards were still able to sneak in unknowingly.

How terrifying was this!

Wouldnt going against the emperor be like throwing an egg at a rock One would be doomed!

Gu Yihan lazily instructed the hidden guards, “Investigate the Ji Manor thoroughly.

If theres anything suspicious, report it to me.

“Also, take down the names of everyone who has attended todays banquet.

I want to see how many malicious things there are here.”


The surrounding guests immediately felt their hearts tremble.

They were done in by the Ji family!


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