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Things happened too quickly.

Before the guests and servants could react to what was happening, Eldest Young Master Ji pounced on his father, Ji Yongwang, pushing him to the ground.

He rode on Ji Yongwang and kept punching out, clamoring that he was going to beat him to death.

Ji Zi screamed and cried angrily at the butler.

“Hurry up and get someone to pull them apart! Father, Brother—!”

Gu Nuoer covered her mouth with her small hands and watched this good show in surprise.

This was because even she did not expect that Young Master Ji would become so irritable and hit someone after being pestered by a “ghost”.

The child took a step back and stood in a safe place.

Gu Nuoer only snapped her fingers when the servants pulled Eldest Young Master Ji and Old Master Ji apart from each other.

As the crisp sound rang out, Eldest Young Master Jis vision suddenly cleared up, and the emotions he felt when struggling and shouting earlier froze on his face.

He looked across at his father, who was not far away and was covering his face and shouting in pain.

For a moment, he was stunned.

“What… what did I do”

It had clearly been a dead servant who came to ask for his life!

How did it become his father in the blink of an eye

Ji Yongwang was supported by everyone and looked at him angrily.

“Brat, are you crazy! You even hit your father!”

Eldest Young Master Ji looked like he was about to cry.

He hurriedly ran over to check on Ji Yongwangs injuries but was pushed away.


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Eldest Young Master Ji was anxious.

“Father! I really saw vengeful spirits coming after me for my life earlier.

Third and Fourth who died yesterday came running back to look for me!

“Didnt you say that youve already settled everything You cant be lying to me, right After they were captured and brought to the government, did they not die completely!”

Ji Yongwangs expression changed as he looked at the guests around him.

His expression was tense.

“What nonsense are you talking about! Old Ma, bring Eldest Young Master away and then go get a doctor!”

The Minister of Justice walked to Ji Yongwangs side with a grim expression.

“What is going on”

Before Ji Yongwang could answer, a soft and cute voice interrupted, “I know what happened!”

Everyone looked toward the source of the voice.

It was actually a little girl wearing a hood and standing obediently!

Gu Nuoer shook her small feet and tapped them on the ground.

She said in a relaxed tone, “Previously, this Eldest Young Master Ji deliberately bumped into someone elses horse carriage so that he could cross the bridge first.

However, he unexpectedly encountered an amazing older brother!

“The other party threw Eldest Young Master Ji off the bridge in a few moves and he held a grudge over this.

After returning home yesterday, he gathered his servants to go make trouble for that older brother!

“However, the servants all ended up falling into a pit! When they were pulled up by the government officials, some of them were still alive!

“But Uncle Ji probably didnt want the matter to blow up, so he caused their deaths.

Otherwise, why would the ghosts only look for the eldest young master”

The gazes of the surrounding guests changed.

None of them were fools and the girl had also explained things very clearly.

It was not difficult for Ji Yongwang to make a move and kill someone who was locked up by the government.

This Eldest Young Master Ji, Ji Tongye, had suddenly gone crazy to the extent that he even hit his father.

He must have been possessed!

Ji Yongwangs gaze was filled with killing intent.

He gritted his teeth and warned, “Whose child is this Dont spout nonsense!”

Gu Nuoer sat back on the stone stool and said in a soft and clever voice, “Im not talking nonsense.

I dont just know this.

I also know that…

“Theres a cellar in this big Ji Manor where many little older sisters with injuries all over their bodies are locked up.

Usually, when the Ji family entertain guests and have nothing to do, these older sisters would be called out to act as targets!”

“What audacity!” Ji Yongwang rebuke angrily.

“Who did you hear that from”

Gu Nuoer pointed at Sheng Tingchun.



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