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Chapter 1397 - Leave

Lin Yuns indifferent tone made many peoples hearts tremble.

Jiang Tian previously said he wasnt qualified to talk to him, but when Lin Yun returned those words, it was equivalent to a slap on Jiang Tians face.

Lin Yun could even slap Jiang Tians face, so how was he not qualified

“Sorry, but you dont.

Today, no one from the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect can make it through the first stage.

Do you guys want to enter the Sword Sect Then ask if I agree to it!” Jiang Tian coldly said.

“You still want to fight” Lin Yun asked with his head raised.


Who the hell do you think you are Youre alone.

Do you think you can face my entire Jiang Saint Clan” Jiang Tian barked.

The sixty-odd remaining people from the Jiang Saint Clan moved and gathered together.

They were all top-tiered geniuses, and their cultivations were practically at the Greater Elysium Core Realm.

They also practiced top-tiered holy spirit martial techniques, nurtured by the Jiang Saint Clan from a young age.

They were direct descendants of the Saint Clan, and everyone was top-tiered geniuses.

“Lin Yun, I didnt want to take this step,” Jiang Tian coldly said.

“But youre too arrogant, hopping around before me just because we cant summon our constellations here.

Did you think I cant deal with you Today, I wont let this matter rest till you kneel before me!”

“Who says that hes alone” Ye Ziling stood out.

“Disciples of the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect have no habit of kneeling to others!” Feng Zhang and Liu Qingyans eyes blazed with flames as they firmly stood beside Lin Yun.


Do you guys want to take advantage of your numbers Let me join in, then!” Gongsun Yan righteously came beside Lin Yun.

Jiang Shun and Jiang Xing were surprised.

They didnt think that Gongsun Yan would choose to stand beside Lin Yun.

Right then, Zhao Yan also made his move.

He was a genius from a saint clan and had some fame in the Ancient Barren Domain with a given title, Sword Fanatic.

This scene made Jiang Tians face sink as he gritted his teeth, “Zhao Yan, our families have some relations.

So do you really want to stand together with him”

Zhao Yans gaze was still dull, but he had no intention of stopping and came to Lin Yuns right side.

He replied, “Hes my friend, so I naturally have to stand together with him.

I know what you are thinking, and I advise you to lose that thought.

The Radiant Sword Saint personally showed up for the Great Saint Origin, and its not as simple as you think.”

“I have no idea what youre talking about.

The Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect has provoked the Jiang Saint Clan, so they naturally have to pay the price for it.

Otherwise, how will others think of my Jiang Saint Clan” Jiang Tian smiled.

He wanted to let Lin Yun suffer a setback and take the Great Saint Origin from him, but there was no way Jiang Tian could openly speak about it.

“Then force all of us down the stairs, if you can!” Zhao Yan indifferently said as he held onto his sword hilt.

Just like that, the surrounding atmosphere became tense on this first stage, and all the geniuses still queuing up became nervous.

“Just what charisma does Lin Yun have to have so many people stand by him!”

“They\'re more willing to fight the Jiang Saint Clan than to step down.

Well done, Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect!”

“I cant imagine that theyre from the Profound Azure Prefecture.

Many sects in the Ancient Barren Domain dont even have half of their courage.” Murmurs resounded from the surroundings as everyone looked at the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sects disciples with reverence.

The Fleeting Cloud Sword Sects strong stance exceeded Jiang Tians expectations.

He didnt expect that even when sixty-odd geniuses from the Jiang Saint Clan stood out, not one from the opposite side took a step back.

He glanced at Zhao Yan and coldly said, “Since you insist on interfering, then dont blame me for being ruthless!”

When he was done, two people charged at Zhao Yan.

They were geniuses who were only secondary to the other geniuses in the Jiang Saint Clan.

They were both at the Greater Elysium Core Realm, and Jiang Tian would have to take some time to defeat them.

So the two were more than enough to deal with one Zhao Yan.

Jiang Shun and Jiang Xing also moved, charging at Ye Ziling.

When the fight broke out, Zhao Yan drew his sword with a boundless sword aura sweeping out, clashing with the two geniuses head-on.

The shockwaves from their collision made many peoples faces change and they quickly retreated.

Zhao Yan was composed, facing two opponents, and his dull eyes had become sharp at this moment while he restricted his opponents under his sword aura.

When he flicked his wrist, it looked as though a painting had shattered; he walked out of the painting, swinging his sword out, “Break!”

The surroundings were enveloped in his aura, turning into a painting before a sword ray tore the painting apart.

This move was terrifying, and he had comprehended it from the fight between Tian Xuanzi and Jian Jingtian.

Although it wasnt complete, it was already incredibly powerful.

As blood dripped down the lips of those two Jiang Saint Clans geniuses, they took several steps back and landed on the ground.

There were several cracks in the astral energy around them, and it didnt take long for them to be covered in blood.

On the other hand, Ye Ziling had an entirely different fighting style when she faced Jiang Shun and Jiang Xing.

She held onto the advantage right from the start with a dragon appearing around her, and her sword rays were like lightning bolts.

Every single sword ray was dazzling, and it didnt take long for more people to reinforce Jiang Shun and Jiang Xing.

It was a chaotic battle between the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect and Jiang Saint Clan.

“Hahaha! Thats satisfying!” Gongsun Yan was like a bright sun as he faced four enemies, executing the inheritance he got from the Sword Emperor, Yu Qingfeng.

Feng Zhang and Liu Qingyans performances werent as strong, but they werent weak either.

They had refined the Golden Dragon Bone Soup, allowing them to manifest the dragon membrane.

Relying on the dragon membrane to protect themselves, they didnt suffer many injuries, even if they couldnt defeat their enemies.

As for Jiang Tian, he was in an even more terrible state.

His opponent was Lin Yun.

Even if his flame intent and sky sword intent had fused, allowing his sword intent to be comparable to the firmament sword intent, how could he possibly face Lin Yun, who had grasped the genuine firmament sword intent

Jiang Tian could rely on the advantage in his cultivation to suppress or kill all his opponents, but it was obvious that he would suffer a setback in Lin Yuns hands.

His sword aura and cultivation was restricted to only two feet around him.

So one could imagine how terrible he felt right now.

Most importantly, Lin Yun only used his fingers to suppress him with his firmament sword intent.

But that wasnt all.

Lin Yun summoned an azure dragon close to thirty feet in length.

The azure dragon had blood and flesh, sword rays flickering in its pupils, and it was also enveloped in a powerful thunderstorm aura.

The azure dragon wasnt meant for Jiang Tian.

It flew out and held down thirty-odd people from the Jiang Saint Clan.

Now that Lin Yun no longer had any dragon runes on the surface of his body, his physique was much weaker, and he would be heavily injured if he took a sword from Jiang Tian.

But what made Jiang Tian want to throw out blood was that he was the only one receiving beatings right from the start.

He couldnt even retaliate in front of Lin Yuns firmament sword intent, which nearly drove him insane.

Several moments later, he almost lost control to summon his constellation to suppress Lin Yun.

“Holy **! The Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect actually managed to hold down the Jiang Saint Clan!”

“Bull**, the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect is clearly holding the upper hand.

Lin Yun is too strong.

Not only did he manage to hold down Jiang Tian, but he could even summon a dragon!”

“That azure dragon is practically invincible when no one can summon their constellation.”

“Not only Lin Yun, but none of the disciples from the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect seem to be weak.

It looks like the Jiang Saint Clan is going to be embarrassed this time.”

Everyone was in a high mood, looking at the fight between the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect and Jiang Saint Clan.

When they looked at Lin Yun, their eyes were filled with admiration.

It was simply unheard of for someone at the Lesser Elysium Core Realm to suppress a Heavenly Elysium Core Realm expert.

Right then, a huge commotion resounded from the last step with a powerful aura sweeping out.

Many people couldnt resist the aura and immediately fell to their knees.

“Retreat!” Lin Yun recalled the azure dragon back into his body as he spread his arms apart, using his firmament sword intent to protect everyone on his side.

As for the Jiang Saint Clan, they werent that lucky.

Aside from some monstrous geniuses, most people threw out blood when exposed to the aura.

They were heavily injured by the abrupt sword aura, instantly causing their faces to turn pale.

“Whats going on” Jiang Tian turned around and saw a person standing at the top of the stairs.

That person was emitting a boundless sword aura before he flew and held onto the sword used by the Radiant Sword Saint before he became a saint.

Then, that person let out a roar, causing the surrounding mountains to resonate.

As he released a golden glow, he quickly drew out the sword.

The pressure that everyone bore abruptly increased when the sword was drawn out.

As for that person, he merely smiled before putting the sword back to where it was, and the explosive aura was suppressed once more.

Amongst everyone on the stairs, more than half of the people were on their knees.

“Xiahou Yan!” Gongsun Yan exclaimed.

When Xiahou Yan returned the sword to where it was, he spread his arms apart and disappeared, leaving everyone dumbfounded.

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