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"Nii-san, did you solve the opponent on your side"

After breaking the tendons and hamstrings of another woman in a suit, Carina canceled her "three heads and six arms" state and vomited Nami and Kuina out.

El nodded and asked with a smile, "How did it feel to fight with "three heads and six arms" for the first time"

"feels good!"

"Well, after entering the state of "three heads and six arms", our advantage is really too great."

"Especially during this period, we are all training hard, everyone has grown a lot, and Carina's physique has exceeded us, and after entering the state of "three heads and six arms", the gap is especially obvious."

"I believe that in another year, or even just half a year, Carina's physique will surpass us by more than one or two levels."

After listening to El's words, The three girls all expressed their own opinion.

From their faces, the rejection of the "three heads and six arms" state can no longer be found.

Especially Nami and Kuina, their physique, despite the help of more than a dozen bottles of Nutritional supplements, and they have changed significantly from last year, but their physique is still not as good as Carina's.

They eat a few sea beasts less than Carina every day, the gap is almost widened by Carina almost every day.

When there is an obvious gap in physique, Nami and Kuina combined with Carina, sharing each other's physique, how could there be rejection.

Certainly, the premise is that the person who combines with them is Carina.

If it is to combined with other people, Nami and Kuina will definitely be full of rejection.

After getting along for so long, the three girls have long been good sisters who have nothing to hide from each other.

"I have seen your tacit understanding, it's very good!"

El gave a thumbs up and a heartfelt compliment to the three girls.

Not waiting for the three girls to show joy and smug smiles because of their Nii-san's praise.

A tragic cry suddenly broke the atmosphere.

Looking at the women who were constantly rolling on the ground, Carina looked at El and asked, "Nii-san, you asked us to spare their lives is it in order to read their memories"

"No, their memories, are not as precious as the guy that fights me"

El shook his head, walked up to the women, picked them up by the collars of their suits, and stunned them one by one with a hand knife.

"Carina, you go to the camel and get the fruit bag"

After stunning the women, El looked at the three girls who were surrounding him, and smiled meaningfully at Carina: "Now it's time to confirm my conjecture.

"If the next experiment is successful, then Baku Baku no Mi fruit will be the most terrifying paramecia type Devil Fruit in history."


Hearing this, Carina ran over with a curious expression and brought the fruit.

He waits until Carina comes over with the fruit bag and hands it to him, then he took out one fruit from it, pointed at a woman in a suit on the ground, and said, "Now Carina, eat this woman."


Carina didn't ask the reason why, she directly used her ability and opened her mouth, and threw the woman into the Baku Baku space.

"Nii-san, what do you want to do next"

After eating the woman in the suit, Carina stare at El and asked.

Carina's Baku Baku no Mi has two forms.

One is the normal form without using the devil fruit ability, drinking water will still feel hot or cold, and the food taste will remain the same and it will go through her stomach.

The second form is with the use of devil fruit ability, no matter what she eat, it will be delicious, even rocks, steel, magma, and other things, she can eat and swallow them like eating marshmallows, and before digesting them in the Baku Baku space.

Carina generally does not regard her mouth while using her devil fruit ability as her own but as a weapon.

It has to be said that Carina's mental quality is so good, it's not disgrace of being the strongest existence among the three girls.

Just by changing her concept, she was able to eat the woman in the suit covered with sand and blood without frowning.

If it is Nami and Kuina, even El himself, they may not be able to do it.

Among the four, only Carina is really the most suitable to become the Baku Baku no Mi fruit user.

"Can you sense her devil fruit and control it" El asked

"Yes, people who enter Baku Baku space, unless they have the strength to break that space, otherwise all the substances and living things in it will be controlled by me." Carina nodded and said

"Then you eat this fruit and see if you can extract her Devil Fruit ability from her body and transfer it into this fruit" El handed the fruit in his hand to Carina and said out of his own speculation.

Yes, El's speculation is - to seize the devil's fruit...

The transformation ability of Baku Baku no Mi Fruit can be the same as the Yami Yami no Mi, they can become a Double Devil Fruit user who breaks the rules of the sea.

Although it has great limitations, such as Baku Baku no Mi fruit cannot permanently use the other devil fruit ability, but it can become a double or triple devil fruit user in a short time.

The Yami Yami no Mi fruit needs to meet certain conditions, this condition may be the human body structure or something related to the level of the soul, However, those with the Yami Yami no Mi fruit ability who meet this condition can permanently seize the opponent's ability.

And those with Yami Yami no Mi fruit ability, in addition to breaking the rules of the sea and becoming a double fruit ability user, can also grab the devil fruit of others and let them be attached to the fruit for rebirth.

Obviously, Blackbeard in the original manga used the gravitational force of the Yami Yami no Mi fruit to suck out the devil that had not disappeared in the body after killing the user, and sealed it in his own Yami Yami no Mi space, then transfer it to himself or it into ordinary fruit, letting it regenerate on the spot, rather than randomly respawning somewhere in the sea.

After all, on the summit of the marinefold war, Blackbeard seized Whitebeard's paramecia type devil fruit, except for a piece of black cloth, there was no fruit.

Since that the Yami Yami no Mi Fruit can do it, then Baku Baku no Mi Fruit with the same nature may also be able to do it.

With this thought in mind...

El decided to give it a try.

If he succeeds in taking the Devil Fruit, his chances of getting the Devil Fruit he wants are 100% and their fleet will be unmatched in the future.

It doesn't matter if it fails, and El has more than one way to get that devil fruit.

It's no big deal, just treat the adventure difficulty, change from normal to difficult level...


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