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"Nami, are you all right!"

When the flame wall that blocked all the entrances and exits of the Arlong Park disappeared, and the four of them came out, the villagers who were blocked by the flame wall suddenly came over and asked with concern.

"Everyone, it's alright..."

Looking at the villagers in front of her, Nami showed a cute smile and shouted, "The Arlong Pirates have all been killed by me."


Although it was already known that Nami had become very powerful, this reply made the villagers' breathing stagnate slightly.

Immediately, deafening cheers rang out from the open space outside the Arlong Park.

At night, a huge bonfire was set up on the square of Cocoyasi Village, and the villagers organized a banquet to celebrate the demise of the Arlong pirates' tyranny.

And those village heads, under Genzo's watch, equally divided the treasure in the treasury of the Arlong Pirates.

Now the rule of the Arlong pirates has not taken root.

The villages headed by Cocoyasi Village have not been destroyed by the Arlong Pirates because they cannot afford the offerings.

Their nightmare had just begun, but they were awakened by Nami.

In the previous hunting of the four, the heads of the pirate leaders and their collection in the pirate treasure house was the biggest gain.

But this time, not only did they not want Arlong head, but they also didn't want the loot they accumulated from villages.

Instead, they let arlong be reduced to ashes in the sea of ​​fire, and then give all the treasures in the Arlong Park to the villages under their rule.

The three are naturally giving Nami a face by doing this and Nami did this to repay the villagers, and at the same time said goodbye.

After being untangled from her heartache by El, Nami's heart had already changed into El's shape.

She wants to follow El to go to sea, and she will never leave her Nii-san in her life.

Therefore, she wants to repay the villagers in this way, or to be kind to them in this way, so that the villagers and those from next village can take care of her sister Nojiko after she leaves.

After all the treasure was taken out, Nami was temporarily separated from the three, she had to deal with other things and the three were warmly received by Nojiko.

From seeing Nami slaughtering Fishmen until now, Nojiko's heart has long been suffocated.

She is so curious!

My little sister, she has only been out for half a year.

As a result, after returning, not only did she have three more companions, but she also gained an incredible power to control flames.

In the past six months, what has she experienced outside

There was no time to be alone with Nami for the time being, so Nojiko could only ask the three of them.

For Nojiko's enthusiasm, El can't adapt to it.

Fortunately, at this moment, Carina stood up.

With an extremely keen mind, Carina has stealing skills no less than Nami's at a young age, as well as better intelligence and communication skills than Nami.

Among them, her communication skills made Carina, not like an eight-year-old girl at all, her status was second only to El in the team.

Even Kuina, who is skilled in swordsmanship, and Nami, who eats the devil fruit and can completely abuse Carina, their status in the team is still not as good as Carina.

Carina quickly used words to make Nojiko's attention shift from El's to her.

While Carina and Nojiko were talking, El and Kuina looked at each other and quietly left the stage.

Neither El nor Kuina are actually suitable for this kind of situation.

Because El has the ability to read people's hearts, he subconsciously does not want to communicate with strangers.

And Kuina is due to her character.

If it was a banquet held by a few of them, then El and Kuina would have a great time.

But strangers held a banquet especially to repay their gratitude, El and Kuina would feel uncomfortable if they sat for a long time.

Before the villagers approached, El and Kuina chose to leave the venue secretly.

"El, what are your plans next"

Walking in the direction of the sea, Kuina took the initiative to ask in order to find a topic.

"Next, we will enter the grand line."

Looking at Kuina in a red and white priestess costume, El smiled and said his thoughts: "After Nami ate the natural-type devil fruit, this comfortable ocean can no longer give me and you the pressure to grow up"

"Only the great sea known as the "Pirate Graveyard" can make me stronger and allow you to realize the "Breath of all thing" as soon as possible.



Kuina nodded slightly, without any objection to El's decision.

Looking at Kuina, who was quietly walking with him because there was no topic to talk about, El's mind suddenly flashed with something, and suddenly asked: "...Kuina, are you willing to eat devil fruit "


Kuina was stunned for a moment, and asked subconsciously, "Why do you ask that"

"When you just joined, in fact, when I shook hands with you, I secretly read your memory..."

El didn't read Kuina's memory, but he deliberately confessed to Kuina: "I know, seniors always said to you, 'Girls will never be the world's number one swordsman because of physical limitations.' And you have been contemplating about it."

"However, this restriction can actually be broken, that is, eating the legendary treasure of the sea ."

"Just a Devil Fruit, Nami has changed from the weak to the strongest of our team."

"So, are you willing to choose to eat devil fruit in order to break your limit"

With the last sentence, El stopped and stared at Kuina's beautiful eyes under the night.

"...And you"

Kuina didn't answer immediately, but instead asked: "El, if it were you, would you choose to be a pure swordsman, or would you choose to eat a devil fruit"

"If my favorite devil fruit appears in front of me, then my choice is to eat it."

El gave an affirmative answer: "The swordsmanship in this world has an end.

Only with the help of external forces can we break through the ceiling and become the strongest swordsman in world history!"

"For this, even if I pay the price of not being able to swim, I don't care."

Looking at El with a firm expression, Kuina suddenly smiled, and a beautiful smile appeared on her face "Then my choice is the same as yours, as long as I can share the pressure for you, even if it is not pure Even if I pay the price of not being able to swim, I am willing to eat the devil fruit!"

"Then...I'll find you a Devil Fruit that suits you!"

El also smiled and assured Kuina.


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