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so amazing! is this father strength"

Due to the previous strong wind, Kuina and the others were some distance away from El and her father, at the same time Koushirou deliberately controlled his own voice, so neither Kuina nor Zoro heard his voice.

In their eyes, after El stopped his offense, they did not know what the two say to each other but El rushed towards Koushirou again.

Then in the next second, Koushirou easily cut off El's sword.

they don't know whether if it was an illusion, but they seemed to see the sword in Koushirou's hand change color in an instant.

"Nii-san, are you alright"

Unlike zoro exclamation.

Carina and Nami jogged to his side after seeing El put away his broken sword, with slightly worried expressions on their faces.

Kuina didn't know what she was thinking, but she also subconsciously walked behind the two girls, looking at El who was not discouraged because of defeat, but had a satisfied look on his face.

"I'm fine..."

Taking advantage of his height, El touched the heads of Carina and Nami, nodding to Kuina, and then bowing to Koushirou again: "Senior, thank you very much for your guidance this time, but...


Next time I come over, I will definitely not lose as badly as I do now."

With the last sentence, El raised his head and gave Koushirou promise with a serious expression on his face.

"I'm looking forward to that day." Koushirou answer with a smiled.

"Then let's say goodbye."

El took Carina and Nami and pass by Kuina.

When passing by, El clearly felt that the girl's body suddenly froze.

At this, El smiled secretly in his heart.

It seems that his trip to Shimotsuki Village is really going to be rewarded.

The reason why Kuina's body fell into a rigidness naturally couldn't escape El's ability.

Therefore, El has a very strong grasp on changing the fate of this girl.

Maybe, you don't need to do it yourself, the other party will automatically send herself into your own door.


Not long after the trio left, Zoro ran to Koushirou and asked him excitedly about the battle just now, but Kuina suddenly turned around and jogged towards the place where the trio left.

Looking at his daughter's back, Koushirou's squinted eyes suddenly flashed with a bright light.

"...Wait a moment!"

Outside the dojo, El was planning to take Carina and Nami to rent a hotel and plan to stay here for a few days.

Behind the three, suddenly the voice of Kuina's shout came.

Turning around, he saw Kuina a from far running to the front of the three, He don't know if it was because of running or other reasons, her face was slightly red, and her voice even have a bit of trembling on it "That ...are you going to leave here now"

"Yes, what's the matter with you"

El smiled slightly and lied without blinking.

Hearing this, Kuina's face showed a hint of panic, and asked anxiously: "Are you going to continue to take risks on the sea"


El nodded and said without concealment: "Actually, we are bounty hunters.

While looking for targets, we are going to challenge the more famous Dojo in the East Blue to improve my strength."

"hunting and challenging, is this how you improve"

Kuina beautiful eyes lit up then she seemed to have finally gathered up her courage, and said in a trembling voice: "That, I...

can I join you"

"...you sure"

El looked at Kuina suspiciously and said, "You are so young, will senior allow you to venture out of the sea"

"I'll convince my father!"

After expressing her inner thoughts, Kuina returned to her usual appearance, looking at El with a serious expression, and said, "Please give me a chance and let me go to sea with you."

"We'll be staying here for a night..."

El took a deep look at Kuina, then took Carina and Nami away, leaving only a faint sentence: "We will leave from the dock at seven o'clock tomorrow morning."

"I will definitely go!"

Kuina shouted firmly towards the backs of the three.


at dusk, nn the courtyard of the dojo.

Kuina ended Zoro 1,887th challenge, and even knocked him into the air.

"Zoro you lost again."

Looking at Zoro who was sitting on the ground with an unwilling expression, Kuina 'sneered' with rapid breathing and said, "Give up, you can't defeat me."


Zoro stood up, picked up the two bamboo swords then looked at Kuina and said unconvincingly "Kuina, you just wait, next time I will definitely win!"

After speaking, Zoro ran directly out of the dojo, going to his secret base to continue training.

Looking at his departing back, Kuina's smiling face gradually covered with a layer of haze.

Although she won, but...

the pressure has increased again.

In just a few years, Zoro has caught up with herself from being a complete beginner.

On the other hand, her strength has not improved much since she defeated Zoro from the beginning.

If she doesn't continue improving, with Zoro talent and his identity as a boy, he will surpass her sooner or later.

"Sorry Zoro...

This may be our last duel." Kuina muttered to herself.


At night, in the meditation room of the dojo.

"...is that your decision"

Koushirou, who was sitting on the futon, squinted his eyes while looking at Kuina, who was kneeling in front of him with the sword on his lap and asked with a serious face.

"Yes, father."

Kuina looked directly at Koushirou and said with a serious face: "I want to join their group, go on an adventure with them, challenge dojo and swordsmen all over the world, and prove to you that even a girl can become the world's number one swordsman."

"But you have to know that the outside world is very dangerous and full of deception..."

If Kuina wanted to go out to sea alone, Koushirou would definitely refuse ruthlessly.

But today, he saw El's talent and strength.

At the age of eight, he is a master swordsman who can wield flying slashes, and he has also mastered the observation haki, one of the three kind of haki.

Coupled with his physique that does not match his age, El's strength, even in the first half of the grand line, is a very dazzling star.

In the East Blue, as long as they don't encounter those low-key masters, even the disciples trained by the strong person, few people will be El's opponents.

Therefore, after Koushirou heard that Kuina wanted to follow El to go to sea, he did not ruthlessly refuse.


As a father, he still wanted to remind Kuina how dangerous the outside world was.

In this regard, Kuina's firm attitude did not waver at all, saying: "If I fail, it means that I am nothing more than this."

"Since it's your choice, go for it."

As the descendants of Dragonslayer, the Shimotsuki clan has a genuine warrior spirit.

Although he was actually worried in his heart, Koushirou remained calm on the surface, and nodded, agreeing to Kuina's request.

"...Thank you, Father!"

Kuina did not expect that this time she will obtained her father's consent.

She thought her father would ruthlessly refuse, or even reprimand her.

She has already made plans.

If her father refuses her, then she will go back to her room and leave a letter, and then secretly run to meet El and the others.

Now that she has the support of her father, Kuina's eyes are filled with excitement.

If it wasn't for her strong character, she could hardly hold back her tears.

"Go back and pack your things..."

Looking at his moved daughter, Koushirou had mixed feelings in his heart, but on the surface he said gently "Wait in my room, I have something for you."

"Yes, my father!"

Kuina nodded vigorously.


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