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"Why does that flag look familiar"

"That's the unique flag of one of the pirate emperors!"

"Why did it appear on Sabaody Archipelago"

"The world-destroyer pirate has appeared, hurry up and run!"


"Leave the Sabaody Archipelago quickly, that guy is a villain who created a super tsunami to destroy two islands and indirectly killed hundreds of thousands of people! if he comes here to fight with someone then we may also be indirectly killed!"

When the Pegasus came out of the water and moored in the port, the unique flag immediately caused a sensation in the Sabaody Archipelago.

Although El has not made any big move for months since he reached the top, however, the meteor and tsunami still remain fresh in the mind of all people.

Even when there's a kind of news every day, be it small or big, the world did not forget about the events that shocked the world a few months ago.

That incident, in addition to bringing El to the top, also spread his notoriety throughout the world.

The people in the new world are a little better, however, the people in paradise and the four seas directly regarded him as a demon.

Not to mention being greedy at his 3 billion Bounty, almost all pirates and bounty hunters immediately think about evacuating when they see his appearance at the Sabaody Archipelago, they don't even plan to go to the nearest Island, because they don't feel safe at all, but plan to go to three or four islands away.

After all, the super tsunami created by El can completely submerge the two nearest islands and almost submerge the third island and it's even scarier than the Aqua Laguna, the annual high tide that takes place in Water 7.

Carina and others never imagined that the appearance of the Pegasus would cause such a big stir and Shirahoshi who just joined the team, is even more puzzled.

On the contrary, El was quite happy since it was quieter.

It is also a good thing for the weak to be afraid of them, at least there will be no situation of weakling plotting to kill him or injuring his crew.

However, just in case, El still asked Kuina to protect Shirahoshi and others, before heading to the lawless area where pirates and bounty hunters run amok in the Sabaody Archipelago.

On this trip, El has many other things to do in addition to taking Yamato out for an adventure.

Looking for Bat-Bat Fruit, Model: Vampire, and recruiting Shirahoshi is just one of them.

Now, El is ready for his third business.

Island No.

13 belongs to the lawless area, no one but the underworld dares to do business in the lawless area, otherwise, their business would be ruined by those lawless people.

So the islands that belong to the lawless area are basically the base camps of pirates who don't plan to go to the new world, some bounty hunters, and human traffickers.

In a lawless area, there is a Human Auctioning House, a black market, a human shop, trades on forbidden weapons, etc, entertainment venues such as hotels, casinos, and parks don't exist here.

The only exception is in Island 13, there is a bar that is still open and established for many years.

In addition to the newcomers, the local forces have included this bar in the list of not to be provoked.

The name of this bar is called Shakky's Rip-off Bar, through the name of the bar, it is not difficult to know that the owner of this bar is a woman and she uses her name on her bar.

"Excuse me." Descending down in front of the bar, El pushed the door directly open.

At this time, it is still far away from the night, so the bar has not yet entered its peak time and it's still deserted, there is only a woman with a cigarette in her mouth wiping a wine glass.

However, this woman with a young appearance is just like Stussy, no one knows her actual age at all, because the other party was already a pirate thirty-five years ago, she's even hunted down by, Monkey D.

Garp, the Naval Hero.

So, even if she retired to Sabaody Archipelago and became a bar owner while selling intelligence information, her intelligence gathering is still very amazing.

If he's not wrong, she collected the information that Hatchan was killed by them and the reason why rayleigh knows who the killer is, so the goal of El's return to the Sabaody Archipelago at this time is this senior of unknown age.

"I didn't expect this small place would have a famous person as a customer one day." Looking at El who walked in, Shakky's eyes subconsciously flashed with a hint of surprise.

However, her strong psychological quality made her calm down quickly and she speak with a light smile on her face.

"The famous fourth emperor of the sea, would not just come here for a drink right"

"Was the senior who wanted to kill me not here at the moment" El looked around in a pretentious manner, then his eyes fell on Shakky, and grinned while speaking.

"It's okay if he's not here, this way, it can be less troublesome on reading your memory."

The moment he finishes speaking, El disappears in the blink of an eye and appears right in front of Shakky while reaching out to grab her neck.

Facing El's attack, Shakky didn't panic at all, on the contrary, she deflected El's attack very skillfully, her body lean back slightly, then she throw a kick that collided with El's forearm, creating a shock wave from the collision between their hand and feet that shatter the object inside the bar such as wine bottles and glasses.

"It's a very good response, but that's it." El praised her then the arm blocking Shakky's kick was covered with a layer of Armament Haki and he quickly grabbed her calf, he also raises his other hand covered with a layer of Armament Haki, and punched toward her.

Just when Shakky was about to react according to her foresight into the future.

El, who saw her thoughts through his eyes and with the unreasonable nature of the Life Return (Seimei Kikan), forcibly retracted his fist that was blasted out and disappeared from Shakky's eyes again.

The next second, Shakky who was caught off guard by El's sudden change of attack suddenly felt a sharp pain in her abdomen, then she saw El appearing in the same place and the fist that was forcibly retracted was thrown again, landing heavily on her belly.

The terrifying power and Haki contain in the fish made Shakky vomit blood, her eyes to turn white, and collapse to the ground in pain with one punch.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, El took out the seastone handcuffs he had prepared in advance and grabbed Shakky's two wrists, and fasten them.

After sealing Shakky's hands, El stretched out his hand to hold Shakky's head and consume some Haki to read her memories.

"found it!!"

It didn't take long for El to find the information he wanted from Shakky's memory.

"Huh This speed and range of observation...

worthy of being a deputy commander of the pirate king and be with the same level as the legend from the previous era!"

Just after reading Shakky's memory, El raised his brows slightly, then looked at Shakky, who had not yet recovered on the ground and said with a smile.

"I originally intended this punch to write off our conflict, but it doesn't seem to work now."

"Boy, you are seeking your own demise!" As soon as El's word fell, a figure broke into the door and attacked El with a knife.

This person is the deputy commander of the pirate king, Silvers Rayleigh.


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