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The way for the ship to enter the Fishman Island is not to slowly descend vertically, but to ride the downward current and rapidly reach the Fishman Island.

If it is a vertical descent, the ship may have been destroyed by hitting the submarine volcano before reaching the fish-man island.

The deep-sea under ten thousand meters is full of darkness and the light can't reach it, so if the ship is not equipped with lights it is easy to have some accidents.

However, with the lights installed it will easily attract large sea beasts or sea kings' attention, and without enough strength, it may lead to the destruction of the ship.

In the past 800 years, countless ships have been buried deep in the sea and turned into so-called ghost ships under the sea because of this reason

However, this danger is not worth mentioning to El's group.

The Pegasus didn't even need to turn on the lights, with the help of El's Observation Haki and Violet's clairvoyance, they soon arrived at Fish-man Island.

Although the deep sea is dark, even when Violet use her clairvoyance ability, she can't find anything, but that doesn't include the Fish-man Island, because, near the fish-man island, there is a huge sunlight tree called Eve, which absorbs sunlight and transfers it to its roots, at the same time it also supplies air to the ocean floor through respiration.

Just like there's a cycle between day and night at the earth's surface, the fish-man island even though it's 10,000 meters below also has a cycle between day and night.

As the only light source deep in the sea area, Violet wanting to find it is simply an easy thing, so it only took no less than one hour to arrive at the fish-man island while El manipulate the ship with his Float-Float Fruit ability.

Passing through the gate that serves as the entrance and exit, the Pegasus arrived at the Fishman Island port smoothly.

However, their arrival caused a huge sensation on the fish-man island that it even disturbed King Neptune and whitebeard who protect the Fishman Island.

The asteroid-level super meteor that fell from outer space, as well as the super tsunami that destroyed two islands and killed a hundred thousand people, made El who entered the new world for less than a week became famous and directly climb to the pirate emperor level overnight with Epithet of World Destroyer and The Fourth Emperor of the Sea.

As the current user of the Float-Float Fruit and the most notorious pirate emperor, his every move is just like Shanks visiting whitebeard in the manga, it always attracts the attention of all parties.

The news that they arrive at Sabaody Archipelago has already passed to the ears of the Mary Geoise, the Navy Headquarters, and other major forces, so everyone knew that El's group would go to Fishman island and it is likely that in a few days, he will return to the first half of the Grand Line.

The Flying Pirates, Donquixote Family, and Beasts Pirates forming an alliance to create the largest arms seller in the New World is no secret to the world, so the pirate flag symbolizing the Flying Pirates has long been known to the world.

That's why the arrival of Flying Pirates at the port causes a commotion and frightened those budding pirates who had just come to the new world from Paradise to flee the scene and return back to their ship to leave the Fishman Island and at this time, no one dared to follow their greed, with the idea that if they killed El in a sneak attack, they would become famous in the world.

The pirates who have the ability to reach the fish-man island which is below ten thousand meters, even if they are a fool, they are also fool with some self-knowledge.

"Your Excellency!"

Without waiting for El's group to leave the port, a large blue whale shark-Fishman already brought a group of Fishman guards and appeared in front of El's group.

"You are..."

Looking at the Fishman in front of him, El couldn't help but raised his brows and teased him with a playful smile.

"Jinbe, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, it seems that you have good intelligence capabilities."

He says if this is referring to Whitebeard Pirates or the Ryugu Kingdom, but before he entered the town, the other party is already waiting for him here.

Apparently, the news that the Flying Pirates will be coming to Fishman Island was received very early, this capability cannot be from the Ryugu Kingdom, so El was more inclined that they are notified by the Whitebeard Pirates

After all, human beings discriminate against Fishman and it's already ongoing for hundred years, so it's almost impossible to put eyeliner on the land.

So when he read Jinbe's change in inner thoughts, El already got the answer he wanted.

"Your Excellency, welcome to Fishman Island." Jinbe respectfully salute and bowed to El first before he takes Den Mushi Mushi from his kimono and handed it over to El before speaking.

"Fishman Island is Whitebeard's territory, After he learns that you came to Fishman Island, he insisted on having a conversation with you."

Hearing Jinbe's words, Carina and the other girls were stunned for a moment, then they seemed to think of something, and their expressions changed.

The next moment the Den Mushi Mushi in Jinbe's hand suddenly rings and imitated Whitebeard's face while letting out a unique laugh.

"Gu ra ra ra ra, little devil it's the first time we speak, I'm Whitebeard!"


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