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El, who entered the Asura form, search for a full week at the altitude of 7,000 meters.

For seven days, El searched all the eight directions, the north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southeast, west, and northwest.

Fortunately, they have prepared all kinds of dials in their backpacks and the white sea is also full of marine creatures, otherwise, El and the two girls would not be able to persist in searching for such a long time.

Finally, El's radar sensed an astonishing number of life breaths in the southwest of the White Sea.

That number of life breaths are not gathered together but scattered in different locations.

It's as if there are several Sky islands there.

If the number of these breaths is added up, even the number of inhabitants of Angel Island and Birka cannot be compared with them.

As a result, El immediately strengthened his Observation Haki output and use the radio waves to further increase his range.

In an instant, an archipelago formed by several islands with different sizes suddenly appeared in his line of sight, this archipelago is the base camp of Shiki the Golden Lion.

There are still more than five years until Shiki plans to conquer the East Blue.

To avoid being discovered by some people with amazing perceptions, or with flying ability, and let their plans for several years be for naught, Shiki brought the archipelago to hide amongst the cloud in the white sea.

"I found it, you will watch the battle in this place, I will go and meet this legendary person for a while"

El grinned, and without waiting for Carina and Kuina to reply, he used the electric field teleport continuously and quickly arrived at the white sea near the base camp.


As a cloud of white mist spread out, Carina released the Asura form and spit out El and Kuina from the Munch-Munch Space.

"It's too exaggerated...

Standing on the jelly-like cloud, while looking at the archipelago hidden in the white sea, Carina smacked her tongue slightly: "Are these islands brought up by a devil fruit ability"

"It's normal every top-level Paramecia type devil fruit is an unreasonable ability."

El was not surprised, and said slowly: "The Float-Float Fruit user can free himself from gravity, fly freely in the air, and can manipulate all non-living objects that he has touched to float and change them at will into various forms."

"These non-living objects include not only small chopsticks and large islands, but also seawater, ocean crust, mountains, etc.

the only devil fruit can restrain it is the Press-Press Fruit"

Just like what El said before, Float-Float Fruit is one of the strongest Paramecia type devil fruit, what Tremor-Tremor Fruit can do like setting an earthquake or tsunami, the Float-Float Fruit can do it better but it is not as shocking as the Tremor-Tremor Fruit.

The only place where the Float-Float Fruit can't compare to the Tremor-Tremor Fruit is that the latter does not possess the unparalleled destructive power of the former.

But in the same way, the strategic shock and life-saving aspects of the Tremor-Tremor Fruit are not as good as the Float-Float Fruit.

The Press-Press Fruit is also one of the top Paramecia-type devil fruit and the only devil fruit that can counter it, in addition to controlling the gravity, the Press-Press Fruit can also reverse the gravity, apply pressure, and tension.

These two devil fruits can be compared to the Magma-Magma Fruit and Ice-Ice Fruit of the logia type devil fruit.

Float-Float Fruit user gets rid of gravity and manipulates the object that he touches and the Press-Press Fruit user applies gravity and manipulates the object in the gravity field, their ability mutually restrains each other.

But it would be nonsense to say that the Press-Press Fruit is the nemesis of the Float-Float Fruit, although it can cause some trouble to Float-Float Fruit's ability however it only consumes more stamina, the Float-Float Fruit can free anything from gravity and float even with something as heavy as island what is a mere increase in gravity

Once the two people with mutual restraint face each other, the one with a stronger physique will win.

Although the Press-Press Fruit is powerful, however, it can only manipulate objects in the gravity field and the Float-Float Fruit can manipulate even a double-digit island.

Although the Float-Float Fruit ability is simple and has not as many as Press-Press Fruit however when an ability reaches the extreme, it is even more shocking than any comprehensive ability.

"Nii-san, you have to be careful."

After listening to El's words.

Carina said worriedly, "Sister Kuina and I will be here to watch you.

If you can't stand it, don't be brave."

El nodded and smiled: "If I can't stand it, I'll give you a sign."

After speaking, El's figure turned into a black afterimage and disappeared from Carina and Kuina's eyes.

Using the method variation skill Razor, which is the combination of the Moonwalk (Geppo) and Shave (Soru) that is developed in the past three, El flew towards the base camp at an extremely fast speed.

A moment later, under Carina and Kuina Observation Haki, An incomparably huge cyan slash in a crescent arc shape with a height of more than 100 meters flew towards the center of the archipelago and targeted the largest building on the island.

If this Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) was not stopped then that building would have been cut in half from the middle.

This huge Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) is one of the results of his three years of hard work.


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