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“Old Three, are you trying to piss off your mother—” The old lady stretched out her arms and was about to slap Han Qingsong.


Han Qingsong quickly supported her arm, “Mother, don’t get angry, be careful of your waist,” He helped Old Lady Han to sit back on the kang.


Old Man Han told his wife not to make a fool out of herself, urging her to hurriedly sit down in order to get down to business.


In the past, she used to use her third daughter-in-law as an excuse to flaunt her control.

Now that the daughter-in-law that she deemed as problematic was finally out of her sight, she was trying to pull her tricks again.


Although Old Man Han had heard from his eldest son before this, he did not expect that his third son would take the initiative to invite a cadre to preside over the separation of the families.

According to his understanding of Old Three, he was usually the obedient child who adhered to his parents’ every word.


For example, in the case of the family separation, Old Man Han felt like he shouldn’t mistreat his third son.

Even if the old lady tried to manipulate the rations, he was going to fight if it meant getting food and money to his son.


He just didn’t expect the Old Three to get the Secretary Head directly.

Sigh, a grown-up son wouldn’t strictly abide by his parents, after all.


Old Man Han thought about his son changing careers and coming home, expressing his desire to live with his wife and children for the rest of his life.

It was natural for him to think that way, and it was also a reasonable train of thought.


Didn’t the same apply to me back then


After thinking it through, the old man also reached a conclusion rather emptily as he accepted that his third son had indeed changed.


He then thought about his third daughter-in-law who no longer sought death.

She was living life properly now and managed to hold a conversation normally, so he was looking forward to their future.


“That’s fine, but even if the family is divided equally, we’re still a family.

You brothers shouldn’t be divided and you must support each other.”


Han Qingsong nodded, “Naturally, that is how it will remain, don’t worry.”


Second brother Han had brought up Lin Lan’s move of making scrambled eggs with chives and her nasty attitude to his family, adding his versions of twists and turns to the story to make it even more exaggerated.

Who would have thought that the old man didn’t comment about it and agreed with the Old Three’s plans.

With that, Old Lady Han thought that the old man was trying to go against her!


The more hatred she felt, the more her teeth started to grind against each other.


At present, her son just wasn’t listening to her words.

Old Lady Han felt like her son was possessed by an evil being and replaced her once obedient Old Three.

She knew that her coming days were going to be dark.


“Hmph, don’t worry With a character like hers, how are we to rest assured The troubled family will never be at peace with her in itl.”


“Mother, the family has been separated, there will be no more ruckus,” Han Qingsong said.


Old Lady Han became even more angry and the second sister-in-law of the Han family hurriedly said, “Mom, the separation of the household registration will not affect the delivery of work points and food to the family.

If the family is divided, Old Three should hand in his work points.

After all, ours are in the main registration as well.”


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