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It was rare for them to have such well-harvested chives in this season, so scrambled eggs were one of the best choices she could cook as of now.

In her previous life, although her culinary skills were not outstanding, it was still good enough to make a few snacks in order to coax some hungry children.


She chopped the chives, cracked two eggs, added a pinch of salt and stirred them well.

Then, she also added a teaspoon of oil to the sizzling hot pot


The amount of oil that was poured out was too little to be seen at the bottom of the pot, so Lin Lan simply put down the teaspoon and poured the oil out by the bottle.


The children, “!!!”


Not a single mouth could be closed.


Xiaowang climbed on the cabinet and looked inside the pot from the side, “Look, even oil can also form a shadow!” He glared at the puddle of oil in the pot.


Maisui dragged him away, “Don’t drip your saliva in.”


“Mother, this oil is enough for the eldest aunt to cook half a year’s worth of vegetables,” Erwang was stunned and shocked.


The eldest sister-in-law did not add oil when making the dishes; she just boiled them in salted water and added a few drops of oil.


Lin Lan was a little embarrassed.

She was used to being extravagant in her previous life as habit was hard to change abruptly.

If she kept this up, she would have to add a notoriety of greed to her name as a shrew in the future.

“The scrambled eggs are not fragrant with less oil.

It is better to eat two delicious meals instead of one hundred bland meals.”


The children laughed as they collectively agreed to having delicious food.


Erwang, however, was worried that in the future, the family would bottom out as soon as the oil was lathered into the pot.

He didn’t want his family to feed on greed for a year, only to return to the desolate states of his grandmother’s extremely frugal lifestyle.


Thinking about it like this made him agitated as he hurriedly said, “Mother, I’ll help you cook in the future.”


Maisui thought that with his suggestion, he was going to take some chances to have some food in secret, so she replied immediately, “Why would boys be cooking I’m the girl here, so of course I will be the one to help.”


Lin Lan felt that it was kind of a good thing for Erwang to help her in cooking.

After all, who ever declared that women were the ones who cooked


She thought about Maisui’s attitude in the past— she didn’t like to study and would always dress up extravagantly.

She’d always pull tricks and use her  feminine features to make other boys fall for her charms, treating her to lavish lifestyles to feel a sense of pride.

Thinking about it, Lin Lan started to get a headache.

Brainwashing was implemented when children were merely infants for it to have the best results; in one way, she had to make sure that she continued to teach her well at all times.


“My daughter, no one stipulated that girls must cook and do the housework.

Girls should study hard, nurture their self-esteem and self-love, because that is more important than anything else.”


Maisui didn’t understand, “In our village, women are the ones who cook.”


Erwang also joked around, “Grandmother said that eating like a glutton and being lazy would cause us to not be able to find any partners in the future.”


Lin Lan cut in, “Your youngest aunt is more of a glutton and a lazy twat than anyone else, so why isn’t she telling her that Let me tell you— you will be able to find the person that you want.”


Maisui laughed and said, “Then I want to find a family that has an endless supply of white noodles, oil and a load of tickets that will never run out.”


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