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Before this, Lin Lan didn’t have much of a good relationship with the original owner’s children.

She only thought that it was important to secure a good future for herself.


However, after getting along with them and dealing with Old Lady Han’s unreasonable demands, she became extremely mad.

She not only decided to change the future for the better, she was going to settle all the accounts from the past as well!


After scolding the old lady, Lin Lan felt very comfortable—it was as if she had experienced a full-body spa sensation.

Happily, she clapped her hands and hummed a little song.

She left afterwards because what point was there in staying behind, waiting for the old lady to put on a sob show again with an audience around 




Old Lady Han remained on the kang and couldn’t get up.

She pointed towards Lin Lan’s retreating back in a shaking manner, trembling as if she had Parkinson’s disease.


Lin Lan smiled at the dumbfounded eldest sister-in-law and the second sister-in-law, “Second sister-in-law, eat slowly and make sure you don’t choke.”


When she walked out of the house, she saw Erwang poking his head in by the door as Maisui led Xiaowang to gaze over from the door of the courtyard.

The children in the main room and the second room stared at them with a questionable intent.


Wow, there was actually someone who dared to scold grandmother!


Lin Lan felt a burst of warmth in her heart as she saw her children, “Nothing’s wrong here, let’s go home and have some flatbread.”


She led her children out of the courtyard before she felt a little guilty, wondering if Han Qingsong would argue or fight her if he knew what transpired today.


Forget it, I couldn’t care less about him!


As long as she didn’t take up physical action, Han Qingsong’s lectures and scoldings were nothing to her.


Erwang saw Dawang hiding behind the haystack with his sharp eyes before he called him, “Eldest brother, why are you hiding there”


Dawang scolded, “You must have gone blind; I’m no thief, so why would I be hiding I’m here to catch some birds,” He hurriedly climbed up the tree beside him, causing the small birds that were once resting on said tree to fly away out of fright.


Lin Lan, “…”


She looked up and saw that Dawang was hiding his face with a tree branch.

She said, “Dawang, it’s time for dinner.”


There was a muffled voice sounding from the tree, but she couldn’t really tell if he agreed or disagreed.


Lin Lan didn’t want to force the child too consistently, “Where’s Sanwang Did he run off to play in the river again Dawang, look after him for a bit and don’t let him near the big drain in the Southern river; that would be too dangerous of a spot to play in.”


This child, seriously— when there is a body of water, he wouldn’t even know if pandemonium broke out at home.


On the way back, Maisui smiled and said, “Mother, eldest brother is embarrassed.”


Erwang pouted, “No, the word should be ‘ashamed’.”


“Don’t say things like that about your eldest brother.

He is a good child; after all, the iron pot we now have at home was carried by none other than him.”


Xiaowang smiled and said, “And the rice noodles.”


Lin Lan pondered, was Dawang watching her change in personality on the sidelines with a scrutinising eye This child!


When she got home, she found that there was actually about half a bottle of oil on the stove, two eggs and a small basket of assorted vegetables.


Lin Lan looked outside and didn’t see Han Qingsong, but this must have been his doing.


“Flatbread, flatbread!” The children jumped around with joy.


Lin Lan smiled and said, “Today I’m making scrambled eggs with chives and some flatbread.”


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