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Han Qingsong washed his feet with water, “What’s wrong”


” ‘What’s wrong’ I don’t know if you noticed, but ever since we came back and split up from the main family, the food had also gotten worse day by day.

Even the substitutes for the usual dishes have been brought out today.”


Han Qingsong thought for a while, “The cornbread was a little rough.”


“Just a little rough” Lin Lan looked at him and gave him a breakdown of things, “Even in those years, the old lady and the others have never eaten this kind of cornbread!”


Hearing her tone of voice that was full of complaint, Han Qingsong understood what she meant, “Do you think mother is deliberately cooking this kind of meal”


Lin Lan sneered, “Why, you never would have seen that coming, would you”


Han Qingsong frowned, feeling that the old lady’s behaviour was somewhat unacceptable.

But he also felt that the old lady, who had suffered through three years of famine, would typically behave as such and would scrounge and save every penny.


After all, Xiaowang also managed to eat some eggs that night.


“Tsk!” Lin Lan rolled her eyes.

Besides this stupidly filial son that never questions his parents, anyone could tell that Old Lady Han was purposely doing so.


“You weren’t home all year round, so I won’t blame you for not knowing the situation.

I won’t say much either, just go see it for yourself,” Being away from home all day, she was appalled that he thought of his mother as ‘behaving reasonably’.

Did he not see through her persona this time around


The old lady didn’t say a word about Han Qingsong unless she wanted money.

And when she knew he wanted to change jobs, she immediately agreed to split up the family.


The family didn’t give them anything once they separated houses, but whenever Han Qingsong got anything, she would be the first to snatch it away.


In the eyes of any discerning person, one could see that the old lady was doing it on purpose.


In the past, the original owner was weak and incapable of thinking, so by playing the understanding mother-in-law at times, the old lady was able to bend her to her will.


She didn’t want to instigate the relationship between Han Qingsong and the old lady.

After all, they were mother and child.

She just wanted Han Qingsong to see the clear display of injustice she and her children received in this family.


Also, she wanted him to see that the old lady wasn’t as nice to them as he thought.


Anyway, she planned to give Han Qingsong a little wake-up call first before he thought that she was the one being unreasonable.


The next day, Lin Lan, Erwang, Maisui and Xiaowang whispered quietly, asking them to find a way to watch the aunt cook.


They didn’t let Sanwang know about this as he was a person who was incapable of hiding things.

Moreover, he listened to Dawang all the time.

The oldest child had a big prejudice against Lin Lan, so he could not know about this either.


As a result, Erwang and Maisui went there several times and did not see their eldest aunt cooking a different kind of meal.

They used the cornbread to replace their usual dishes.

They even asked the other children , but they didn’t discover anything.

And anytime that wasn’t mealtimes, the old lady would yell at them and instruct them to mow the grass to earn work points.


The children all thought that Lin Lan might be overthinking things; after all, everyone was eating the same thing.


Lin Lan didn’t think so.

According to her understanding of the old lady’s attitude, there must be something up her sleeve.


The two large jars in the east room were filled with grains and there was half a small room with grains in it.

The youngest aunt was not at home and the old lady locked it as well.

Since she was holding onto the only key, no one was allowed to enter.


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