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Even before, it seemed like the original owner had never been accused.

But didn’t he come back once every two or three years since their marriage At most, he would stay for five days and at least, he would stay for one.

Regardless, how many oddities would he have noticed in that short time span

Lin Lan was also surprised that with such a limited number of contacts, they actually had five children without even doing so five times.

She was unwilling to fail.

If she loses in the first round, she must not be held down by him in the future.

“Anyway, it’s not right for you to give them all the allowances.

Why don’t my children and I have a single cent for ourselves Do the children don’t have to go to school Do they not have to save money to marry in the future”

Didn’t I add your name after you wanted to get the money that time One person gets half each”

Once, he went to the Sino-Indian border to perform a mission and was seriously injured in order to save his team.

He returned to the Provincial Military Region Hospital to recover from his injuries and received a call from Lu Jinxiu.

He said that his family sent several telegrams and his wife made a fuss at home to ask for money.

Otherwise, she would jump into the river to commit suicide.

So he asked Lu Jinxiu to tell the logistics to send over two copies, but later the logistics claimed that it was too much of a hassle, so he sent a remittance slip issued with two names.

Doing so, one person would get half each.

“You said it before, yes, but the old lady wouldn’t give it to me.”

When the remittance slip came, the old lady was the one who went to pick it up.

And although the original owner wanted to withdraw the money, she didn’t dare to confront the old lady, so she wanted to make a fuss and make the old lady take the initiative to give her the money.

Yet, it was impossible for Old Lady Han to be that kind when she was a sucker for money.

Han Qingsong looked at her.

Although she didn’t speak, Lin Lan automatically interpreted his thoughts: How did you get it this time

Damn, she said before that Han Qingsong had a low EQ and was rather dense.

Why was he here waiting for her step-by-step explanation

In the past, the original owner was unreasonable.

She didn’t know if her words suddenly making sense now would change anything…

“What’s the point of you bullying me” Lin Lan decided to shift the blame, “It’s because you were wrong.

My name was already added anyways, so why not just send two copies over to make sure that we claim our share each Is there a reason for a pair of husband and wife trying to reason with one another I don’t see you basking in glory even though you won this argument.”

In order to maintain her reputation, she snorted before she turned around and left, not wanting to reason with him any more.

Han Qingsong, “…”

Lin Lan went out and met the children who came out to catch cicadas.

Sanwang ran around with Dawang as Lin Lan couldn’t even get them to stop despite shouting.

“Mother, my eldest brother and I are going to Zhuzi’s house to sleep, so you don’t have to think about us.”

I don’t think I;m going to miss you arrogant children!

Lin Lan went home angrily and Xiao Wang had already slept with a tattered towel in his arms.

Maisui looked aggrieved, “Mother, who made Maomao this way He just cried so sadly, asking who killed his Maomao.

He wouldn’t sleep until he managed to find it.”

Lin Lan, you guys can’t give me a break, huh


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