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Seeing this, the eldest sister-in-law sighed and said to Lin Lan in a subconscious tone of envy, “Dawang’s mother, don’t be so angry.

Actually, you see, the third brother is still quite affectionate.

After looking for the house, he asked your opinion about them and even fixed the glasses.”


Knowing that she was not happy with her life at home, he took the initiative to suggest living separately and even made the first move to find a place.


Should it be other men, no matter what sort of decision was going to be made, it was always going to be decided by them.

Women would very rarely be involved in the discussions at all.


Even a large number of men don’t even talk to women on nights where they were supposedly connected to each other besides mentioning a few things about work.


In their opinion, not gossiping with their women made them appear masculine!


Lin Lan smiled and said nothing.


After washing her face, she went back to the room and woke Xiaowang up.

She then put on his glasses for him.


“Wow, my glasses!” Xiaowang was very happy.


Lin Lan wiped Xiaowang’s face with a towel, “Your father repaired it, remember to thank him.”


Xiaowang pouted and didn’t answer.


Lin Lan didn’t force him to do so before she whispered, “Your father has found a house that we can move into; let’s go and have a look.”


She placed the two pieces of candy in Xiaowang’s pocket and took him to see the house.


Although Xiaowang didn’t like Han Qingsong yet, he was very excited when he heard that they could move out.


Those two houses once belonged to the Brigade Headquarters.

Later, when the Brigade was expanded to a new compound, these two houses were used to store sundries.


Although it was a little dilapidated, the walls and beams were still in good condition.

The grass on the roof was repaved and yellow mud was put on it for sealing.


The other parts were the doors and windows.

They needed to replace some of them and make up for the ones that needed to be repaired.

After that, they could set up the kang.


Han Qingsong was busy working with a few people.

Not only was Erwang helping out, but Dawang and Sanwang were also there and there were also a few boys from the family.


Naturally, there were also a bunch of people watching the development as they secretly pointed.


“Look, Old Three separated the family as soon as he came back.

Which one did they get”


“Was he cornered by the shrew that was constantly looking for a way to die”


“Why don’t you guys say that they were kicked out by the old lady”


Generally, when families split up their living spaces, they would basically build a house on the basis of the original homestead.

If they couldn’t build a house, they would build a shack or even go to the neighbour’s home to stay overnight.

Very few of them would actually move out to a far place.


The old Secretary Head Han Yongfang heard the criticisms and said, “What are you all mumbling about What is it, you have a long tongue to spew nonsensical words They have four sons in their family and there are only three main rooms along with a small east wing.

The eldest and the second live in one room and their fourth son would have to marry one day; where do you all expect them to live”


When Han Yongfang said this, he immediately shut the mouths of many of the onlookers, especially those that were caught in similar situations.


However, some people were jealous of Han Qingsong’s reputation; they were envious of the fact that the Secretary Head gave out the two houses for him to live in.


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