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The three children looked at her expectantly.


Lin Lan cleared her throat and took out a large amount of candy.

Just as she was about to spread the candy to them according to her habit of being lavish in her previous life, she suddenly remembered that these were Han Qingsong’s and not her own.


Maybe he had other uses for them, so she couldn’t divide them completely like this.


She counted them and put back half of it before dividing a piece of candy to each of the children whose eyes gleamed with joy.


“Mother~~” Maisui squeaked coquettishly.


Lin Lan couldn’t take it anymore and had to divide another piece for them, “Okay, your father has other uses for these.

You can hide it and eat it tomorrow.

When you eat it at night, the bugs crawl into your mouth and bite your teeth.”


Xiaowang stuffed the candy into Lin Lan’s pocket, “Mother, keep it for me.”


Erwang and Mai Sui couldn’t wait any longer as they placed the candy in their mouths.

The poor and horrendously big family was too overwhelming; only the items that reached their bellies could truly be considered as theirs.


There was a risk of change should they keep it for later!


“Mother, I’ll close the door,” Erwang quickly went to close the door.


Lin Lan, “It’s so hot, and your father and the others haven’t come back yet.”


Erwang, “Grandmother won’t be able to come in when she tries to.”


With their father away, who knew if the old lady would come storming for the backpack.


Sure enough, the old lady came and attempted to open the door.

Upon finding it closed, she started yelling at them and demanding they bring the backpack to the main room.


Erwang immediately tugged onto Lin Lan’s sleeve.


Lin Lan understood, “Oh, it hurts to death, my arm feels like it’s crippled.”


“Mother, let father take you to the county hospital tomorrow,” Erwang said.


With the candy in her mouth, Maisui also vaguely said that she would rub it for her mother.


Seeing that she couldn’t make them budge, the old lady harrumphed loudly and went to find Han Qingsong angrily.

After searching around, she couldn’t locate him, so she had to come back and talk to the Old man Han and her two other sons at home.


She didn’t want to waste any kerosene, so she demanded they listen to her in the dark, but soon the Old Man Han snored loudly.

With that, she got so enraged that she gave him a good hit.


At this moment, Han Qingsong’s soft voice and Sanwang’s unhappy muttering echoed outside as the old lady got up all of a sudden, “Old Three is back, ask him to come over quickly!”


The Old Man Han woke up, “It’s already so late, just go to sleep.

He still has to settle things tomorrow.”


Old Lady Han, “No, I can’t sleep if we don’t explain it clearly.”


The eldest brother of the Han family took the initiative to call Han Qingsong over.


Dawang originally slept with his grandparents, but there was still an ongoing meeting in the room at the moment and the children were not allowed to listen.

The other children went back to their parents’ kangs, but he didn’t want to go back to face his mother.


He turned around and walked out, “I’m going to Zhuzi’s house to sleep.”


Sanwang looked at his father in horror before he shouted, “Brother, wait, I’ll go too.”


The two children ran away and disappeared into the darkness.

He could still hear Sanwang colliding with the tree outside the door and shouting in pain as Dawang scolded him for being stupid.

Han Qingsong felt rather interested and unfamiliar as an indescribable feeling surfaced.


This was a feeling that he hadn’t felt before.


Maybe this is life, this is home


“Third brother, mother is calling you.”


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