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It was actually only halfway complete as she turned up the heat.

Eldest brother Han said, “Old Three is back so quickly stir-fry a few dishes and make a few salted eggs.

Father and I would be having a drink with him till late.”

The old man added, “And your uncle Dada—call them all and let’s have a chat.”

Seeing this, old lady Han waved her hands angrily, “What are you doing Let’s get down to business first.

There’s a thief at home, so we must have a meeting to fight her!”

Old man Han and eldest brother Han still didn’t know what was going on.

Eldest sister-in-law glanced at Han Qingsong and euphemistically told them about Lin Lan stealing the marriage certificate to claim the money.

Old man Han was stunned and his mouth couldn’t close.

What kind of ability does the third daughter-in-law have She even dared to steal the marriage certificate to get the money

Under his impression, the third daughter-in-law was only capable of making a fuss.

For example, when the eldest sister-in-law divided the money for the New Year, the eldest sister-in-law and the second sister-in-law were granted 5 Yuan but she only got 3 Yuan.

Then, she became upset and threw a tantrum, saying that everyone would only bully her and pretend she was dead.

She then let out a string of words that cursed her husband’s death and stated that she didn’t have a husband to begin with.

After that, she would start to beat and yell at her children before seeking more horrifying ways to get attention— expressing her will to commit suicide.

He didn’t know about the reason behind the pesticide-drinking incident but his wife did explain, “It was probably because she wanted a few dollars to go back to her parents’ house a few days ago.

I didn’t agree, so she started actually doing it,” The old man was still a little puzzled.

If the first request was ignored, she could have asked for a lesser sum; if twice her request was rejected, there wasn’t the need to drink pesticides either.

A woman who would only make a fuss and seek her own death when encountering a problem, never bold enough to confront her mother-in-law, would be daring enough to steal money now

Although the old lady Han never failed to mention that the Third Family was pissing her off daily and were never respectful towards her, even when they argued, Lin Lan’s words were mostly all talk and just words that spewed out of anger.

Despite all the previous fights, never once did she dare to directly criticise the old lady Han.

Hence, old man Han only thought that the previous incident was just a matter to be settled on their own as it had nothing to do with him.

However, stealing 260 Yuan was no small matter.

Old man Han said nothing.

Eldest brother Han also tried to smooth things out and asked his sister-in-law to get the money back.

His eldest sister-in-law replied, “The third sister-in-law said that she has already spent all of the money.”

Old man Han was shocked, “It’s all gone What did she buy There are no tickets out there, so what can she buy”

It’s not a mere 10 or 50 Yuan!

The old lady Han said angrily, “Who knows to whom she gave it to!”

It must have been secretly sent back to her parents’ home.

They must have told her to obtain the Old Three’s money from his family whenever she got the chance!

Han Qingsong didn’t know what was going on at home.

He heard that Lin Lan took the money but didn’t give it to the old lady, so she refused to forgive her.


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