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Lin Lan took a comb with broken ends and combed her messy hair before she told Sanwang to get up, “You’re the only one who has to be extra all the time.

The ground is cold, get up quickly.”


Erwang pulled Sanwang up, “You’re like a loach— you’re slippery.”


Sanwang said with a smile, “I’m obviously a little fish, why do you call me a loach Isn’t a loach ugly”


Lin Lan looked outside, “Where is your eldest brother”


Erwang’s expression immediately conveyed the message, I don’t know, why are you asking me


Sanwang rushed and said, “I know! He’s fighting with the iron pillars on the grounds.”


Lin Lan, this active kid!


If it weren’t for knowing that he was a troublesome young lad, any other parent wouldn’t have the time to come and look for him every day.


She wanted to find a chance to chat with Dawang, to at least let him know that his mother was changing, but he refused to give her a chance.


Ever since she expressed her intentions to talk to him, he avoided his mother as if she was a plague with the senses of a wolf.


Lin Lan was also powerless; it seemed that breaking the ice still needed some work.


The old lady outside was making a fuss, “Where is Old Two Did he come back yet Hurry up and borrow a bike from the team to take me to the county post office! Hurry up, I have to get the money back quickly.

My eyelids are twitching like crazy and I feel like something bad is happening.”


The premonition was not good.


When it came to money, the old lady couldn’t even bear to wait for a second.


But even if she were to ride a bicycle, it was going to take her an entire evening to come back, so it was inevitable to wait for Old Two to finish his work before she could go.


Lin Lan didn’t take the initiative to confess seeing that they were busy, so she only wondered how to deal with the old lady.


After dinner, Lin Lan prepared to go to work, but the Han family’s second sister-in-law said she had a headache and asked for a sick leave to rest at home.


Because Xiaowang had glasses and refused to play at home, he had to go with Sanwang and Erwang to mow the grass.

Lin Lan told his brothers to take good care of their younger brother, so she let them go.


Although Erwang was slightly cunning, he was also wary and careful, so it was safe for him to watch over the younger children.


At the county post office.


The old lady Han sprawled her hands on the counter, looking at the staff’s hands eagerly.


When she heard that a person named Lin Lan had taken away 260 Yuan a few days ago, she felt her heart drop to the bottom, cracking into smithereens as if it was made out of glass.


“Mother! This bastard daughter-in-law has gotten so brave to the point where-“


Without waiting for her to slap her thighs and cry out in agony, Old Two hurriedly supported her, “Mother, what are you still hesitating for Let’s go home and ask her to get the money back.”


This Old Third’s Family was indeed a handful— she used to think that Lin Lan was stupid and contrived, but she didn’t expect her to be so cautious and sly to the extent where she would secretly withdraw the money that was meant for the family and remain silent about it entirely.


The old lady Han initially wanted to cry.

But after hearing what her son said, she didn’t care to look at the two that stood by her side as she hurried home.


On the way, she gritted her teeth and became fierce.

When she got home, she must teach the shrew what it meant to…


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