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Although he could already see things before, they were vague as if the objects were covered up in a dense fog.

Even if it was in front of him, he still wasn’t able to see clearly.

In addition, other people laughed at him by calling him a fool and a blind person.

Besides, his mother didn’t like him then, so he didn’t dare to take a closer look.

Over time, his mental instability combined with his physical illness made his eye disease deteriorate badly.


The last time he went to the hospital, the senior doctor had cleaned his eyes for him and also gave him a treatment of acupuncture and moxibustion.

After adding a few eye drops for him, his eyes’ condition improved.


But after he put on his glasses now, the fog seemed to be blown away by the wind, his orbs clear and bright for the first time.


He saw a pair of beautiful eyes, the black and white contrast of her pupils and the sclera evident to him.

She looked gentle and she was smiling.

Like the gently-blowing breeze in March whiffing across his cheeks, like the warmth of the morning sun, like the moisture of the light and drizzling rain, it felt beautiful.

It was even similar to the feeling of comfort that he relished in when he closed his eyes and heard the sound of the wind…


Mother, it’s so pretty!


He stared at Lin Lan with the gleaming eyes that blinked profusely, as if he would never be able to finish taking in the sights of his surroundings.

He shouted ‘mother’ and hugged Lin Lan’s neck as he rubbed his head against it and let out a grumble, sounding as satisfied as a small beast.


Towards hugs like this that needed no words to be exchanged… Lin Lan was not used to them.


Even so, she let Xiaowang hug her for a while before she pulled off his little hand and straightened the crooked glasses, “After wearing it for a while, take off and rest your eyes.

Mother will pick some wild chrysanthemums and dry them in the sun.

Then, we’ll boil some water to wash your eyes.”


Xiaowang obediently agreed.


“You can go to school if you can see clearly,” Lin Lan was very happy for him.


Xiaowang was still young and he hadn’t been affected much, so she could very well just send him to school.


“To hell with going to school, every single one of the kids think they’re some sort of prodigy, and yet they can take a piss anywhere to reflect that so-called virtue,” The old lady Han got angry and vented whenever she got the chance to do so.


At this time, all of the children came back.

When they saw Xiaowang’s glasses, they said that it was really good-looking.

They inquired how much they cost, but most of them just wanted to try it out for themselves.


Lin Lan, “Xiaowang’s glasses are specially made.

Your eyes will spoil if you wear them, so no, don’t try to wear them.”


Sanwang was not convinced and insisted on wearing it.

As a result, he started to feel dizzy as soon as he put it on.

He immediately yelled and fell to the ground, “Oh no, I have a headache.

Empty your mind… empty your mind… This disciple knows he is wrong(2).”


(T/N: The child is imitating how abbots constantly chant to meditate and find peace.

All in all, it’s a very light and harmless joke, so please don’t be offended)


“Hahaha,” The children laughed.


Maisui laughed so much that her stomach hurt and she sprawled onto Lin Lan’s lap, unable to get up as she became weak from her laughing fit.


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