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She jumped up and stretched out her hand to take it, her numb movements similar to the groggy actions of a toddler, “What kind of parcel is that Give it to me.”


“That won’t work, Madam.

The sender said that Comrade Lin Lan must come and receive it in person.”


The old lady Han was unhappy and she muttered, “She is my daughter-in-law, aso what’s hers is also mine.

Why can’t I take it Is it medicine for my grandson”


The postman looked at it, “Glasses.”




Xiaowang is going to wear glasses


The old lady Han was getting even more infuriated— what use is there for a country bumpkin to wear something as precious as glasses He is a child, not a husband— has Lin Lan lost her mind


“She is not at home, but the outcome is the same if I take it for her.”


The old lady didn’t believe in any more of his heresy anymore; as long as anything entered this door, it belonged to her!


But Xiao Dong refused.

After all, Doctor Yang deliberately told him that it must be handed over to Lin Lan personally.

He also mentioned that her mother-in-law must not be allowed to touch the parcel.


Now the old lady realised that she had a dignity to uphold.

She remembered that anyone who had ties with the Third Family were not very good people anyways, so she snorted, “Okay, it’s just a pair of useless glasses and good people don’t wear them.

I’ll say, Xiao Dong, where’s the remittance list from Old Third ( Lin Lan’s husband)”


She was so angry to the point where she had almost forgotten about the most important thing.


The postman shook his head, “Mrs.

Han, there is no remittance for you today.”


“That’s impossible!”


The old lady didn’t believe in heresy, so she looked at the book that hung onto his bicycle’s handlebar.


As if you can read a word of what’s written in here.


Soon, Lin Lan came back from work.

Regardless of the old lady’s intimidating gaze kept on her the entire time, she pressed her handprint on the papers and took the glasses, thanking Xiao Dong before she went to find Xiaowang.


The old lady Han could not believe that the remittance list had not arrived, so she pulled Xiao Dong in an attempt to make him stay, asking him to provide her a good explanation of what was going on.


Sister-in-law Han, who was going home to make dinner, also persuaded her, “Mother, maybe it hasn’t arrived yet.”


The old lady Han had an ominous premonition.

She felt uneasy and she had to ask Xiao Dong what was going on.


Xiao Dong knew that she regarded this money as something that was more important than her life.

In order to avoid getting involved, he just stated that he knows nothing of the issue, not wanting to involve himself in others’ family matters.


He firmly held the handlebar of the bike, raised his leg and stepped up, “Madam, as you can see, I have a lot of letters to send, so I’ll be taking my leave now.”


With a sharp force that he exerted under his feet, he cycled away as his desire for survival was extremely strong.


The old lady Han mumbled suspiciously and had nowhere else to go but home.


As soon as she entered the yard, she saw Lin Lan pulling Xiaowang to try on glasses at the East Chamber’s kang.


Lin Lan looked at the pair of glasses.

The material was really good and the workmanship was exquisite, worthy of a big price.


“Xiaowang, come here.

Mother will put it on for you.”


Xiaowang closed his eyes obediently.


Lin Lan put it on and couldn’t help but laugh, “It’s not dazzling, so just open your eyes.”


Xiaowang slowly opened his eyes as the light pierced into his eyes through the glasses, providing him a sight of natural colours.


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