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Which was why she was testing the waters with how much Lin Lan could handle, but her lack of outburst was something that the Han family’s second sister-in-law wasn’t used to.


During the meal, the old man Han asked about Xiaowang’s condition first before he finally had to comment, “Third family, taking your child to treat his sickness is a good thing and the family agrees with your actions as well.

However, privately borrowing money on your own accord is something that I must speak up about, so make sure this doesn’t happen again.”


Lin Lan was sure that they were supportive of taking Xiaowang to the doctor’s, the problem lied in the fact that they weren’t going to provide the financial support for it.


However, she didn’t retort and nodded, “Noted.”


The old lady Han was even more irritated when she saw thatLin Lan didn’t even try to apologise for her actions and maintained her imposing demeanour.


It’s just the fact that the old man Han was giving her looks of disapproval for a while, making the old lady Han give in to his means and desperately suppressing the growing anger in her heart.

Feeling petty, she thought that as payback, she could just minimise the food portions of the third family.


The old lady Han held the rice basket and snorted coldly, “The autumn grains haven’t been divided and the younger aunt and uncle are still pursuing their education, so we’ll have to use the Grain Exchange Ticket for that.

Our house is running out of food soon, so from now on, we’ll be rationing them.”


The men would receive cornmeal pancakes and a bowl of pumpkin pea porridge.

Children would opt to eat thick porridge whereas women would have dried sweet potatoes and what was left of the porridge.


Lin Lan and the eldest sister-in-law have the worst meal allocations.


Eldest sister-in-law seemed to be used to it.

She wouldn’t ever have the guts to bring up any of the troubles and grievances that rained down upon her.


Lin Lan looked at the muddy bowl of soup and portrayed a very disgusted expression, but she was too hungry to care, so she ate some steamed dried sweet potatoes.


Ah pui! This is bitter and it’s sour— what the heck is this 


It’s so hard to swallow!


I really miss Yang Han’s steamed buns.


When the family divides, I will have to get myself a good bowl of white noodles and lean meat; then, it will be your turn to starve!


Lin Lan wasn’t aware, but the sweet potatoes and the dried sweet potatoes of this season weren’t considered delicious.


Sweet potatoes were generally harvested after the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Some of the sweet potatoes would be dried and stored in the cellar for winter after the cold.

If they were stored properly and prevented rotring, they could probably last till the next spring.

However, if they started to rot after the New Year’s, the bad parts had to be cut off before anyone was to eat them.


But even so, they definitely wouldn’t last till this season!


What she was eating now was actually the ‘mother seed’ of the sweet potatoes.

This one was used to germinate the sweet potatoes before it was sliced ​​and dried, eaten only when the food on the table wasn’t sufficient for a meal.


This kind of sweet potato that bore the possibility of being poisonous and unfilling would naturally be granted to women.


But the Han family wasn’t desolate to the point where they had to resort to eating this.

It was just old lady Han being petty, purposely dragging the eldest sister-in-law into this trouble just to spite Lin Lan.


Xiaowang was holding his own bowl and drinking porridge.

Suddenly, he held the coarse porcelain bowl and put it in Lin Lan’s hand, “Mother, eat.”


Everyone was eating their own food when Xiaowang said something like this all of a sudden.

Besides, his manner of speech wasn’t very clear either, so it came across as very abrupt.


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