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To call it temperament would not do Lan Huahua justice, but he felt a feeling of slight amiss because the calm and collected aura of Lin Lan didn’t seem to give off the vibe that a woman from a rural village should have.


She doesn’t look like a shrew anyway.


Where will you ever find a shrew that eats as mannerful as this


Yang Han pondered as he came to the conclusion that rumours were never credible.


When Lin Lan was full, the two recounted the past and talked about Xiaowang’s condition and glasses.


Yanghan said, “How about this— when the glasses arrive, I will ask the postman to pick them up and send them to your place so you don’t have to make another trip here again.”


It’s not convenient to bring a child anywhere on a hot day.


“That’s a great idea, why didn’t I think of that” Lin Lan secretly asked herself.

Perhaps she was too hungry to think rationally just now, so she completely missed the idea of getting a postman to deliver it.


Looking at the darkening sky, she touched Xiaowang’s slightly bloated stomach and bid farewell to Yanghan to make her journey home.


Originally, she wanted to go to the department store to make some large purchases, but she remembered that she didn’t have any tickets with her.

So, she could only dejectedly feel the pain of being unable to buy things despite having money.


Yanghan said in surprise, “You’re not going to walk home, right”


“Well, we came here by walking,” Lin Lan didn’t care.

At this time, she could only act as if she was the public bus of the 11th street, having the soles of her shoes rub against the road as the means of travel for her journey.


“Wait here, I’ll ask if there is a car going towards your commune.”


After saying so, Yanghan went out.


Soon, he came back, “No one is heading to your commune, but there are some going to the upper commune.

Hitch a ride there and then you can make the rest of the journey home by walking.”


“I’ll accept that.

Thank you so much for your help, I never expected to find an acquaintance at the hospital today.”


Lin Lan planned to find a way to bring Yang Han some eggs, vegetables, and whatnot for Yanghan on her next visit to the county town.

Goods and eggs were the best gifts for ordinary people at this time.


Yanghan sent her to the car and gave Xiaowang a handful of candy in the form of a magic trick.


Xiaowang wore a pair of shorts and a waistcoat, but he didn’t have any pockets.

As he couldn’t hold it, Lin Lan had to take it for him.


“We ate your share of food and now you’re even giving him more, I’m absolutely embarrassed.”


Yanghan smiled, “I’m an uncle, aren’t I” He didn’t have a sister either, so he treated her like one ever since they were kids.


Lin Lan held Xiaowang’s hand and waved goodbye to him.


It’s much more convenient to go back by car.


The car ride covered about two-thirds of her journey and it only cost her two cents, which made Lin Lan almost squeal at the cheap deal.


She took Xiaowang and got out of the car.

At this time, the sun was setting and the afterglow was gleaming on the river, forming sparkling gold reflections on the surface of the water.


Their faces were muddled with a layer of gray dirt, so she took Xiaowang to wash their faces.


When she got up, she found Xiao Wang with his small face upright, eyes closed as his long eyelashes were dancing in fine golden awns.

The evening breeze was blowing his messy hair, like a child in an oil painting— quiet and peaceful with an angelic luster.


She couldn’t bear to disturb him.


After a while, Xiaowang opened his eyes, looking in the direction of the setting sun before he whispered, “Mother, listen!”


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