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He asked about Lin Lan’s situation again before personally giving Lin Lan three catties of dried red dates, five catties of kelp and one catty of dried shrimps.


Lin Lan was just trying it out, but she didn’t expect it to work.

She happily paid the money, packed it up, and left it there until Han Qingsong came to pick it up.


After buying these, Lin Lan also went to ask about the cloth.


There were also a few members shouting, “It’s hard for us to come here, so how can the bundles of cloth be finished The day before yesterday, it was said that there would be some in stock today, so why is it gone”


“That’s right, I came to line up early in the morning and I saw that there was a car coming for delivery, so how could it be gone It’s impossible!”


“There must be some in the warehouse storing it, but they’re not selling it on purpose.

They want to wait for the holidays to increase the price!”


At this time, although it was collectively priced and purchased by ticket, sometimes the price would be temporarily increased in order to cope with various festivals.


Lin Lan couldn’t help but be a little curious, how could this be possible


She went to the front, slammed her hand on the counter and looked in.

It wasn’t the New Year’s Festival, so there should be some left.


The sales clerk was a saleswoman dressed in white flowers with two big braids.

She glanced at Lin Lan indifferently and said impatiently, “No, it’s finished, stand back; it’s useless for you to shout.”


Don’t look down on others, girl; this sister-in-law Lin Lan is unhappy.


The sales clerk impatiently wiped Lin Lan’s hands with a feather duster, “Back away, what should I do if this gets dirty”


She wiped me!


Lin Lan was furious.

Her clothes were worn out, but which one of her eyes saw Lin Lan covered in dirt After wearing these, she scrubbed and washed them every day.

The clothes were washed daily!!


As soon as she got angry, she slapped the counter again, “I want to buy cloth and cotton, so don’t try to pull this trick on me!”


Don’t forget that she’s a shrew!


The privilege of a shrew was that she can switch her mood anytime, anywhere, regardless of the occasion.


Of course, now it’s not really about the mood, but about the need to vent and make her point come across.


With such a roar, not only the salesperson, but even a few of the other shouting members were stunned for a moment.


Immediately, the members of the original line all lined up behind her to give her a boost, “Yes, we have already queued for two days to buy some cloth.”


Lin Lan, “..”.


The sales clerk looked at her like a shrew with her hands on her hips and her eyes wide open.

Although she was a rural woman, she was already very imposing.

Against a woman like her, the clerk couldn’t help but feel a little weaker.


Compared with a simple-minded and snobbish salesperson like her, Lin Lan’s eyes were naturally much more sinister as if she could see through the salesperson at a glance.


Lin Lan smiled and said,”I’ll say this big girl, you are also a salesperson.

If the members make trouble, how can you bear it Since there must be goods in the warehouse, you should find your manager or take it out and send us away quickly.

There are only a few of us for now, so how much cloth can we buy If you keep waiting, there will be more and more people coming.

Guaranteed, some of us are not this nice either.”


The salesman’s lips moved, and for some unknown reason, she felt that Lin Lan’s bright black eyes could read people’s hearts.

She said, “T-there is still cloth, but w-we really don’t have enough cotton.”


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